Monday, 2 January 2017

The Apprentice 2016 part 2: Jessica gets it

The Apprentice 2016 part 2: Jessica gets it

Jessica was the standout candidate on the Apprentice. She was a good candidate and she was very, very entertaining. She was very, very animated and funny. She was also very attractive. She was the most attractive of the female candidates, that could pretty much be universally accepted.  She was always up for a laugh. She was also very sexual. She had been involved in sexy jobs in her past. She was an amazing combination. She had witnessed the other women getting messed by the men. She knew that her turn might come. She was curious to find out how and when it would happen. In a way, she was kind of looking forward to it. She always wondered what being messed might be like.

For her, they waited until the very end of You’re Hired when everyone went backstage. She had a feeling that it would happen at this point. It was probably the last point when everyone from the show would be in the same building at the same time. Hers would be larger and messier than the others had been. Everyone was in the dressing room chatting. Jessica went to the toilet. When she came back out, everyone was standing there waiting for her. They all smiled. It was very quiet. “Oh my god, what is this?,” she asked,” What are you all doing? Is this it? Am I about to get it?,” she yammered on in her usual style. She had an amazingly sexy accent and fast paced way for speaking. “Am I gonna be gunged? Are you going to gunge me? Oh my gosh.” They smiled and laughed at her. She made a funny face and made a funny sound, pretending to look worried. “How embarrassing,” she said. “Jessica, we all agree, we love you, but you are very, very, very annoying. You are tough to live with. You really, really deserve this. You have this coming to you,” one of the men said. 

Everyone approached her. “Can I take my dress off please?,” she asked. “I don’t have many. This green one is my personal favourite.” It the green dress that she wore many times on the show. She unzipped it and tossed it aside. She revealed her tall, tanned, well-shaped sexy body. She wore dark green underwear. It did not leave much to the imagination. They lead her over to a Barber chair sort of chair and sat her in it. They strapped her ankles and wrists into place. He continued yammering on and on. “I can’t believe this. I wonder what it will be like. I have always wondered what it would be like.” Everyone rolled their eyes, as she demonstrated why everyone found her so annoying. She kept pulling faces, making noises and making hand gestures. Everyone sighed. She was quite exhausting to be around. “I’m going to get trashed aren’t I?” Her body tingled. Trashed she would get.

Paul got the chance to start the ceremonies. The two had clashed. They also had been dating so the rumours had said. He took a big creamy pie and walked towards her. “Oh Paul. Are you going to pie me? It looks so sloppy. Oh my God.” She pulled a funny face as he walked towards her and slammed the pie into her face as hard as he could into her face. She made a funny noise and pulled a face as the pie was smushed into her face. When the tin was removed, her funny face was encased in sloppy cream pie. Cream rolled down her dark hair and down her chest and bra. “Paul you absolute tosser, look at me. You loved that didn’t ya? Look at me. It was so sloppy and cold.”

Next some of the other men came forward with different sundae sauces such as chocolate sauce and caramel sauce and well as whipped cream. They pounced forward and began to spray her body with the toppings. “Oi, guys, what do I look like a plate of ice cream? It looks so sticky.” She squealed and moaned theatrically as the men dispatched of the sundae toppings liberally all over her sexy body. The sauces rolling in, over and around, ever curve and crevice of her body. It looked delicious upon her underwear clad body. “What no custard?,” she said,” Come on guys, get your act together,” she joked. 

Unfortunately for her, custard was exactly what they had planned to dump upon her next. Two of them came forward with a massive container of thick yellow custard. They lifted it into the air and dumped it all over the beautiful young businesswoman. The thick lumpy messed rolled down her incredible body. It plopped along up and down her legs, stomach and underwear. More was dumped over her head and her long black hair. “You guys can’t take a joke. Oh my gosh, this is so funny. It feels so cold and slimy on me, I’m telling ya.” 

“Come on guys, you can do better than that can’t ya?”, They smiled and chuckled to themselves. They certainly could. One of them approached with a tray of leftover lasagne. “Lasagne, are you kidding me? You are going to pour lasagne on me? You must be joking.” Of course, they did just that, tipping it over her head. Strips of pasta, two kinds of sauces, mince and cheese were dumped right over her head. It rolled, mostly onto her face. “Oh my God, I must look absolutely fabulous. The new look for 2017, lasagne. Oh my God, someone post this on Instagram. My friends are going to love this.” 

Finally, they all dumped cans of tuna fish, mushy peas and baked beans all over her. She squealed and pontificated as they wildly covered her in the cans of cheap food. When they finally pulled away, she was covered from head to toe in sloppy cheap canned goods. She laughed hysterically. She stuck her tongue out and posed. They all filed out quickly, leaving her to undo her own restraints, in fear that she may retaliate.

She thought that this was the funniest thing that ever happened. She posted pictures on social media and commented and liked the many times over.


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