Saturday, 7 January 2017

Jenna Coleman Oh yeah

This story was a request

****WARNING**** This story contains nudity and sexual situations, please do not read if you are underage or offended by that sort of thing.*****

Jenna Coleman Oh yeah

Jenna Coleman had a secret messy fetish. It was so secret that she did not share it with anyone, which was a bit of a shame, because a lot of people would have enjoyed seeing what she got up to with mess. Instead it was all kept one hundred percent private. She was more than a little embarrassed about it. It was not something to share with many people. 

One night she lived out her sexy messy fantasies to the full. She started off in a puffy white dress. It was the night of a big awards ceremony. The presence of so many attractive people made her mind race. She was very turned on and raced back home to enjoy her own body. She knew how to give herself pleasure. She was touching herself up her dress the entire taxi ride home. When she got home she immediately undid the dress and dropped it straight onto her floor. She then unhooked her black bra and pulled it off before dropping her black panties on the floor. She had a very wry, very sexy dry sense of humour that was very sexy as well. “Time to get messy,” she told herself, giving a satisfied, knowing smirk. 

She quickly grabbed a number of items from the kitchen and headed to the bedroom for a play. She climbed on the bed and threw everything down onto it. She then got onto her knees. She began to finger herself wildly. She rocked her hips back and forth as if she was riding someone’s penis. With her other hand she squeezed her own breasts. She was already very aroused. Her vagina was soaking wet. It was dripping in her sticky juices. She reached down and smeared it on her fingers. She then smeared some onto her erect nipples and licked some off of her fingers. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh God yeah,” she said out loud. She thought to herself,” I know I am a dirty bitch, but I just don’t give a fuck.”

She then began to artfully and theatrically smash eggs over herself, one by one. There was a full dozen for her to use upon herself. She cracked one onto her knees, armpits, chest, behind, stomach and crotch. She bit her lip and then stuck her tongue out as she felt slimy egg all over her body. The final few eggs she smashed on top of her head and allowed the eggs, shells and all to fall down her hair and face. 

She then took some honey. It was the stickiest of substances. She had imagined how this would feel for a very long time. She held the squeeze bottle over her tender, sexy body and began to squeeze. It looked a brownish orange colour as it was dispersed down her stomach and over her crotch and thighs. She suck one of her hands down into it and rubbed it around all over her sexy body. It was very gooey but the feeling of it was incredible erotic. She then dunked her favourite vibrator down into it, coating it with honey. She then ran her tongue around the head of it and then plunged it into her mouth. She mimicked giving a blow job at this point, sucking honey from the sex toy as if it was a lover’s private parts. Her musky sex mound was dripping in both honey and vaginal excretions. This was getting her off more than any partner she could imagine ever could.

She then decided to pie herself. She had never experienced this before. It was something that she always fancied. Whenever she ever saw anyone pied on television, she thought about what it would feel like if it happened to her. This was a moment that she had always imagined and it was finally going to be real. She picked up a creamy pie and held it in front of her. She looked down and gave a cheeky, knowing smirk. “I am about to get pied,” she thought to herself.  She closed her eyes and then thrust the pie as hard as she could straight into her face. It landed with a muted thud. She then pulled the tin away. Her face was covered in its entirety in pie. She laughed, but she was completely pied. Her face and hair were a mask of pie. She pulled out her phone and looked at herself in the photo feature. “Oh my God, I look hilarious,” she said to herself.  She then took another pie and smushed it into her chest. She took a third. She lay on her back and opened her legs very wide. She then pied her vagina and ass all in one go.  Most of her body was now pied. She took her fingers and palm and wildly played with herself. Her vagina thick with pie and honey now. She moaned and squealed.

Finally she took a box of readymade custard. The really cheap thin kind that you needed to cut open with a scissors. She cut the top open and began to pour it over her head. It oozed down her brown hair and sexy face, before cascading down her chests, stomach, back and behind. She moved over and poured some onto each leg, before pouring the remainder all over her sexy vagina. It felt cool and creamy all over her body. She was nearly orgasming from how turned on she was at this point. This was probably the hottest experience of her entire life. She held back a bit, but thought to herself, “Now it’s time.”

She did not need to use the vibrator, she was mega turned on as it was already. She lay back onto her back and spread her legs, bending her knees. She began to feverishly play with herself. Her fingers toying her gooey messy vagina. She leaned back and closed her eyes. She could fully let go in a moment of total ecstasy. Her voice filled the room. She grunted and pushed. “Oh yeah, oh mmmm oh yeah, fuck..ewww yeah,” she squealed. She fingered herself quicker and quicker. She completely let go. Her vagina exploded in an enormous geyser of cum. It squired everywhere. Her muscles contorting and contracting as she let go. Her entire body giving way to a massive moment of orgasmic pleasure. 

When it was all over she closed her eyes and leaned back in exhaustion. “That was fucking amazing,” she said to herself with a cheeky smirk.


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