Saturday, 19 March 2016

Ariana Grande Bang Bang

Ariana Grande Bang Bang

Ariana Grande was a bit of a dirty girl. She loved to show herself off on stage, wearing revealing costumes, showing off her famous body to the world. She shamelessly used her body to gain popularity. Her legs were especially noteworthy. Despite all of this, she still was involved in kid’s television quite heavily. She had been in situations where slime was involved, but it never really happened to her properly. She was relatively pleased that this was the case, but was also a little bit curious. She was a slightly naughty girl, so that aspect of her made her quite intrigued at the prospect. She was asked to play a prominent role in an upcoming kid’s awards show. It was a good opportunity, so she was unable to refuse. She was advised that there would be some mess involved. She did not have much choice but to agree to it. She was quite nervous about it. She was very image conscious too be sure. 

She appeared on the show doing some lead ins and backstage stuff. She was then scheduled to do a performance of her latest song. She was wearing a white, high cut once piece jump suit that was cut lower than hot pants in an almost French cut. This showed her entire leg and the bottom of her butt cheeks. The bottoms raised into her crack and her front, some of the folds of her body almost visible. It was ironic that she was dressed like this for a show aimed at teenagers, but teen age girls were 90 percent of her audience. It showed the hypocrisy of show business to some extent.

She began to dance and sing. It was all a little provocative. She sang and dance. However, in the middle of her performance, the music stopped and one of the other celebrities walked on stage. They wore comically oversized glasses and a white lab coat. They began to speak in a high pitched voice. “Hey, I am Willard Finkle from the network. This act can not go on. This young lady is inappropriate and needs to be punished.” The crowd booed. “ She is a naughty girl and needs to be punished. She deserves it. Punish her.” He raised his hands in the air. 

With that, a torrent of sloppy green slime poured down onto the scantily clad singer from above. She screamed as it hit her, splashing all over her body. It splattered everywhere on her fake tanned body. It poured over her head, all over her ponytail and down her back. It stained her white outfit and poured all over her legs. She was frozen on the spot. The crowd’s boos had quickly changed too cheers when they witnessed her getting nailed. The slime was smooth and soft. It rained all over her sexy smooth body. 

As it covered her, a funny thing happened. It dawned on her,” Oh my gosh, this feels pretty hot.” She began to pose and dance provocatively in the slimy mess. She ran her hands all over her slimy body and shook her bottom. She was showered in slime. She did fake shower motions as if she was washing herself in the slime. 

The man got very annoyed at this,” You aren’t supposed to be enjoying this. You know what, you need to be punished even more.” He scampered away backstage for a moment as she continued to play in the slime. A moment later he returned carrying a massive pie. She was turned in the other direction as he entered. He tapped her on the shoulder. As she turned around, he pushed the creamy pie straight into her face. Her entire face was instantly engulfed in a mountain of creamy pie. He pushed it backwards onto the top of her head. Her entire face and head was covered. He turned around and crossed his arms, as if to say,” Job done.” 

He was outraged to discover that Ariana continued to show off while covered in pie. He walked away and returned with two black forest cakes. They were covered in cherries, cream and chocolate. He walked up to Ariana and planted one into her cleavage and the other into her rear end. She almost leaned over a bit this time, allowing him a target to aim for. The cakes landed with thuds against her sexy body. The majority of the sticky mess stuck in place where they had been planted. She shook her body, showing off the cakes stuck to her.

When the man saw this he shrugged his shoulders in anger. He then pushed his hand to the side, as if to say,” I’ve had enough of this.” He then stomped off stage in anger. Ariana’s music began again and she continued to sing and dance. Slime rained down on her periodically during the remainder of the song, but she just incorporated it into the routine.  

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