Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Molly Holly don’t ban wam

Molly Holly don’t ban wam

It was the attitude era in the WWE. Things could be pretty offensive and pretty wild as well as pretty sexy at this time. It was long before the PG era that we know today. There were many different messy matches and segments that aired at this time. The time was getting close Thanksgiving. This was usually a time where there was some sort of food fight, gravy bowl match or something along those sorts of lines. Molly Holly was a part of a group called Right To Censor. They were a heel group that were meant to poke fun at the network and other critics of the more adult content. They were meant to show how hypocritical and judgemental that these individuals could be. 

With the upcoming food fight, Molly Holly went to the general manager at the time. She complained about the messy content. She said that it was unwholesome and offensive. She demanded that these segments never happen. Of course, the general manager understood that Molly was saying all this out of self-interest. Really she was just annoyed that the slightly more attractive women were getting all the attention. The general manager did see an opportunity that they could use here though. They agreed to make a match that would pit Molly against Torrie Wilson. If Molly won, messy content would be banned from the WWE. If Torrie won, the other divas would get ten minutes in the ring with Molly to do anything messy that they chose to her. They were all a bit annoyed with her, because they felt like she was just trying to take their screen time away. 

Molly, as a heel was going to try and take the low road to win this match at any price. Torrie entered the ring first. As she was announced in the ring, Molly blindsided Torrie. She then began to work her over. She talked trash to the crowd. She called them disgusting perverts and that the mess would be gone forever. She showed off her muscles as she dominated. She was dominating Torrie. She took her time, but was very close to pinning her. She hot her finishing manoeuvre on Torrie and was ready to pin her. Unfortunately for her, at this moment the other divas ran down to ringside. This included Stacy Kiebler, Trish Stratus and Lita. They ran up to the ring and she shouted at them to go away and mind their own business. As she was shouting, Torrie got to her feet and then grabbed Molly with a schoolboy and rolled her up for a quick pin. Molly then threw a temper tantrum, slapping her hands on the mat and saying how unfair this all was. 

At this point, it dawned on her what this meant. The other women were now climbing in the ring. They were going to punish her. She stood up and tried to run in one direction and then the next. It was no use though because the others blocked all of the ways out. She wound up running into the corner, slipping and falling, face first, head slumped down against the turnbuckle. The other women then approached her with huge smiles upon their faces. They then tied her to the bottom turnbuckle. She then opened her eyes and screamed and shouted comically saying,” What are you doing to me? What is this? You can’t do this. Etc.” 

As she looked up her head shook frantically as she squirmed because, in the meantime, Torrie Wilson and Stacey Kiebler had been spraying their sexy backsides with shaving foam. By this point, they were both covered in the cream. Molly was greeted by the site of Torrie’s cream covered behind slowly heading towards her face. She was told to pucker up. The expression upon her face was priceless. She looked on in horror as Torrie’s messy behind was shoved closer and closer to her face. Everyone cheered as Torrie bent over and shoved her messy behind right into Molly’s face. Torrie gave her the stinkface, shaking her messy behind in Molly’s face. Molly’s face disappeared between Torrie’s lovely butt cheeks. Her face was buried in Torrie’s crack. When Torrie was finished, Stacey Kiebler followed suit. Stacey did a little dance, as she was apt to do. She bent over and wiggled her behind. She shook her behind and then pushed her messy behind into Molly’s face. When she pulled away, Molly’s face was covered in creamy mess. 

When this was over with, Molly then had the ten minutes that she was going to have to go through at the hands of the others. They untied her and she scrambled and fell into the centre of the ring surrounded by the other women. They had brought various messy items which to use upon Molly at this time. They started with pies. Each of the divas was given a pie. As Molly crawled around the ring on her knees and struggled to get up, each of the ladies took their chance and shoved their pie right into her face. This happened over and over as she tried to get up. As soon as she reached her knees, she came face to face with another creamy pie that was then slammed into her face.

As they were doing this, various containers and buckets were loaded into the ring. Each one of the women grabbed squeeze bottles next containing various substances. These included; chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, burger sauce and whipped cream. The women all pounced on her simultaneously. She screamed and kicked her legs as they proceeded to all spray these substances all over her at the same time. She actually disappeared below them, only her legs sticking out. The fans were unable to see what they were doing, until the moment that they all pulled away. This revealed Molly was now covered from head to toe in various sauces and substances. She kicked her legs and stomped her feet. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is disgraceful,” she shouted at them. 

They then grabbed the final remaining items, two large buckets. One contained slop, the other manure. They were so large that two divas were required to carry them. The women carried the buckets over. The crowd cheered as they lifted them and dumped them over Molly. They all laughed and celebrated. They left the ring together, leaving Molly covered in mess. She was laid on her stomach in a pool of collected mess. She pounded the mat with her fists and kicked her legs giving a classic petulant temper tantrum. She pouted and moaned.


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