Saturday, 26 March 2016

Lucy Fallon gets it

Lucy Fallon gets it

Lucy Fallon was a newer cast member on Coronation Street. She was also one of the more annoying cast members to work with. She quickly got on a lot of people’s nerves on set. She was a total pain too work with. She was getting above her station very quickly. Her cast mates decided to teach her a little lesson that she was never going to forget. They were going to put her back into her rightful place, once and for all. She would regret her ways one way or another.

They planned what they would be doing to her for a few weeks in advance.  They all were looking forward to it in a major way. She was not going to appreciate it one little bit. It was all planned meticulously down to the last detail. Lucy was going to finally get exactly what she deserved. It was going to prove to be a very enjoyable day, for everyone other than Lucy.  She had no idea that it was coming. 

Lucy, although an adult, was dressed in a school girl outfit with pigtails. It was all designed to make her look sexy. She wore a tie and her shirt was tied at the waist. She wore knee socks. She sat with her legs crossed. In the scene she was dressed this way to impress a guy. She was chewing gum and looking decidedly slutty. She looked like a filthy chav through and through. She was ready to begin the scene. 

The scene did not start though, instead, her tv family entered. Lucy looked very surprised to see them there.  Her tv Mum Tina O’Brien started to speak to her. “Lucy, we love you, but you have gotten to be a little bit too big for your boots, so we are going to teach you a little lesson and bring you right back down to earth.” Lucy’s eyes darted around. She was in shock. “Don’t take it personally,” she said. Tina tipped a banana milkshake over onto Lucy’s head. Her mouth fell open in absolute shock. The sloppy yellow mess fell over her face and hair and all over her shirt and tie.  She was frozen in shock. She could only run her hands over her shirt in the mess. It coated her head. She was speechless. Everyone laughed.

She then dumped a similar chocolate milkshake over Lucy’s head. It slopped down over her. Everyone celebrated what they were witnessing. Sloppy brown chocolate milkshake fell down on her. It covered her blonde hair and top. Her eyes lowered. It felt freezing cold as well. Next to come was a strawberry milkshake. This was tossed into her lap. It covered her skirt, legs and shirt. She was covered in sloppy milkshake. Her clothes her already soaked in melting milkshake. 

It was then the guy who played her uncle David’s turn. He smirked at her. He grabbed the back of her head and was handed a creamy pie. He had her head in one hand and a pie in the other. He then thrust the two together. He held her face in place in the pie. He pushed them together for a moment before releasing, leaving her face covered entirely in creamy pie. He then took another pie and pushed it down onto the top of her head. The pie rolled down her head. He left the pie tin on top of her head as if it was some sort of hat. She was totally creamed. He then threw a third pie straight into her chest. She looked shocked. She was now covered in creamy pie. There was so much pie on her that she was overwhelmed by it. 

It was then Paula Lane’s turn. She sauntered over. She was very happy that it was not her getting it for once. Usually she was the person who was on the receiving end. She was a filthy girl and was going to enjoy doing this. She smiled. She carried a massive bowl of rice pudding. She lifted the bowl over Lucy. The sloppy, lumpy mess dropped onto Lucy’s face and head. It was super thick and sloppy. It rolled down her face and body. It looked a bit like sick, in Lucy’s mind. Lucy was aghast. 

It was then the woman who played her grandmother Gail’s turn. This was going to be incredibly humiliating for Lucy. The women who played her grandmother and great grandmother were each going to get to dump mess over her. They were much older than her. To be messed by them was going to be mortifying for Lucy. She was really shocked when her tv grandmother served up a heaping helping of fisherman’s pie. It was filled with fish bits and sweet corn in a sloppy white sauce, covered with mashed potato. It was a fully baking dish. The older woman pushed the tray into the top of Lucy’s head. The mash stuck to her blonde hair. The rest oozed down her face and body. Thick sloppy white and yellow mess made its way over her. 

Next to come was mushy peas. Lucy’s tv grandmother then dumped mushy peas over Lucy. It was thick and very green. Gail chuckled as she chucked the mushy peas over on her. It stained her clothes. It went all over her skirt and all over her legs.  She then opened her socks and began to pour mushy peas down into her socks. Green mess oozed all over her calves, down to her ankles. She was splattered in the stuff.

It was then the woman who played her great grandmother’s turn. She proceeded to spray Lucy with ketchup. Lucy stomped her feet and waved her hands as she was sprayed with ketchup. Audrey wailed with laughter and excitement as she humiliated the sexy young lady. Everyone was celebrating. 

She then finished her off with some thick sloppy cheap chicken curry with chips in a metal takeaway container. It looked like it came from the freezer section of a cheap corner shop. The lady who played Audrey chuckled as she dumped the sloppy brown mess all over the young lady’s body. Some of it went inside of her shirt. Some rolled down her face and body. Lots of it landed in her lap. There were massive lumps in it and it was all over her. She looked mortified at what had just happened.

Her television family celebrated together. They pointed and laughed at her. “Sorry hun, but you really needed this,” Tina told her,” You’ll thank us later. You deserved it.” “Not bloody likely,” Lucy said.


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