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Vicky Pattison centre stage

****Warning****This story contains nudity and sexual situsations. Please do not read if you are underage or easily offended.****

Vicky Pattison centre stage

Vicky Pattison’s career was going well. She was known for trashy television shows. She would do anything for fame and was quite an exhibitionist at heart anyway. She was willing to give anything a try once, especially if it was in the media. She was a bit of a chav, but she was smart enough to know that fame wouldn’t last forever and she needed to take advantage of every opportunity while she still could. When the opportunity arose to get messy on television, she did not pass it up. The bottom line was that it meant money and exposure. These were two things that she could never get enough of. She was not afraid of getting her hands dirty, literally in this case. Her voice was incredible. Her accent was pure sexuality. 

She wore a white dress that was largely see through on the bottom. She knew that this would make headlines, so she had no problem doing it. The prospect of it, actually made her quite turned on. She was incredibly sexy. She had soft black hair, olive skin, fake nails and plenty of makeup.
The show that she was on was a gameshow. It was a show where her fate was completely out of her hands. The part of the show that she was featured in pitted a male contestant against a female one. 

When the show began and, it was explained that Vicky would be choosing the contestants from the audience. The female contestant would be representing Vicky. If she won, Vicky would be safe. If the male contestant won, her fate would be in his hands. She was allowed to look around the audience and choose herself. She did not know what the game would be, however. She chose to represent her a woman who was a bit older. She wore glasses and was dressed quite smartly and demurely. Vicky explained that she looked quite brainy, so that might help if it was a quiz sort of game. For the man, she chose the best looking guy she could find. When asked to give her reasons she replied,” Well, if worse comes to worse, I wouldn’t mind him punishing me any day,” she said suggestively, raising her eyebrows. He was a muscle bound young guy who looked very strong. This would prove not the wisest choice. The game turned out to be an athletic sort of game. It revolved around shooting basketballs into hoops. The outcome was a forgone conclusion. The small, older female was no match for the athletic young jock. He wiped the floor with her. Vicky knew she was doomed as soon as the game was announced. 

“Well, looks like I lost,” Vicky said sarcastically, shrugging her shoulders then laughing. “What’s my punishment?,” she said suggestively to the young man. It was explained that Vicky would be placed in a special seat in a very special tank and then covered in mess from above. “Is that all?,” she said in a cheeky tone of voice. “Why don’t we up the ante?,” she suggested. “Let’s play again. This time me against you. If I win, you have to get in there with me. If you win, I tell you what, I’ll get in there naked. How about that?” The young man didn’t look too sure if it was worth the risk. “Well, I don’t know,” he said. “Ok I tell you what. I’ll go in naked and I’ll give you a blow job. One catch though, you have to give me odds. You have to shoot just using one hand.” He agreed to this. He was very excited about this now. Vicky quite fancied the bloke and was not too bothered if she lost.

Of course, once again, he obliterated her, even with the handicap of only shooting with one hand. Vicky laughed as the time elapsed. She then unzipped the back of her dress and dropped it to the ground. She kicked it with one legs towards the audience. This revealed her sheer underwear that lay underneath. She reached back and unhooked her bra. She threw it to the audience. She made a funny face and bounced her bare breasts in her hands. She then lowered her thong to the ground. She grabbed it and danced around, twirling the thing around her finger, wiggling her hips. Almost giving a lap dance of sorts. She jiggled her hips. Her perfectly put together body was revealed. She was fully waxed. Everything was on show from her protruding pussy lips to her tattoos to her piercings.  She looked over at the contestant with a smirk. “I hope your enjoying this. See anything you like?” She walked over, put her hand on the back of his head and began to grind against him.

She was then lead over the tank. “You sure you won’t join us love?,” she said to the contestant,” Room for one more.” He declined. She really wanted him to join her in there. She thought to herself that she must look like a total slag anyway. She sat in the tank. Her legs were positioned apart. The way she was sat was not totally upright. Her legs were in front of her a bit on an incline. This was a sort of tank that didn’t have a lever or button. It was the sort where someone would be physically dumping mess from above on the person below. The male contestant was going to get to do the honours. He climbed a small flight of stairs and stood over her on a platform looking down. She looked up. “ Hello, up there,” she said waving,” You can pour whatever you want on me,” she said,” Do as you like. I hope you enjoy it.”

She blew him a kiss and looked up as the mess began to emerge from above. The first to come was a combination of puddings. It started with custard that fell downward. She closed her eyes looked up as the custard splattered upon initial contact dead on onto her face, splashing everywhere on her tank and on her person. It then changed to what appeared to be a sort of Mueller rice. It was rice pudding mixed with strawberry pure. She held her hands out and squinted as it poured down from above. It then changed to chocolate mousse. She raised her legs as it splattered her body in soft brown mess, coating her body. The first bucket seemed then was completed with what appeared to be apple crumble. It had massive lumps. One landed lopsided on her head. It stuck there. More ran down her face. Another lump stuck to her shoulder. Another on one of her knees. 

It was clear that there were waives of mess coming in themed buckets. The next one would not be as pleasant as the first had been. This one was filled with the remains of a full English breakfast. It included mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, eggs, bubble and squeak, even bits of discarded bacon, sausages and black pudding. The muscle bound contestant wasted little time dumping the sloppy breakfast onto the naked reality tv star. She was quite shocked when she was hit by the wave of mess. It made a sloppy splattering noise as it fell onto her. Her face and hair were soon covered in bean sauce and egg yolk. “Really?,” she said,” There was bacon in there.” It was quite a sight to behold the sexy chav getting sloppy breakfast dumped onto her. Everyone was treated to the view as bits of the mess made their way over her face and body. 

Next to come was a wave of various items that would be used in burger places, mainly condiments. It was ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, burger sauce, garlic sauce, cheese sauce and even some pickles thrown in. It fell in a mixed wave down onto Vicky Pattison. It fell all over her thighs and crotch initially then over her chest and face. It was very sloppy and messy. It was like a rainbow of sloppy colours that suddenly covered her.

The final one was an entire Sunday roast. It contained meat, vegetables, mash, roast potatoes, even some Yorkshire pudding bits and stuffing balls, all soaked in sloppy brown gravy. Because the condiments were quite smooth, it took Vicky surprise when a lump of sliced roast beef landed on her head. “Oh no, wait, hold on for a..,” she tried to say, but it was too late. The leftover roast dinner was already raining down onto her. She was soon covered in gravy. Bits of food stuck everywhere. Broccoli, stuffing balls and sprouts stuck to her face and body.  The final touch was a giant Yorkshire that must have been at the bottom of the bucket falling out and landing on top of her head. The young man smiled as the audience applauded. 

Vicky was let out of the tank. She pushed some of the mess away. She had been decimated by the filthy mess. The Yorkshire still on her head. She was smiling though. “I’ve been through worse, me,” she said. “Come on now you aren’t getting away that easy,” she told the contestant. “We had a deal and I am a girl of my word.” She then dropped to her knees and pulled him close. She licked her lips and wiggled her eyebrows as she unzipped him. She then pulled his already erect penis out. She had been looking forward to this part of it since she saw him. “This is why I picked him,” she joked. She then plunged his penis into her mouth and began to give head for the world to see. “I love sucking a bit of cock,” she quipped. The show ended as she began to suck the contestant’s cock. No one knew what to make of this part. It was surreal seeing a naked tv star covered on mess on her knees sucking a virtual stranger’s cock.

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