Saturday, 24 October 2015

Taryn Terrell TNA Knockout

Taryn Terrell was not very popular with the other knockouts in TNA. She used a group that she had formed called the Dollhouse to cheat in order to win matches, including the championship. She dominated the other girls in the group and, basically, exploited them for her own gain. She did not really care very much about them personally. She saw them as a means to get what she wanted and nothing more than that. She used the advantage that they afforded her to terrorise the other knockouts. This proved very successful. She was also a spoiled brat who was used to getting things her own way all of the time. When things did not go her way, she would throw a tantrum and carry on like a petulant child. She behaved like a spoiled brat. It did not sit well with any of the knockouts in the division. There was not much that could really be done about it though because she had the Dollhouse to protect her. As time wore on, people became more and more annoyed with her.

She began to take the other Dollhouse members for granted and began to be abusive towards them as well. It wasn't long before they grew sick of her as well. They did not let on though. Taryn would have been too self absorbed to notice anyway. She did not really care a lot about those around her. Finally, the Dollhouse girls decided that they had enough of Taryn and her crap. It all came to a head in the ring one faithful evening.

Taryn was in the ring with her group. She was arguing with the Beautiful People, another faction of knockouts. They said that they wanted to kick her ass badly. She responded by saying they would never get the chance because she always would have her Dollhouse there to protect her. Much to her surprise, one of her girls grabbed the mic from her hands. "Actually, you don't. Not anymore. We are sick of you. We are tired of you. We are not going to take any more of your crap." She began to point her finger at them and scream. "What do mean? You can't do this. Don't you know who I am?" She then pushed one of them. They pushed back and then everyone came at Taryn. Someone said to grab her. Two of them grabbed her arms and held her. The Dollhouse members then got in her face. They slapped the spoiled diva across the face and told her that they were finished with her and that it  was time that she got what she deserved. This did not shut her up though. She continued shouting, demanding that she be let go. She also threatened them. They told her to shut her big mouth.

They then motioned to the back. Some of the other knockouts like Brooke, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong came out. They were carrying containers with them. This did not bode very well for Taryn. They were all grinning. They all had satisfied looks on their faces as they approached the ring. Taryn continued screaming and kicking her legs. "What the hell is this?," she bellowed. "Let me go this instant. You are going to be very sorry for this. I promise you that."

No one paid any attention to what she was saying. In fact, the only effect was, it was making the moment that much more satisfying for everyone. Velvet Skye grabbed her by her face. "You deserve this, you bitch. This is a long time coming." She then slapped Taryn across the face.

By this time, the other knockouts were already in the ring and approaching Taryn. Taryn was dressed very sexually. Her outfit was closer to lingerie or underwear than typical wrestling gear. It showed a lot of skin, particularly her legs, stomach and incredible chest. Her breasts were massive and her body was tanned and toned. She was dressed in pink and black, which was typical. Her body was nearly flawless, it had to be said. She was about to get her just desserts though. It was payback time and she was about to get messy in a major way. Her character was a very good fit for this scenario. She was spoiled, vain and self obsessed. Everyone wanted to see her get her comeuppance. It was about to happen in a major way.

First Velvet was handed something concealed under a black cloth. It was brought out before Taryn. "What the hell is that?," she shrieked. "Well looky what we have here," Velvet teased. She lifted the cloth and threw it asunder. "Tada!," she said mockingly. She revealed a thick chocolate cream pie layered with chocolate pie filling and whipped cream. Velvet leaned over,"in your face you spoiled bitch," she said. She then thrust the pie as hard as she possibly could into Taryn's face. It collided full force with Taryn's beautiful face. Velvet forcefully rubbed the pie in her face, taking out months of frustration out in one act. When she let go, Taryn was left gasping for breath. Her face was left as a mask of creamy mess. It covered her face and blonde hair irregularly. It mixed in and out of the folds of her face. "My hair!," she shouted.

It was the Brooke Tessmacher's turn. "It's time for revenge," she told Taryn. She carried with her a bucket. Lurking inside the bucket was, what can only be described as pig slop. It was thick and sloppy. It was a creamy yellow colour and smelled atrocious. Brooke smiled as Taryn continued to shout at her and demand that she stop. She continued threatening that they would not get away with this. Brooke was undeterred, however. She came forward and quickly tipped the slop bucket over Taryn. The crowd roared in laughter as the slop poured over the sexy knockout. She screamed as the slop poured into her face and body. The lumpy yellow mess pouring onto her tanned body. She screamed about how much it stunk. It slithered down her body.

Next Awesome Kong came forward carrying a bucket of hot pink gunge. Taryn shouted at everyone, telling them that they were just jealous of her. She called them a bunch of losers. Kong said nothing. She just smiled as she approached. The knockouts lead a chant of gunge her that the crowd began to chant along with them. Kong forcefully pushed the bucket at Taryn. Hot pink gunge poured onto the half naked knockout. She shouted," no!!," at the top of her lungs. Kong left the bucket in place where it was, on top of her head. Pink gunge streaked all over her body. Everyone cheered and applauded.

The Dollhouse members then threw her down to the mat. She tried to crawl back to her hands and knees. As she was trying to get up, the others all grabbed containers. The containers were filled with manure and food waste from the concession stands. All of the women high fived as they, in unison, dumped the manure and food waste of the humbled knockout. She scrambled and stumbled as they dumped the mess onto her. They threw down the containers when they were down. They then stood over the fallen knockout.

Not a single person had any sympathy for Taryn. She truly deserved this and everyone knew it. It didn't really effect her much though. She remained full of herself even after the humiliation of this night.

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