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Gemma Atkinson new girl

Gemma Atkinson new girl

Gemma Atkinson was new on Emmerdale. She was quite an attractive woman. The set was dominated by strong overbearing females. There was always a battle to see who would be on top. Professional jealousy was always there. There was always a rivalry between the actresses on set. Charley Webb was someone who had instantly disliked her and gave her a hard time and a cold shoulder from the beginning. At first Gemma just took it as it came and did not raise a fuss, but the tension continued to build. 

One day there was a cast party after filming. The drinks began to flow and people’s lips became lose. Charley began to pick on Gemma in front of everyone. She became particularly rude an insulting. They both had a few drinks by this stage. Gemma began to challenge Charley. “Look,” she said,” You are new around here. You can’t act. You are just here for t and a purposes.” Gemma had enough. She was very angry. She was so outraged that she instantly dumped her drink over Charley’s head. She then grabbed a tray of hourdourves from a nearby waitress and dumped them over Charley’s head. She then threw some sandwiches at her and stomped out. Charley’s face was a picture. “You’ll regret that,” she threatened,” I’ll have your job for that.”

Charley knew that Gemma was only on a rolling contract, meaning that she could be terminated at any time. This made her extremely vulnerable. She plotted to use this against her in order to extract revenge. Gemma would come to regret her momentary lack of control. The day of reckoning would come at the next cast party. 

At the party, Gemma did everything she could to try to avoid Charley and any more trouble, but it was very difficult. The cast was only so big. She thought that she was managing it, but out of nowhere, Charley approached her. She was sat at the time. Charley walked over and peered down at her. “Well, well, well, you little slapper. You didn’t think that you would get away with what you did , did you?” Gemma tried to settle the situation. “Look I overreacted. I’m…” “Well, you are going to regret it. You forget that you are on a rolling contract that can be terminated at any time. What you don’t know is that I have an intimate relationship with one of the producers. I could have you sacked just like that.” Gemma looked mortified. “However, I’ve decided that it would be too easy to have you fired. I think it will be much more fun to torture you. From now on Gemma, if you value your job, you are going to be my bitch. You will do as I order no matter how embarrassing, for tonight at least.” Gemma knew she was stuffed. Charley had all the power now. Gemma had no choice but to comply.

“Hey everyone, Gemma here was just saying that she is very sorry for what happened the other night and wants to make it up to me. She was telling me how hot it is in here. I think that she wants to take some of those clothes off right here right now.” “Charley, please, no don’t do this,” Gemma begged. “Stand up and strip you filthy slag,” she demanded. A dejected Gemma stood up. Everyone gathered around now to watch her humiliation. She reluctantly unbuttoned her top and removed it, placing it on the couch. She then unzipped her trousers and lowered them down her shapely legs to the floor. 

She frowned as she stepped out of them. She was now clad in tight black underwear trimmed with silver and gold decoration. She hesitated but Charley glared at her. Everyone was laughing and whistling. She unhooked her bra and slid it off of her arms, releasing her massive breasts. Her massive nipples were revealed. She had done some modelling in her past but this was totally different. She then slowly slid her knickers down revealing her shapely backside and waxed crevice. Her body was smooth all over from head to toes. She did her best to cover her modesty with her hands. “Well look at what we have here. Nothing that half the men in London haven’t seen already from what I hear.” Gemma took a deep breath and rolled her eyes.

She then grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her over onto the couch. She bent her over the arm of it. “You deserve this. You are a naughty girl,” Charley condescended. She then grabbed her hair brush from her bag. She was going to spank Gemma’s naked behind with it. She led everyone in counting as she reared back and spanked her ass. Gemma bit her lip and squealed as the brush smacked against her rear end. Charley counted to ten, spanking Gemma each time. She then called for ten more. This time she sat on the sofa and took Gemma over her knee. She held her arm behind her as her behind was paddled with the brush. Gemma was filled with a mixture of embarrassment and pain. Harley took no mercy upon her ass. 

Charley then moved a chair over. She forced Gemma down into it and , without a word, forcefully grabbed her armed and tied them at the wrist to the chair behind her back. “This is what you get for throwing stuff on me,” Charley said with a wicked tongue. Gemma’s legs were slightly open, giving everyone a nice view of her crotch. It was time for Gemma to get messy. Charley started with a quiche of all things. She smashed it down on top of Gemma’s head. She then took a cheery chocolate cheesecake and smushed it into her awaiting crotch. Gemma shrieked as she had cheesecake smeared all over her private parts. She could feel the crumb crust all over her person. 

Charley then broke open a bottle of champagne and sprayed it in Gemma’s face, soaking her in it. She then threw a tray of ice onto her and watched her body spasm from the impact of the ice cold mess. Everyone cracked up at the site of this. Her muscles wiggling involuntarily.  She was in complete shock as the ice cubes moved their way down her sexy body.

She was then treated to an ice bucket filled with prawn cocktail. All in a pink sauce.  Charley she tipped it over Gemma’s head. Her hair was covered in the stuff and it oozed down her face and chest. Lumps of prawn stuck to the top of her head. Bits of green lettuce fell on her as well that had been garnishing the prawn cocktail. Gemma wondered what else Charley had in store for her. 

She next found some salads that were piled on a tray. These included tuna fish, ham salad and egg and cress. Charley did not hesitated in dumping the entire thing over Gemma. Gemma’s shapely body jiggled as piles of salad collided with it. Her breasts and thighs jiggled. The disgusting slop felt very odd on her soft, firm flesh. Charley grabbed some of the larger lumps and rubbed them around in Gemma’s face and on her body. She showed her no mercy.

She then took two cream cakes, complete with meringue. They were luscious. They were covered in cream and berry pure. She pushed them into Gemma’s face and chest. She sensually massaged the woman’s naked body in the soft sponge. Gemma closed her eyes as her rival smushed the cakes around on her body. She then added a massive trifle. She slowly dumped the dessert straight into Gemma’s crotch. The whole thing landed, but Charley pulled the container up, dumping more all over Gemma’s body. She then took the biggest section of sponge and jelly and rubbed it all over Gemma’s crotch, legs and breasts.

Charley then looked around for what to use next. She was told that they were all out of food for the party. She did not want to finish with Gemma yet, so she went back into catering and found their food waste vat. Luckily it was on wheels. It was filled with leftovers from the party as well as leftovers from many other parties, dating back at least a few weeks. She wheeled it straight over to Gemma and tipped it all over her. Instantly, Gemma was covered every manner of discarded foodstuff. Food stuck all over her body from head to toe. Charley pointed and laughed.

She then got some of the male cast members to lift Gemma, chair and all into the vat on wheels. They placed a sign on her saying loser. They then wheeled the cart into the elevator. They let the door close and pressed all the other buttons. People on the other floors were in for a big surprise. 

Gemma would never forget the embarrassment that she suffered on that day. She wanted to walk away, but finances would not allow this. No one ever looked at her the same on set ever again.

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