Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ella Henderson Gungey

Ella Henderson had a few hits, some of them were quite big hits. She was looking at expanding her fan base, though. She was not seen as someone who had much sex appeal. She was seen as quite a serious artist, for the most part. This was good, in some respects, but it created quite a narrow audience for herself. Her record company wanted her to appeal more to a younger audience. They insisted that she appear more on television on shows that younger people would be watching. This was not something that she felt all that comfortable with. She saw herself as a singer and did not enjoy the other aspects of the music business. Going on silly, shallow television shows was not something that she wanted to be doing. She was also quite a shy and insecure person. She was not that confident when she was not on stage singing. Ella did not want to go on these shows, but she did not have much of a choice at this point in her career.

Unfortunately, the show that Ella would be appearing on this time, would prove to be far more embarrassing than she ever would have imagined. She was going to get much more than she would have ever bargained for.

The show was a relatively new one that Ella was not very aware of. They told Ella that it was quite a casual show. She wore jeans and a pale button down shirt. It was not the sort of show on which wearing a ball gown would have been appropriate. The outfit that she wore was modest, but hinted at the curves of her lovely body.

The setup of the part of the show that Ella was on was a competition between two regular people. Each of them was paired with a celebrity. The player would be playing for the celebrity. The loser's celebrity would have to face the consequences in a gunge tank. The celebrities were sat in the tanks, cheering their player on.

The players were to young women in their early twenties. The celebrity on the opposite side to Ella was a male reality television star from one of the famous English pseudo reality shows. Everyone watching sort of thought that he would be the one who would wind up covered in mess. Ella was quite shocked when she was told what was going on during the show. She was not happy, but she could not show it. Before she knew it, she was sat in a gunge tank, her fate in the hands of a total stranger. She would have to have faith in this person. She was quite worried already. "You had better not lose," she warned the player who was representing her. "He should definitely be the one getting gunged, not me." The opponents teased that it was going to be Ella would end up getting covered in gunge. Ella did not dare to think about it.

The game was a simple quiz that was timed. It was a quick fire quiz. The players could buzz in when they had the answer. Whoever got the most correct would be the winner. Ella and her opponent cheered their respective players on.

The game went on at a furious pace. It was to last only two minutes. It started out very close with each side getting a few right and a few wrong. At the end though, Ella's player fell far behind the opponent and was never able to catch up. Ella's face filed with more concern and dread as it became more and more obvious that her team had lost. Ella shook her head. She blushed.

"Well, the results are pretty obvious, Ella's team has lost. Now Ella is going to have to face the consequences. Sorry Ella." Ella rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. All three of the other contestants were allowed to pull the cord on Ella together.

"Ok, everyone, on the count of three, pull that cord and send that gunge down all over Ella Henderson," the presenter encouraged. Everyone then counted down," three....., gunge." The three pulled the cord. Ella crossed her hands across her chest. She bit her lip and shut her eyes, looking up slightly. A plopping noise was heard and then bright green gunge began to pour down over Ella Henderson. It poured onto her layered hair and onto the top of her head.

Her face contorted in expressions of shock and surprise as the gunge poured down over her head. She raised her hands but gunge continued pouring straight down the middle of her face. It poured down the centre and then down to sides. Gunge streaking her hair and face. It then sped up, covering her face almost entirely and then pouring down her body.

Gunge soaked her shirt and poured down her neck and back. Her hands splashed in the gunge. She had to resign herself to the inevitability of the situation. She could not escape the gunge. It poured and splattered everywhere. She felt it inside her top and all over her lower body. Gunge poured down her backside and all over her jeans.

She was covered in gunge from head to toe for the most part. When the gunge finally stopped pouring, she ran her hands through her hair. She just frowned as everyone laughed at her misfortune. She caught her breath as gunge dripped from her hair. She looked as if she had just taken a shower in gunge.

The instant replay was shown in slow motion several times. The show ended. Flashing back and forth from live action to replay. The gunging shown over and over again.

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