Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sasha Banks short story

Sasha Banks short story

Sasha Banks had been a part of team BAD. She had teamed with Naomi and Tamina, but was the breakout star of the group. She told them that she wanted to break out on her own. They did not take this as well as she had hoped that they might. They turned against her and attacked her out of anger and jealousy. They did not stop there, however. 

Backstage, they cornered their former partner and attempted to exact a sweeter form of revenge upon her. Naomi distracted her backstage, talking smack. Sasha jabbered back, not realizing that Tamina was about to grab her from behind. She pulled her to the ground and grabbed her arms. She struggled, but Naomi grabbed her legs. She was strong, but the two together were too much to resist. She tried to struggle and shouted at them to let her go. They refused, saying that they were going to teach her a lesson. They mocked her and told her that she deserved everything she got. No one turned their back on Team BAD and got away with it. She shrieked loudly at them. 

At this point, Charlotte, another of Sasha’s enemies entered. “Well, look at this. Sasha, you are in a bit of a pickle aren’t you. Well, let this be a reminder, you are never winning my title.” She smiled and turned away for a minute. She returned carrying a large slop bucket. “Look what I have here,” Charlotte said,” A load of trash, just like you Sasha.” Sasha’s legs and arms were held down by her former teammates. She was basically spread eagle. Her toned, caramel coloured body stretched out on the floor. She was a strong woman, but was small compared to Naomi and Tamina. They laughed at her and mocked her as she continued to struggle.

Charlotte then began to dump the contents of the slop bucket all over Sasha. The bucket was filled with a mixture of leftover food slop from catering, mixed together into a slop.  Sasha screamed as Charlotte began to dump the disgusting mess all over her body. Sasha closed her eyes as the slop poured and splashed all over her. Charlotte moved the bucket up and down Sasha, leaving a thick trail of sloppy food waste as she went. It smells horrible. Bits of various food types could be seen in the slop including meat, beans, peas, macaroni etc. Team BAD talked trash as the slop descended upon their former teammate. It flowed all over her sculpted physique. Sasha gritted her teeth as the smelly mess was dumped on her person. Her sexy body splashed in the mess.  The lumpier bits were poured onto her face and all over her bright pink hair.

“You are not the boss around here, Sasha. In fact it looks like we are your bosses right now, doesn’t it?” Sasha was being humbled in a big way by her three competitors. “Who’s the boss, Sasha? Who do you think you are? You have only been here five minutes. You are nowhere as good as you think you are,” they taunted her. They happened to be right next to a catering table at this precise moment. Charlotte looked over at it and smiled.

She then began to throw food items from the table down onto Sasha Banks. The first item was a massive bowl of salad. It was filled with salad as well as French dressing. Charlotte tossed the entire bowl of it down onto Sasha. Sasha was instantly strewn with bits of lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc. It stuck all over her body. “Eat that,” Naomi mocked. 

Charlotte then wildly threw more bowls of food onto Sasha. First came risotto. It was filled with rice, mushrooms and chicken. It flew everywhere when it was thrown down onto Miss Banks. It was followed by paella. This also flew in all directions over the prone diva. Rice was now everywhere. Next came some pasta salad. This landed on Sasha’s sexy abs and thighs. It felt slimy and disgusting on her sleek sexy body.

Next to come was a bowl of tuna salad. It was truly heaving. It smelled disgusting. Sasha found this out first hand when she received a face full of it. Charlotte dumped it into her face. Some went into her mouth and nose. She gagged as she smelled and tasted the sickening tuna fish. It was a sloppy grey colour. She gasped for breath as the tuna fell from her mouth, down her chin. Charlotte then tipped the entire table of food over onto Sasha. It had everything from sandwiches to quiche, to sausage rolls to chips and dip. It all fell over on Sasha. She was soon covered in all manner of food.

As a final indignity, they decided to rip her clothes off of her body. They ripped her strappy top to shreds and tore her bottoms off of her. They then threw them down on top of her. She was left a naked heap on the floor, covered in mess. She was now covered with the shreds of her own clothing. They then placed a pair of the sunglasses that she wears to the ring over her eyes, as a final insult. The three high fived and sauntered away.


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