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Fiona O’Carroll Amanda’s revenge

Fiona O’Carroll Amanda’s revenge

On Mrs. Brown’s Boys, Amanda Woods was involved in a running gag where she ends up covered in mess and being mocked by Fiona O’Carroll. Amanda began to get really sick of it and annoyed with Fiona. It had happened over and over again. She wanted to get revenge desperately. When Fiona was asked to appear on a late night Irish talk show, Amanda knew that it was the perfect time to get her revenge on Fiona. 

The format of the show was a talk show, but throughout the show there was a vote to see who would be put in the gunge tank at the end of the show.  Throughout the show numbers were flashed up for the public to vote for the person they wanted to see go in the tank. Fiona was at a huge disadvantage, ironically, because Amanda had already been messy so many times in the past, there was no reason to vote to see her get messy once again. The end result was a huge victory for Amanda. She won in a landslide. She knew that she would. Fiona had agreed because she was under the impression that everyone loved her and enjoyed seeing Amanda messy. Although it was true that people enjoyed seeing Amanda get it, they were more interested in seeing a different person get the mess this time.
The two women were brought forward at the end of the show for the announcement of the result. 

Amanda had a big smile on her face, Fiona looked a bit more unsure and nervous. The host stood between the two women. “Ok ladies, it is finally that time of the evening, time to find out the results. We are about to find out who will be the unlucky person to be sent to the gunge tank today. I bet you two are nervous.” They wobbled their hands and laughed nervously. “Ok, I would like to say that it was a close call, but I would be lying if I said that. I don’t think that I can really build the suspense much. Fiona you got 90 percent of the votes.” She started laughing. “Oh my God, me? I can’t believe it,” she said,” That’s shocking. Little old me? But I can’t I didn’t bring a change of clothes to wear.” “Ah, I have that covered,” Amanda said. With that she grabbed a hangar that had a bright green bikini on it. She smiled as she handed it to Fiona. Fiona rolled her eyes and looked annoyed. “There you go, problem solved,” the host said. “Now you go and get changed into that while we got to the commercial break. After we come back it will be gunging time for Fiona O’Carroll.” 

When the show returned from break, Fiona was wearing the tiny bikini and awkwardly shivering, holding her hands over herself. A dart board had been brought out as well. Amanda was handed five darts. It was explained by the host that the dart board contained various other messes. Amanda would get to throw the darts at the dart board and would get to add extra messes for Fiona with every successful hit. The dart board was covered in various messes. When Fiona heard this she shouted,” No please, don’t do this, Amanda,” in a half joking tone. Amanda just smiled. “Turnabout is fair play honey,” she replied. She gleefully threw the darts one after another. Each time a mess bucket was brought out. Fiona, in turn, cringed and moaned as it happened. She shook her head and covered her face in her hands. Beans, eggs, custard, mushy peas and curry were quickly hit on the board. “Yes, I really wanted that one,” Amanda said when she hit the beans. She made jokes when she hit the others about how it would look on Fiona and how much she would enjoy pouring that item upon her. She described how sloppy it would be as Fiona comically cringed and looked horrified.

It was finally time for Fiona to take her seat. “Can’t you take my place Amanda? You love this sort of thing. You are used to it.” “No chance,” she replied,” Sit your arse in there,” she told her. Fiona had no choice she sat herself in the tank and crossed her arms and legs, wearing only the green bikini. It was the type of tank with a hollow roof. Amanda climbed a little set of stairs so she could do the dumping of the buckets first, before the gunge came. Amanda looked at the crowd and smiled as they cheered. Fiona looked up and cringed as Amanda held the first bucket aloft over her. 

The eggs would be the first. Amanda stuck her tongue out and laughed evilly. Fiona held her hands as if she was praying. She closed her eyes. “Let’s see her get egged,” the host said. Everyone started chanting the word eggs over and over again. Everyone cheered as Amanda began to dump the rotten eggs over Fiona. “This feels so good,” she shouted. Viscous eggs fell down onto Fiona’s head. It flowed down her face and then down her shoulders and body. She stomped her feet and yelled,” It stinks. They are rotten,” as the rotten eggs soaked into her hair and body. She shook her head as Amanda laughed at her.

She then called out the word,” Custard,” as she was handed the second bucket. “No, please,” Fiona pleaded. It was too late though, because by this time, Amanda had started to pour thick sloppy custard over Fiona. Thick custard poured down over Fiona’s head. She squealed as it poured over her head, covering her completely. It poured down her chest and back and then poured down onto her legs. She rubbed her hands around on her legs and struggled in the custard. Baked beans were next. “Not beans. They are so filthy. Don’t do this.” “Time to get beaned honey,” Amanda joked. She began to dump the beans all over her co-star. “Oh my God, this feels so good. You deserve these beans.” Beans plopped down over Fiona O’Carroll. The beans made a sloppy plopping noise as they poured all over Fiona’s head. More poured all over her legs and chest. She could feel the beans everywhere. They looked amazing all over her body. 

Next to come was mushy peas. “We know that green is your colour. You look so good in green. I am going to enjoy this,” Amanda said. Fiona bit her lip. She shrugged her shoulders and looked up as green mushy peas poured straight over her face. She closed her eyes as the thick green slop poured onto her. A huge blob fell onto her chest. She used her hands to try and remove it, but only managed to rub the mushy peas around on her chest in the process. She could feel the touch of mushy peas on her body. It felt unique for sure. 

The final bucket was sloppy curry sauce. It was an odd light brown colour. It was runny and sloppy. Amanda shouted the word curry as a look of shock flashed across Fiona’s face. It was impossible for people not to laugh as everyone watched the sloppy curry pour onto Fiona’s head. It poured onto her face. It splashed in all directions all over her body. 

Amanda stepped down and a load of thick, dark green gunge was loaded in above Fiona. Amanda was then handed the cord to release the gunge upon Fiona. Amanda looked thrilled as she looked over at Fiona. Of course, Fiona could barely see through the layers of sloppy mess that covered her. Amanda was given the signal and she yanked the cord. As she did, the green mess poured over the already messy Fiona. It splashed everywhere in the tank. It was a ton of gunge for sure. It covered the piles of sloppy messy already covering Fiona’s body. Everything was covered in a coating of sloppy green slimy mess. Everyone laughed and cheered Fiona’s demise.

When the gunge finally stopped, Fiona was allowed out of the tank. She pushed layers of mess off of her chest and legs. She just gave an embarrassed laugh. She pointed at Amanda and vowed that she would get her revenge for this one day. Amanda told her that she had been messy numerous times before. Fiona thought about it for a minute,” Ok, but this makes us even,” she said.


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