Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tulisa on Laura’s show

*****Warning*****This story contains nudity, sexual content, sexual situations, and some situtaions that may offend. Please do not proceed if you are under age or are offended by that sort of thing *****

Tulisa on Laura’s show

Tulisa Contostavlos was selected to appear on an adult late night gameshow that was hosted by Laura Whitmore. Tulisa’s career had not been going that great at this point and she was desperate to earn some money and to get her face on television again. She would agree to do just about anything at this stage. 

On the show she would be appearing alongside Louis Walsh. The two would be put up for a public vote for who everyone wanted to see take part in a high stakes quiz at the end of the show. At the beginning of the show, this was announced, along with the relevant phone numbers. The two were both then interviewed together. During the interview Tulisa was asked about her departure from the X Factor and if there was any hope in her ever returning to the show. “Well,” she said,” I would love that to happen. I really enjoyed being on the show and it was huge for my career. I would love to be given that opportunity again. You know what, I would do just about anything to get back on the show at this point,” she said. “Anything?,” Laura asked,” Gosh, Tulisa, that may have been a pour choice of words. As we all know, you have been revealed to have done some pretty naughty things in the past. Some of those things being exposed very publicly. Firstly, a tape of you giving someone oral sex was exposed to the world. That must have been pretty embarrassing.” Tulisa smiled,” Look I hold my hands up. Guilty as charged. This is an adult show so let’s be real. It was embarrassing of course, the whole world knows that I like giving head. So what though. I sucked someone’s cock, Laura. I would do it again. In fact, I know what you’re getting at. Yes, I gladly suck someone’s cock to get back on X Factor. It would be a small price to pay. Louis, if arrangements can be made, I would be open to negotiations.” Louis’ eyes lit up. “Maybe we can discuss this backstage, after the show.” Tulisa gave a thumbs up.

“There was another incident as well Tulisa,” Laura said,” You were stopped by airport security because you were caught with a vibrator in your bag. That has got to be embarrassing. Maybe more embarrassing than the tape. You come off as looking very naughty indeed.” Tulisa looked slightly embarrassed at this reference. “Yes, that was pretty embarrassing,” she said. “So, I have to ask, what was the purpose of that, Tulisa? Why bring it on a plane?” “It was quite a long flight,” she joked,” I am a filthy bitch, ok, is that what you want me to say? I was intending on pleasuring myself in the airplane toilet. I just couldn’t wait. It was humiliating that the whole world knows about it. To top it off it was right in the middle of the airport. The security guard reaches into my bag and pulls out a vibrator in front of everyone. It was the most cringe worthy moment ever and the whole world knows about it.” It was time for a commercial break.

After the commercial it was explained by Laura that it would be Louis vs. Tulisa. Whoever got the most votes would face the quiz and the consequences. She gave both of them the chance to plead their case as to why they felt that the public should save them. Tulisa went first. “I think that I should be saved. I have been through a lot. I have been publicly humiliated and publicly sacked. I think I am due for a break,” she explained. It was then Louis’ turn. “Tulisa is not as innocent as she makes herself out to be. Everything that happened to her, she brought upon herself. She also embarrassed the show and everyone associated with it. She deserves this to happen to her.” Laura thanked them both. It was time for another commercial.

The show wore on and people continued to ring in and vote. Finally, the time came to reveal who got the most votes. Tulisa and Louis were stood either side of Laura. They both looked very nervous. Tulisa looked especially worried. Close ups were shown of both, crossing their fingers, biting their nails etc. “I can now reveal that with 85 percent of the vote, our winner facing the quiz is,” she paused for dramatic effect,” Tulisa.” She shrugged her shoulders, slightly annoyed, but not surprised. “ I fucking knew it,” she said under her breath,” What a surprise.”

Louis was allowed to return to his seat. Tulisa was then stood with Laura. “Ok, Tulisa, you are facing the tell all quiz. Each question you get wrong will lead to a forfeit. In the first part, as this is an adult show and we want to give our audience a good show, each question you get wrong will result in the loss of an article of clothing. If you lose all four item, top, skirt, bra and knickers, you will then be placed in our Hangar 17 style gunge tank. Each question you get wrong then will result in a plate of mess being tossed your way. If you get five wrong, it will release the gunge all over you. Of course, you might get them all right and have nothing to worry about. Plus, it is a quick fire timed quiz as well.” Tulisa rolled her eyes. “I am screwed,” she said.  Louis looked over and waived, “I am going to get a very nice view. I have the best seat in the house. I’ve wanted to see this for a long time.” Tulisa did a sarcastic, mock laugh,” Oh, I bet you have,” she chirped in.

“Ok then Tulisa, here we go,” Laura said. She asked the first two questions. They were very easy and Tulisa got them right. The third one was easy as well, but because it was thrown at her so quickly, she stumbled over her words and said the wrong thing. A buzzer went off. She looked embarrassed as she pulled her top off over her head and threw it in Louis’ face. It revealed a black lacy bra. Before she knew what was happening, another question was asked. She barely realised and could not answer. The buzzer sounded. She gave an annoyed look as she wiggled her way out of her skirt. She pushed it down her legs to the floor. She lifted it in the air with one leg and again tossed it at Louis. She was now in just her bra and panties. She vowed to pay close attention as the questions began again. Though she was ready this time, the question was much more difficult. She did not know the answer. “Damn,” she exclaimed, punching the air. She looked over at Louis. He was smiling and waving. She glared at him.

She reluctantly reached back and unhooked her bra. She pulled her arms out and threw the bra as hard as she could in Louis’ face. “There, enjoy,” she said to him. She crossed her arms across her bare chest. She tried to concentrate, but fumbled with the next answer. The buzzer sounded, signifying that she was incorrect. She turned and faced the camera. “Oh dear, Tulisa,” Louis said, giggling. “Shut up,” she shouted. Reluctantly, she lowered her panties all the way down to the ground, bending over. She threw the panties at Louis. They landed on his head. At first, she tried her best to cover up, but then said,” You know what? Fuck it. Is this what you want to see? Are you happy now?,” she said. She raised her arms and swung her hips. She turned around, revealing a full view of everything to everyone watching at home. She turned around to Louis. “Don’t be shy, have a good look. I know you are loving this.” She bent her knees, extending her waist towards him. She blushed. The show went to another ad break.

When the show returned, Tulisa was seated in the gunge tank ready for the next part of the quiz. “Are you ready, Tulisa?,” Laura asked. “Sure, why not? How much worse could it be?” The questions started again. Tulisa struggled with the first one. A buzzer went off. Almost instantly, a massive paper plate of applesauce flew through the air and smashed her face and chest, sending applesauce all over her naked body. She squealed as the thud of the mess collided with her. The plate tumbled down her face. Before it had even fallen, the next question was asked. Tulisa didn’t even realise. In an instant, the buzzer sounded and a plate containing chocolate custard collided with her head, sending thick brown mess all over her body. 

She was in no state to answer the remaining questions. The buzzer sounded again, sending a plate of mushy peas into her body, plastering her in green muck. It happened again, this time it was a massive helping of cottage pie that was flung in her direction. She laughed and waved her hands as the mess poured all over her naked body. It oozed everywhere all over her naked body. She could feel it on her ass and between her legs. She kind of liked how it felt on her in a way. She was just realising this at this moment. 

The buzzer went off again, signifying that she had gotten four wrong. Lights flashed and more buzzers sounded as she looked up, before closing her eyes and holding on tightly. With that, gallons of sloppy orange gunge poured down onto the naked singer from above. It poured down her face and hair. It soaked her from head to toe. She laughed at the top of her voice. Louis was rolling in laughter as he watched the sexy young woman get covered in the mess.

Eventually, it slowed to a stop. She laughed at herself as gunge dripped down her nose and chin. Laura approached her. “So, Tulisa, how was that for you?,” she asked. “Well, I am naked and covered in mess.” “An average Saturday night for you then,” Louis chimed in. “You know what, after the world sees you giving oral sex and you are discovered with a sex toy in your luggage, this is just par for the course, I suppose. I am just covered though. I hope everyone enjoyed that. People seem to love to have a laugh at my expense.”

Laura called the show to a close. She chatted and laughed with Louis as Tuilsa struggled in the gungey mess. The replay was shown over and over again in super slow motion. She smiled and gave a salute to the camera.


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