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Louisa Lytton clubbing

Louisa Lytton clubbing

Louisa Lytton had been a soap actress for several years. She had left that show and had been doing minor things ever since. She was a minor celebrity in the grand scheme of things. She was a down to earth sort of girl who enjoyed having a good time. She had quite an impulsive personality. She was always up for doing wild things from time to time, especially if she had a few drinks under her belt. 

One night she was out at a nightclub with some of her mates. She had been drinking and dancing all night. It was quite a crazy nightclub and was packed with people. At a point in the evening, it was announced that the doors would be closed and things were going to turn a bit more adult, so anyone who wanted to leave could leave at this point. They gave everyone fair warning that things were about to get naughty potentially. At this point they asked for two volunteers who would be coming out on stage. They said that they needed one guy and one girl. They warned that things could get slightly embarrassing. Louisa raised her hand. “I’m up for it,” she said, slightly tipsy, but still very much in control. The DJ looked around and selected her. Her friends cheered. She handed them her drink and made her way up on the stage. A young man was selected as well. She thought that he was quite good looking. He was quite a big guy though. She was quite a tiny female. 

The DJ explained that the two would be competing in a game. The winner would get free drinks for the rest of the evening. The loser would get covered in mess. It was a drinking contest, but with a twist. It was not just alcohol in the drink. It was a bunch of disgusting ingredients that were mixed together in a blender. Things like cod liver oil, sardines, yoghurt etc. had been blended to make the disgusting drinks. Louisa and the young man competed. It was soon clear that she had no chance to win. She did try though, as disgusting as it was. She laughed and giggled and gagged as she tried her best. It was not easy for the guy either. The onlookers cheered them on. Although it was not easy at all, Louisa’s opponent had a bit of an advantage and ended up finishing the repulsive concoction before she could even manage to get halfway through it. When he was done, he held the glass above his head. Everyone cheered. Louisa wiped her mouth with her hand and applauded sheepishly. 

The DJ then came along and announced the young man as the winner.  “Well, it looks like the young lady was unsuccessful. Our winner gets free drinks. We thought that we would be extra nice though, we will be giving our loser some free drinks as well, but in a slightly different manner.” Louisa laughed to herself. “Now, we would invite you to make yourself more comfortable. Have a seat,” he asked. A chair was brought out for Louisa to sit in. She was still wondering to herself what was going to happen. She wore a black dress with no shoulders. She took her seat as she had been asked to do. She noticed her mates pointing and laughing at her. She told them to shut up. 

“So,” the DJ said,” We have a lot of the yummy drink that you just had left over. I can tell that you enjoyed it immensely. We will be very kind and generous and let you have the rest of it that we have left over. For free as well.” “I don’t want it though. It was rank,” Louisa said,” That’s ok, you can keep it.” “Well, you will be please to find out then that we did not intend for you to drink it. No, we intended for you to wear it.” An expression of shock flashed across Louisa’s face. Her mouth fell open. Her mates were really pointing and laughing now. “Basically, as part of his reward, our winner is going to get to dump the remainder of the drink all over your head.” She gave two thumbs up. “Lovely, fabulous,” she said sarcastically. “This lot all have their camera phones out now. This is going to be all over Instagram, I can tell,” she said. She rolled her eyes.

Everyone was pretty rowdy at this point. The whole club was cheering for her to get messed. Even her friends were cheering for it. The young man brought out a massive jug of the disgusting substance. It was a pinkish colour overall, but with all sorts of lumps inside of it. It smelled rancid. It was gag inducing. The young man grinned ear to ear as he carried the enormous blender jug over to the seated young woman.  She crossed her arms and shook her head. “It smells minging,” she exclaimed. 

She screamed as he abruptly began to tip the blender jug over her head. “It’s so cold,” she screeched. Her body recoiling at the shock of the ice cold mess hitting her from above. Everyone roared in laughter and applause as the sloppy pink mess slowly rolled over her dark hair and over her face. A good portion poured down her front, covering the front of her dress in foul smelling mess. She gave a funny expression that was have bemusement and half annoyance. The substance was thick and gloppy. It covered her hair and dripped down her shoulders and back. It was the consistency of very thick yogurt or cottage cheese. She could hear everyone making sarcastic comments. Her friends were enjoying what they were witnessing tremendously. 

She shouted,” Oi, you better watch it or I will come down there and get you,” she warned her giggling mates. She flicked some of the mess off of her at them. The DJ then announced that there were some unused ingredients and asked if they should make her another shake. Everyone cheered. He then produced dog food, spinach, toothpaste, sardines etc. He dumped them all in a blender and let it do its work. He then popped the jug off and opened it. He handed it to the winner.

He then, abruptly, turned it over onto Louisa. Her mouth fell open as the disgusting mess clobbered her. It was a brownish green colour this time, but was just as foul smelling as the previous substance had been. It rolled down her face. She closed her eyes as it plopped over her. When it was emptied, the winner, pushed his hand down on her head, rubbing the sloppy mess around. She then took a deep breath and ran her fingers over her face and hair. 

The winner took a bow. Louisa was handed one small towel to use to clean herself up with. It didn’t really do the job. She had to spend the rest of the night covered in residual mess. There were no showers in the club so she could not really clean up properly. She also had nothing else to wear. Her dress was forever tainted by the smells of that evening. She was never really able to get that aroma to dissipate.

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