Friday, 13 January 2017

Anna Kendrick is humbled

Anna Kendrick is humbled

On the set of Pitch Perfect 3, a rift began to grow between Anna Kendick and the much younger Hailee Steinfeld. Anna was very jealous of Hailee. She was much younger and Anna was extremely protective of her position as the top female star on the set of the film. Anna was very mean to her younger counterpart. Hailee took it all on the chin and didn’t say anything, but she was beginning to get frustrated with the situation. 

It was the end of the work day. Anna was alone practicing a scene. In the scene she was crawling through a window and was meant to get stuck. The only problem was that she ended up getting caught in the window for real. She struggled to free herself, but the fabric from her top was caught and she was unable to get free. She began to panic. She worried that she would be stuck there all night, as everyone appeared to have left for the evening. Anna was very relieved when she heard a noise. It was none other than Hailee. She had returned because she had forgotten something. Anna was very happy to see her, to see anyone. “Hailee thank goodness you came. I am caught in this stupid window, will you help me?” She expected Hailee to just help her straight away, so she was very surprised when she did no such thing. She just looked at her. It was easy to see that something was passing through her mind as the look upon her face slowly changed. “Hmmm, I don’t know about that. I don’t know if I should.” “What do you mean? You have to. Come on, you can’t just leave me here like this,” Anna’s tone changing from grateful to slightly angry. Unfortunately for Anna, Hailee had not forgotten how Anna had treated her and the situation had hatched an idea in her head. “Oh I will help you out, but you are going to have to earn it. You have been a bitch to me for weeks. It is time that I get my own back on you. I’ll be right back.” “Oh come on, I wasn’t serious. It was just teasing. Where are you going? What are you going to do?”

Hailee returned carrying serving trays and food containers that she took from Craft Services. Anna wore a denim vest with a multi coloured flowered flowing blouse underneath and jeans along with some black socks and no shoes. Hailee placed the items down. “I am going to get my own back on you for being a bully. You deserve this. I am going to pour this stuff all over your body.” “Wait, what? No you can’t. You think that you are going to get away with doing this to me? You are an insignificant little nobody. You are a little brat. You can’t do this to a star like me,” Anna whined. “Oh yes I am,” Hailee said.

She began with canisters of whipped cream. She shook them up and flipped the lids off. “I am going to love every minute of this,” Hailee taunted. “No you bitch,” Anna moaned. Hailee smiled as she began to spray Anna with the squirty cream. The distinctive sound of whipped cream being dispersed filled the air. Hailee moved the canisters up and down the length of Anna’s body. She sprayed the whipped cream up and down her legs, on her chest, over her head and over her hair. Anna’s mouth fell open as she was sprayed with whipped cream. It came out in thick lines. It looked as though she had gone for a trip in the piewash. The whipped cream fell from her hair and chest. Whipped cream dripped from Anna’s distinctive face. She made a funny shocked face. 

Hailee then took a massive pot of fondue. It was orange and cheesy looking. Hailee smiled as she raised this over Anna’s head. “Fondue, no you bitch. You are not going to really pour fondue on me.” “Oh yes I am,” she replied. She tipped the fondue pot over the top of Anna’s head. The thick sloppy fondue poured down Anna’s forehead and down her face. She then moved it back and poured more all over Anna’s behind and down her legs. It was greasy and slimy and stained her clothes, dripping everywhere. Hailee was finding this hilarious. 

Hailee then took a pot of Chinese noodles and vegetables. Hailee began to whistle and sing jokingly. She then stuck her hands into the pot and pulled out handfuls of the mess. She then jokingly tossed the noodles over Anna. It looked hilarious. She made funny faces as she playfully threw the noodles over Anna. She then took a handful and rubbed it around in Anna’s face. She rubbed her hands around in her face. She then took handfuls of noodles and stuffed it down the back of Anna’s shirt and into the back of her trousers. She was splattered in mess. 

“It’s soup time now for you,” Hailee told Anna in a funny accent. She took a serving tray full of tomato soup. She took it with both hands. She tried hard not to spill and waste any of it. She then tipped the soup over Anna’s body. Her clothes and head were now totally splattered in tomato soup. It piled on her clothing and weighed down her clothing. She was totally soaked in it. She then took a similar tray that was filled with cream of mushroom soup. She followed in the same exact way, dumping thick white mushroom soup all over Anna. Her clothes now dripped in the soup. She poured more over her head. It dripped from her hair and from her face. Anna’s mouth still hung open. She looked in a permanent state of shock at this point. 

Hailee then finished her off pie taking different pies in each of her hands. She took a cherry pie and a lemon meringue pie to start out with. She pushed the pies into Anna’s face and behind. She joyously rubbed them around on her body as hard as she possibly could. She then followed up with chocolate cream and apple cream pies. Hailee then smashed them into her body. She pied her face and upper body. The pies crumbled and smushed all over her body. 

At this point, Anna was screaming at and insulting Hailee . Hailee rolled her eyes. She looked down and then took off Anna’s sock. She then pushed them into her mouth gagging her with them. “ Maybe that will shut you up.” 

She then gathered her things and walked off. “I’m afraid that you will have to stay like that for tonight. Anyway, you are old and past it. I am the future. Be humble next time. Now you are eating humble pie. Bye bye sweetie.” She then marched off as Anna continued to struggle.


  1. Hi Can you do part two Where Anna gets her own back

  2. Love it! Thanks for doing my request.