Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rochelle Humes loosens up

Rochelle Humes was married to Marvin Humes from the group JLS. She was a very sexy woman but could be quite prudish most of the time. She was not that adventurous in the bedroom. She rarely got as naughty in the bedroom as he would have liked her to be. Marvin was becoming slightly frustrated by the situation. He was married to an incredibly attractive woman, but did not get to enjoy many of the benefits of this.

Marvin decided to challenge his wife to a little wager. Both of their groups were releasing singles at the same time. Marvin challenged Rochelle to a wager. He proposed that whoever's single reached higher in the chart would get to have the other as a slave for one night. They would have to submit to whatever the winner wanted them to do. Much to his surprise, Rochelle agreed to this. He was very excited. Even if he lost, he still might get more action than he normally would. He just hoped that she would not back out at the last minute if she lost.

The couple listened to the chart show on the radio together. The two teased one another about what they would do when they won. Rochelle, however, was talking more about cleaning gutters and doing chores around the house. Marvin rolled his eyes. She was going to be shocked if she lost the bet. The tension grew and grew as the chart was revealed. It got all the way to the top ten and neither one of their songs had charted yet. It was finally revealed the the Saturdays song had come in at number five. Marvin celebrated. He was very excited. Rochelle blushed. She looked very embarrassed. She shook her husband's hand and said,"well done." She wondered exactly what he had in store for her.

"Ok," he said," it's going to be a long night. I have been waiting to do this for a very long time," he said. He told her to stand up. She complied. She was very nervous, even though the couple had been married for some years at this point. This was new territory for her. She wore a Lacey black nightie.

Marvin ordered her to dance. She began to dance sensually, rubbing her hands all over her own body provocatively. She shakes her hips and wiggled her bottom. Her husband then ordered her to remove her nightie. She continued to dance sexually, moving her hands all over. She put them onto her shoulders, slowly pulling down the straps of her nightie. She then slowly pulled it down her body, to her hips. She then allowed it to drop to the flow around her ankles. She continued to dance. Now in the nude. She displayed her naked body for her husband. She danced as if she was on stage. She bent her knees and shook her behind. When the music was over she stood at attention. " I await your orders, sir," she said. Getting into character. She held her hands at her side.

"Ok, I am now going to transform you into a living piece of human furniture." He instructed her to get onto all fours on the floor in front of the couch. She complied, giggling a bit. He then took the television remote control and placed it between his wife's butt cheeks. She clenched them slightly. He took his phone and placed it in her mouth. He then sat back and put his arms behind his head. He then placed his feet onto his wife's back, using her as a human footstool. Rochelle strained a bit as she stayed in position as a piece of human furniture. He pretended to watch television, but was really enjoying the moment, having his gorgeous wife in this position.

He then went off to the kitchen to get a few things to use on Rochelle. He started with a peanut butter cream pie. He carried it into the living room. Rochelle was still down on all fours. He knelt down. He elected not to say a word. Instead, he drove the pie directly into his wife's face. It landed with a perfect thud. It was the perfect size, covering her face. It was thick with cream, peanut butter filling and chocolate. It did not fall off when he released it. It remained in place on her face.

He then took a second pie an repeated the same action. The only difference being that he chose to plant this pie on her ass rather than her face. Rochelle felt the pie pressing directly against her firm, toned buttocks. The sloppy messy pie felt sweet and sticky on her sexy smooth skin. Marvin then peeled the pie tins away. This, in turn, caused the crusts to crumble away down her face and rear end. Rochelle gave a sexy smile. It was still visible through the mask of sloppy pie the encrusted the majority of her face.

Marvin then decided to spray his wife with ketchup and mustard. He took a bottle of each into his hands. He held them over his wife's prone body and began to squeeze the red and yellow condiments all over her body. He moved them back and forth over her, crossing her body over and over again.

He then had her stand up. He took a piece of cardboard and made a makeshift sign that read," owned by Marvin. He made Rochelle hold it and carry it with her. He then lead her to the bedroom. He had her bend over the bed, holding the sign. He then ran his hands over her naked body. She spread her legs and lifted her ass in the air. He then began to squeeze and spank her naked, pied rear end. He fondled her behind and intermittently spanked her. She let out a muffled yelp when his hand spanked her bottom.

He then grabbed containers of blueberry and raspberry yogurt. He dumped them all over his wife. He also groped her vagina from behind. He rubbed the sloppy yogurt in between her legs as he palmed and fingered her very moist vagina from behind. Yogurt poured down her long legs. Her sexy olive coloured body was plastered in mess already.

He then took tubs of peach and strawberry yoghurt and poured them over her head. It plastered her black hair and rolled down her face.

He then turned her around and passionately kissed her. From that point onward the two went wild on one another, the result being the best sex they had ever had.

This night reawakened their feelings and provided a spark for them that would last for years. It loosened Rochelle up, although she would never admit how turned on she really was. She would always say that she was just fulfilling her part of the bet. They both knew that this was not really the case.

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