Friday, 20 January 2017

Celebrity Big Brother 2017; Nicola, Bianca and Chloe

Celebrity Big Brother 2017; Nicola, Bianca and Chloe

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 started to become highly contentious. There were some incredibly attractive women on the show as well. Namely, Nicola McLean, Bianca Gascoigne and Chloe from Geordie Shore. Jessica Cunningham was on the show as well, but she had just taken a messing after the Apprentice. On one episode, three housemates who won a challenge would get the prize of gunging a housemate of their choosing. The winners were Jedward, Kim Woodburn and James C. They would get to do the honours to the housemate that they chose. It happened directly after the eviction of James J. The women were dressed in their eviction dresses. There were three buckets of gunge sitting in the centre of the living room ready for three of the housemates.

Big Brother came over the loudspeaker to the house.”Jedward, Kim, James C. you are the winners of the challenge. As you may notice there are three gunge buckets in the centre of the room. As the winners, your prize will be to pour one of these over the head of one of your housemates. You may choose any of the housemates besides one another. When called, you will choose a gunge bucket and walk up behind the housemate that you choose to dump it on. There is no need to explain why. You may just pour. Jedward, you are the first to choose. You may pick your bucket and your victim when ready.”

Jedward got up. They went over and chose the bucket with green gunge in it. They picked it because they loved green. It was the colour of their home in Ireland. All of the other housemates besides James C. and Kim were sat on the sofas. They smiled as they walked around. They already knew who it would be. Everyone else wondered. They laughed nervously and cringed as Jedward circled the couches. They stood behind Nicola and instantly began to dump the thick green gunge over her head. She closed her eyes and winced as it poured down over her head. She crossed her arms. Everyone gasped as the thick green mess slowly poured down her face and perfect blonde hair. It poured down her front, down her breasts and over onto her lap and down her tanned legs. She closed her eyes as it covered her face almost entirely. Only her chin was peeking out from beneath it. There was enough gunge that it covered a lot of her dress and body. Jedward did not smile as they poured. They showered Nicola in the green gunge. When it was all over, she ran her fingers across her eyes. She shook her head. She looked as though she was fuming deep down underneath. Everyone joined in the usual round of, “that was brutal” and “It’s only a game”. Jedward then returned to their spot.

Big Brother came on again. “Jedward have chosen to gunge Nicola that means that she can not be chosen by anyone else.” “Damn, she would have been my choice too boys,” Kim piped in. “You shut up,” Nicola said, pointing at Kim,” I don’t want to hear it.” Big Brother started again. “Kim, it is your turn to gunge a housemate next, you may choose a bucket and dump at will.” Kim approached and chose the bucket of pink gunge. She would have genuinely picked Nicola, but was forced to choose someone else. She chose to pick Nicola’s friend Bianca. She circled around the couches. No one really knew who she would choose. Everyone was shocked when she began pouring the gunge over Bianca’s head. Bianca laughed and her head bounced forward as the gunge poured over her head. She put on a brave face, but soon her face was coated in pink gunge. It was totally covered. Her blonde hair tinged pink. Kim then moved the bucket and poured some gunge down over Bianca’s breasts. She was wearing a very chesty dress, so when the gunge poured onto it, it also poured down between her breasts and into her dress. This nearly caused her breasts to pop out on live television. She laughed and clutched her chest. “I can’t believe this,” she said. Kim then poured gunge down her back and over the front of her dress and down her long tanned legs. Gunge poured down her long sexy body. It rolled down her legs and back. It was inside of her dress as well. Her mouth fell open and she laughed in embarrassment as she was showered in gunge. When it was over she shook her head and splashed a handful of gunge from her hair.  Kim said nothing but,” Sorry, but you deserved that.” She was told to shut up. Kim returned to her spot.

It was James C.’s turn. He reluctantly walked over and grabbed the final bucket of light blue gunge. He sighed and then walked up behind Chloe. She had been quite annoying, so she was his choice. She screamed and howled as he dumped the gunge over her. It poured over her face and dark hair and then over onto her thick sexy legs and massive breasts. The site of the older man gunging a half naked 21 year old girl was quite odd. She shouted,” Bring it on. Gunge me baby. I want to take that filthy gunge. Take it she did, it poured over her sexy body. It dumped down her back and all over her massive behind. She actually pulled her dress off over her head and tossed it aside. She was known for being absolutely filthy and had shown nearly her whole body after only a few days in the house. She threw her dress aside and said, “Come on baby, let me have that filthy gunge.” She then rubbed her hands around her breasts, squeezing them and then rubbed the gunge around on her body. As he poured, she wiggled her hips suggestively. She almost simulated a sex act, grinding as he dumped more gunge all over her sexy body. He just rolled his eyes. This was why he had chosen her. She was too crass, over the top and loud. She turned around and shook his hand,” Thanks Santa for spilling your load on me.” He frowned and walked off.

Chloe continued dancing and playing with herself in the gunge. “This feels hot actually. This is sexy. Come on girls. It’s not that bad. Put in a smile,” she exclaimed. Bianca and Nicola smiled. They got up and all three ladies took a bow as everyone applauded. Chloe hugged the other two. Nicola and Bianca looked slightly uncomfortable. They all then headed off to the showers to clean off.

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