Tuesday, 13 December 2016

By Request: Elle Fanning

By Request: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning had gotten the opportunity to mess up her sister Dakota. Although she had taken this with good humour, she almost immediately began to plot her revenge. She loved the idea of getting to mess her sister. She had embarrassed her and she wanted to do the very same to her. She bided her time so that Elle would let her guard down. She invited Elle to meet her for lunch one day. When Elle showed up, Dakota ambushed her from behind. 

She ran at her from behind and quickly wrapped her up in a rug. Only her head and socked feet were sticking out. Elle squealed and struggled. “What are you doing? What is this? Dakota, you bitch. “ “Oh, you got me good, it is now my turn for revenge. I think it is only fair.” Elle sighed. She could not argue very much with that. She had trashed her sister and had loved every minute of it. In her heart, she knew that this day would come at one point or another. She had just not expected it on this day. She found herself caught in the rug. Her sister tied her in the rug so that she was unable to escape. 

Dakota told her that she was above to get messy herself. She started with a large container of cool whip. Dakota flipped the lid of it off and onto the floor. She walked over to Elle and pushed it right down onto her head. Her protests were muffled beneath the mass of cool whip that covered her head. Her nose and mouth were stuffed with it. Dakota slowly peeled the warped plastic container off of her sister’s face. Her face was a mass of creamy mess. All she could do was lick her lips. She stuck her tongue out. She pouted. Dakota put her fingers to her nose and mocked Elle. Her blonde hair was streaked with tasty cool whip.

Dakota then decorated Elle’s face. She put fruit onto her face. She stuck banana slices on each of her eyes and a strawberry slice onto her nose. They stuck to the cool whip that covered her head. “Oh my god, you look so funny. We have got too put this on Instagram. You have never looked better. You look so ridiculous right now. All the boys are going to love this.”

Elle began to protest. “No, please, you can’t do this to me. No one else can see this. I look terrible. My face is covered. Dakota, you can’t.” In response, Dakota peeled her socks off and stuffed them into her mouth, gagging her with them. She then snapped tons of photographs, posted them all over the internet. 

Dakota thought of what to do with Elle now. She decided to push her out the door and leave her outside for everyone to see. Dakota then sauntered off. Elle was stuck in the state that she was in until someone was able to come and find her. They did not know what to think, finding a young woman in a rug with socks in her mouth, whipped cream on her face and fruit decorating her face as well. Elle could do nothing but pout.

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