Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Felicity Jones sweats it out

Felicity Jones sweats it out

Felicity Jones had shot to fame with her role in Rogue One. She became quite famous almost overnight. She looked really good in it, despite the fact that her role was not designed to be that way. She was doing interviews for the film when the subject of how sweaty she got at the Golden Globes came up. This was something she had joked about before on television chat shows. It was a topic that was brought up again, because it was such a sexy one, though that had never been acknowledged.
On this day she wore a dress that was sparkly at the top and black on the bottom. It was armless and slit up the leg. The subject of her sweat came up again. This time it was being brought up for a totally different reason. This time, it was being brought up because she would be really sweating it out.  She would be appearing on another of those chat shows. This time, there would be a twisted. She was introduced and welcomed to the show. The usual pleasantries were exchanged between herself and the host. It was very a very flirty exchange. They talked about her latest project for a while before the host took the opportunity to change the subject to the sweating incident. It wasn’t the smoothest of transitions, but it worked well. 

“So, we heard that you had an issue at the Golden Globes,” the host said. “Yeah, I got very, very sweaty.” “Is that unusual? Do you sweat a lot normally?” “Well, sometimes. Yes, it’s a bit of a problem sometimes.” “Well, today might be one of those situations, because there is going to be a bit of a high pressure situation. You are going to be sweating it out in the high pressure mess booth. You might get pretty sweaty and pretty smelly in there. “Felicity laughed. “ Yes Ii think that I will be getting quite sweaty in there.” She laughed.  “It is a beat the clock sort of situation. You will have one minute to get ten questions correct. If you get one wrong and extra ten seconds will be deducted, all the while a cacophony of mess will be suspended precariously right over your head. There is a lot of pressure that will be on you. It will be a sweat box. It will get hot and heavy as you try to avoid that mess being released down upon you.” Felicity shook her head and laughed. “Ok, I’m game. Lead the way.” She was lead to the booth and closed in. It was very close quarters. It was very tight in there. It was already quite smelly in there and warm anyway, so she began to sweat it out almost immediately. 

The sixty seconds began. Felicity was quite an intelligent woman, this was not going to be easy though because of the time and the pressure involved. She also was having a difficult time hearing the questions because of the tank door and the music that was playing. The studio was very loud. She really struggled. She kept guessing and getting the questions wrong. This kept deleting time from the clock. When the final buzzer sounded, she screamed, ”No.” 

Before she could react, the mess came down pouring from above. The mess in the tank was a conglomeration of different messes all mixed together in a disgusting mix. It was multi-coloured with lots of browns and greens. It looked almost like the filling of a bizarre beef and vegetable pie. There looked like there was vegetables, rice, beans and meat inside of it. She screeched as it poured down upon her head. It filled the tank. It bounced off the walls and door of the tank. It covered her hair and plopped down her face. It fell all over her bare legs, arms and back. It smelled terrible. It was like slop dumping upon her head. Her fancy dress was overwhelmed by the thick smelly mess. She held her hands out in front of her with her mouth wide open. It was splattered everywhere.

The host came over to the tank and opened the door. “I tell you what, I have never sweated so much in my entire life. I’ve never been so dirty in my entire life either. Look at me, I am absolutely covered in it.” She laughed, finding it all slightly absurd. When she walked out, mess dropped down the length of her body. She shivered and quivered. She gave a salute as the show ended.

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