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Top 27 most messable Coronation Street actresses

I started doing a series of lists awhile ago. Now I am starting to do lists for the Soaps. This is the first. It's Coronation Street, because they are the best I think. Here it goes.

Top 27 most messable Coronation Street actresses

27. Kate Ford- I always thought that Kate Ford was the most unattractive woman in the world. It is probably because her character of Tracey Barlow is a terrible person. She is an objectionable person. She deserves to be messed as a character more than anyone because of that, I suppose. I am warming to the idea of her messy. She would look a lots better in it than I would have ever imagined in the past.

26. Lucy Fallon- Lucy plays Sarah Platt’s daughter. She is cute and naughty. She is adorable and would look very cute covered in gunge. She might be someone who would enjoy it on some level. She is someone that I think her television family might really enjoy messing as well. Her television family lends itself well to that sort of scenario.

25. Sally Whittaker- Sally plays Sally Webster. She does not rank as highly right now as she would have done a few years back. Her character is a bit more annoying and older now and she is not quite as attractive as she once was. I really like the combination of her short blonde hair and her lovely body. I always thought she had a great body especially her behind and legs. She always looked well proportioned. I don’t think that I ever wrote a story specifically about her getting messed. I do like the idea of her television daughters and their partners being involved. Her husbands and boyfriends on the show really deserve to get their own back on her as well, because they have put up with a lot at her hands.

24. Sally Lyndsey- Sally has gone on to star in a sitcom. She seems to have a good sense of humour. She is someone who I could imagine secretly enjoying a bit of kinky wam in the bedroom. She is quite chubby. She has really sexy legs and large behind that would look great covered in mess. I think that she would give a good reaction as well. She does a really good fake annoyed and shocked face. She is someone that I could see agreeing to getting messy on a tv show.

23. Amy Kelly- Amy Kelly played one of Brooke Vincent’s girlfriends on the show. The thought of the two of them in bed and what they would get up to is a pretty exciting thought. She is a bit of a tomboy. She is someone I could imagine getting down and dirty. The thought of her enjoying another young lady is very sexy. She is not as outwardly gorgeous as some of the others which I quite like as well. I can really imagine her closing her eyes and taking a gunging. I can imagine her getting messy in a tank or bathtub with another female. Possible nudity would definitely be a possibility for her too. 

22. Suranne Jones- Surrane always looked great on the show. There was a combination of her with her hair back in a very small ponytail, a denim jacket and jeans that always looked great. I think that she has an amazing body as well. She also looks great in a blazer and jeans. She is associated a bit for me with some other attractive women. She has a knack for always looking annoyed about something which would look good if she was getting messed. Imagining mess all over her body is enjoyable for sure.

21. Jane Danson- I never used to think that Jane Danson was very attractive at all. I always thought that she was really plain until I was given a request to do a story about her. Now I find her quite attractive. The idea of her having a sexual side underneath is appealing. She looks great giving a cute smile as well as giving her famous annoyed look that she seems to do most of the time. The idea of her getting covered in mess is very attractive. I can imagine her reaction, what she would say and do. I can imagine her getting something particularly disgusting dumped upon her in an embarrassing situation.

20. Sasha Parkinson- Sasha is another one of the onscreen love interests of Brooke Vincent’s character Sophie Webster. She is also closely associated with her off screen. The idea of the two of them in the bedroom is highly arousing. The idea of Rosie having slept with bother Sasha’s character and Amy Kelly’s is also very arousing. Imagining what they get up it is very hot. Sasha is very girly. She is a beautiful girl. Most of the time I imagine her it involves Brooke Vincent on some level. The two of them in wedding dresses and in bikinis are two classic photos that come to mind. Sasha on her own would look great covered in mess. Sasha getting messy with another female would be very nice too.

19.Holly Quin-Ankrah- Holly played Cheryl on Coronation Street who had some really odd relationships. She is quite attractive and has made some questionable choices as a character. She has a really sexy smile and sexy frizzy hair. Her hair looks great both up and back. She looks like an average woman in many ways. She seems to be the kind of woman who can be really naughty behind closed doors. She has a cheeky grin which is really sexy. Her character has made thoughtless choices which have hurt others. This would be a good reason to see her get messy. I also think that she was a lot more attractive than the character that she played was meant to be. Considering the men she was with on the show.

18. Hayley Tamaddon- Others may not think that she is as attractive as I do. She is slightly older than some of the others. I think she is really attractive. I love her figure. I love her body. There is something about her that appears to be attainable. I would love to see her reaction to an embarrassing messing. I think that it would be amazing. She has lovely hair and a lovely face. I would love to see her face when the mess came down onto her. I would love to see mess all over her sexy body. Would love to see gunge all over those jeans. Maybe others wouldn’t agree. If she was on another show, she would be much higher I think. Coronation Street is loaded.

17. Ayesha Dharker- I think that she is incredibly attractive. She has an amazing body. She has a sexy skin tone and lovely silky black hair. She has very distinctive facial features and a large mouth. I would love to see her getting covered in mess. Indian food would be perfect. Seeing it all over her sexy body would be incredible. She would probably find it really embarrassing. I can imagine the embarrassed smile on her face as she was messed. If she had been on the show longer, she would have been higher I think. 

16. Allison King- Allison King plays a character that would be prefect for a messing. She always dresses in skirt suits and shirts that fit her body perfectly. To see mess all over those clothes and that body would be amazing. She is also quite a powerful businesswoman. It would be fun to see someone like that get messy. She also very sexy. The way she dresses and walks are very sexy indeed. Seeing her get embarrassed would be a lot of fun.

15. Nikki Sanderson- Nikki Sanderson has been on both Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. She is very cute. She has adorable dimples and is slightly pudgy. She has a very sexy smile and face. I am not sure which show Ii like her better on, maybe Hollyoaks. She has a certain coy shyness about her which I like as well. She has gorgeous hair as well. She is someone who would take a pie of a bucket of gunge well. Either would look good all over her hair and distinctive facial features. I can imagine her closing her eyes right before the moment of impact.

14. Helen Flanagan- Helen has gotten messy at least one before. There are many reasons why she would be a good candidate. She is considered irritating by some. She is considered a tart or untalented by others. She is also overtly sexual. She wears highly suggestive outfits and does things that are naughty. People find her voice annoying. Her character was also something of a slutty witch at times. There are no shortage of reasons why people would want to see her get messy. 

13. Brooke Vincent- Brooke seems like a really nice and kind person. She has a heart of gold. She also has an amazing body a beautiful face and incredible hair. She plays a lesbian on the show and has had to get up close and personal with other beautiful sexy girls. She has a sexy accent as well. She was made to get covered in mess. She is sort of a perfect specimen. She is the type of girl that probably doesn’t realize how sexy she is. She also seems like a lot of fun.

12. Lucy Jo Hudson- Lucy Jo Hudson is someone I find very sexy. Not even so much for her role on Coronation Street, but also for some of the things she did afterwards. I didn’t really like it when she was really thin and almost looked sickly. I prefer when she had a more curvy body. She has sexy olive coloured skin and looked good with long dark hair. There are some photos of her in a towel that are amazing.

11. Natalie Guemede- I don’t know what it is about her I like so much. I know that others may disagree. I like that she looks aggressive and dominant. There is something really sexy about that. She has been featured in numerous stories because there is so much potential for her. I imagine that she would be amazing in bed. She looks really sexual to me. She looks great with her hair back in a ponytail. Her character was also a terrible person so the idea of people getting their own back on her is a fun one as well.

10. Kym Marsh- Overall Kym maybe should be higher. She has done a lot in her career. She got hit with a pie once, but it wasn’t the greatest. Her hair was done in a strange sort of way. Her character is a bit of a moaner and whiner. She constantly nags people. I would love to see someone get their own back upon her. She always seems to have that sexy pissed off face. She always looks annoyed about something. She has a really sexy accent as well. The way she speaks is very sexy.

9. Jenny Platt- There is something incredibly sexy and feminine about her. I think maybe she was made to be plain looking, but she was really sexy. It’s fun to imagine her wearing nothing or getting covered in mess. I can picture her rolling her eyes. Every part of her is sexy and would look great in mess right down to her underarms. It would be amazing to pour mess all over her from head to toe.

8. Emma Edmondson- People may disagree with this one as well. I find her really attractive for some reason. There is something so sexy about her. Her face, her brown hair, her pale thin sexy body. She always was put in annoying and embarrassing situations by her mother on the show. I love the idea of that playing into it. It was so sexy when she would flare her nostrils when she was angry.

7. Georgia May Foote- Georgia plays Katy on the show. She was one of the most requested women on the site. It’s easy to see why. She is very cute. She is adorable. She has an amazing body in an understated way. She has silky smooth dark hair and olive coloured skin. Her behind is amazing when it can be seen. She is also very sexy when she gets annoyed. Also, she has a very high pitched squeaky voice that can be super annoying. She is the kind of girl on the show who seems very demure on the surface, but has got a bit of a filthy side underneath.

6. Georgia Taylor- This is another one that people might not agree with me about. She is very plain looking, but I find her really sexy. Her face is very distinctive. It’s fun to imagine what she might look like underneath those clothes of covered in mess. I would love to see her reaction as well. She is also at a stage in her career where she might actually be willing to agree to it.

5. Catherine Tyldesley- Her voice is sexy and her body is sexy. She gives a great disgusted face, like she smelled something smelly. She has an incredible set of breasts as well that can not be denied. They are enormous. She shows them off very well as well. Her voice and mannerisms are really hot as well. She would look great dripping in mess. 

4. Tina O’Brien- Tina may be one of my favourite messy fantasies. There is something about her that I can nit put my finger on. She is not gorgeous in the way that Georgia May Foote of Michelle Keegan is, but she is someone who is highly attractive for some reason. Imagining her getting gunged by her family or ex partners on the show is fun. She can be difficult at times. Her fringe covered in layers of mess would be amazing.

3. Michelle Keegan- Michelle Keegan was voted the sexiest woman on soaps for all of those years for a reason. She is one of the most attractive women alive in every way. Her sexy body is amazing. Every part of her is sexy. She is like a sex machine. She would rank right up there with Cheryl Cole or anyone else alive in terms of attractiveness. She once had jellied eels poured onto her on Celebrity Juice. Although that was great, it could have been even better. She is someone who would look good getting messed anyway and everyway.

2. Paula Lane- Paula Lane, in my mind, is very naughty. I imagine her as a filthy chav who does naughty things. A messing would suit her tremendously. The idea of her character getting messed by her partner’s family is one that I love. They deserve to get revenge upon her. She is sexy in a filthy way that I love. Her getting filthy with mess leads into this very well. I would love to see it.

1. Samia Ghadie- Samia may be the most attractive woman in the world, legitimately. I do not get why she is never nominated for sexiest female. Even her hair is sexy. Everything about her is incredibly attractive. Her smile, body, face, everything. She is someone that I can imagine getting messy in tons of different situations. She may be in my top five most attractive women in the world list.

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