Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rita Ora for her fans

Rita Ora had a concert date scheduled for a festival over the summer. Her fans were looking forward to seeing her perform. She had not performed live very much due to recording, television spots, movie appearances etc. Unfortunately, Rita made the ill-fated choice to go out partying the night before. When the day arrived for the performance, she was in no fit state to go on and had to cancel her slot at the last minute. This annoyed the paying customers, of course. Many were livid. Rita was truly sorry about her carelessness and wanted to make it up to her fans. 

Rita decided to do something unorthodox. Instead of giving her fans a cash refund, she decided to offer something even better to them. She posted on social media that she was willing to let her fans get their own back on her and to punish her for what she had done. She may have regretted making this boast later, because some female fans responded and took her up on her offer. They told her that they wanted her to come over to theirs and allow them to get their revenge. Much to their surprise, she responded almost immediately, agreeing to their suggestion. In fact, part of her response included,” Just make it as messy as you can.” It was well and truly on. Rita’s female fans were going to give her an experience that she was never going to forget.

Rita was excited as she made her way over to the fans’ house. When Rita arrived, she found half a dozen young women there. They all seemed thrilled to see her to say the least. They greeted her at the door and pulled her inside. She was very excited about the idea of what lay ahead for her this evening. They told her that they hoped that she was ready for her punishment. She said that she was very ready. She said that she was at their service.

Before she knew what was going on, they pulled her down and began stripping the clothing off of her. Her mind raced as the group of young women feverishly tore the clothing off of her body, revealing her luscious body to the group. The women were more than excited to see the site of the singer in the nude. She was soon bare naked. Everything was on show including every tattoo and every piercing. Her tight body and waxed vagina were all clearly visible for all to see.

She lay on her back, facing the ceiling, awaiting what would happen to her next. She lay flat on a table with only a sheet beneath her. They asked if she was ok. She lifted her head and said that she had never been better. She could hear the women giggling and planning amongst themselves what they would be doing next. Rita readied herself.

They started with ice cream. Each of the women carried their own small tub of ice cream with them. They were each equipped with ice cream scoopers. They began to scoop out ice cream and place the scoops in strategic positions all over Rita's body. There were various flavours that were scooped out and placed on each breast, in her armpits, on her crotch, on her thighs, in the backs of her knees and on her face. The ice cream began to slowly melt as it made contact with her warm flesh. She shivered and wiggled as the cold ice cream touched her naked skin. They seemed to be making a human banana split out of her. They made a row of ice cream scoops up her stomach and down her legs. "My God," she said,"it's so cold."

Next to come was some bananas. One was placed in between her butt cheeks. More were placed on her legs. Another was squeezed between her breasts. Two were placed in her armpits. More were placed at the back of her legs. More were smushed between her legs in her crotch. One was placed in her mouth, comically. Banana slices were placed over her eyes and nipples.

The ladies then began to cover Rita in sundae toppings. They each took a bottle of sundae topping. Chocolate syrup, toffee sauce, strawberry purée, marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sauce were included. They wildly began to squeeze and pour the sweet substances all over Rita Ora. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the sticky mess fall all over her body. The women went wild as they covered the singer in the mess. Rita's sexy body was soon covered in layers of the mess. She raised her head and gave a sexy smile. Rita could not help it, she began fondling herself. She rubbed the mess all over herself. She squeezed her own sloppy breasts. She then licked some of the sundae toppings off of her fingers. She bent her knees and thrust her hand into her crotch. She began to ginger herself. She put two fingers inside. She played with her flapping pussy lips. Feeling the mess on her body, administered by the women made her incredibly horny. She began to writhe and Moan. She began talking dirty as she was messed saying," oh yes. Fuck yeah."

The women then dumped sprinkles and peanuts all over Rita. They poured full jars of them all over her. " fuck yeah," she said as she felt them fall. They stuck all over already sticky body.

Whipped cream was next to come. The women were each given a spray can of whipped cream. Rita was given a vibrator that she instantly inserted inside of herself and switched on. She rode it as the women wildly sprayed her in whipped cream all over her body. It was soon piled high as it was released in mounds. Rita rubbed it all over with her free hand. She then took the vibrator out and licked a dollop of whipped cream off of it. She commented that she was a filthy bitch. She looked like a human banana split.

She then got up to her knees. The women then took some flat paint brushes and began to coat Rita's body with the sticky substance, starting with her backside. The women systematically covered her in the sticky mess. Soon she was covered. It was incredibly erotic. When she was covered fully, they dumped the remainder of the honey over her head. It covered her blonde hair.

They finished her off by dumping a sack of feathers over her. She shrugged her shoulders as she allowed herself to be covered in them. She turned around as she was covered fully in them. She then bowed. She turned around a few more times, giving everyone a good view.

Rita then laid back down. Some of the women assisted her with the vibrator. The women tenderly touched the filthy singer as she quickly reached orgasm. She squealed as she exploded in orgasm. Truth be known, it was the largest one she had ever had in her life. The other women applauded as Rita climaxed.

She then invited them to assist her in the shower to clean the layers of mess off of her sexy body. They used the warm water and a wash cloth to thoroughly scrub the sticky mess from her firm sexy body.

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