Sunday, 8 January 2017

Gigi Hadid Shout out to my ex

Gigi Hadid Shout out to my ex

Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid did not like one another at all. Gigi was dating Perrie’s ex-boyfriend. This lead to a lot of childish squabbling on both sides. One night in a club, they exchanged words that ended up in a small shoving match that Perrie got the better of. As a result of this Gigi challenged Perrie to a boxing match in a private club.  Perrie managed to get the better of this altercation as well. She laughed at Gigi and began to leave. As she was leaving, she accidentally dropped one of her gloves onto the floor. When she reached down to retrieve it, she discovered that there was a ton of pies, buckets and containers under the ring. She knew instantly that Gigi had attempted to set her up. 

She did not let on that she had discovered what was under the ring. She just returned to the ring. She approached Gigi slowly, not letting on a thing. She then ran at her and grabbed her. She pushed her onto a stool that was in the corner of the ring and handcuffed Gigi’s hands behind her back. She then proceeded to tear her rival’s clothes off of her body until she was sat there completely naked. “Oh my Gigi, don’t we look cute. I don’t know what Zayn sees in that bony little arse of yours,” Perrie mocked.  Perrie also got her phone out and began to record her rival’s humiliation for posterity. “Say hello to the whole world you little slut. Everyone is going to see your bits now.”

Perrie then bent Gigi over and began to spank her bare behind. Gigi bit her lip and squealed as Perrie took pleasure in spanking her bare backside. She wiggled her legs as Perrie’s hand whacked her naked rear end over and over again. Perrie howled with laughter. “A good spanking for a filthy little slag,” she taunted. She then returned her to her stool. Perrie then went under the ring and grabbed the items that Gigi had gathered to use upon her. Ironically, she was going to use them upon her instead. Perrie licked her lips in anticipation of what she was about to do.

She started with a chocolate cream pie. She looked into the camera on her phone and said,” This slut is about to get creamed.” She then leaned over and smashed the pie as hard as she possibly could straight into Gigi’s face. She twisted it around, creaming her. Her face was instantly covered in a mess of chocolate and cream. Pie crust crumbled around her hair and neck. The feeling of absolute pleasure that Perrie felt as she pied her rival was indescribable. Gigi screamed. “Don’t do this. Let me go. You cow. I’ll get you. This is not supposed to happen to me.”

Perrie then grabbed bottles of ketchup and mustard. She shook them up and approached her rival. She stood over Gigi and began to spray her with the condiments. She sprayed some down her blonde hair, face and then all over her bare abs. The red and yellow mess dripped and poured into every crevice on her thin muscular body. It rolled down her stomach and legs. Globs of mustard stuck all over her head and dripped down her face. Gigi frowned.

Next to come was tapioca pudding. It was a truly disgusting dessert that was for sure. It was in a huge bucket. Gigi shrieked as the tapioca descended down upon her. She moved it back and forth slightly, dumping it up and down her sexy body. Gigi gagged as it covered her hair and face. It oozed down her body. She was totally plastered in the stuff.

Perrie then added baked beans to the mix, dumping another bucket of beans all over Gigi’s body. Gigi stretched her legs as baked beans poured all over her. “It feels hideous, “she moaned. “This is disgusting.” Perrie laughed loudly. “All over your slutty body. You truly deserve this and you know it. This is what happens when you steal people’s boyfriends.” She was covered from head to toe in mess at this point.

Perrie then took a poster board and wrote,” Filthy slag. Shout out to my ex,” Upon it. She then put it on her rival’s lap and took some photos of this. She then posted the photos everywhere she could think of. She then walked away. “Bye, bye bitch. You deserve all of this. Don’t ever mess with me ever again.”


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  3. Nice one. Could you please make a humiliating gunge story for Yvonne Strahovski as I've never seen her in a gunge story before and figured the humiliation would be brilliant