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Alexa Bliss humiliation match

Alexa Bliss humiliation match

Alexa Bliss was a certifiable bitch. She was mean spirited and seemed to enjoy being nasty. She constantly talked about how she was going to humiliate her opponents. She used the word surprisingly often. It was a word that was not used very much in wrestling. It seemed to be almost a fetish for her. She seemed to get off on the idea of humiliating other women. She constantly talked about how she was going to humiliate Becky Lynch. She constantly put her down at every turn. This was a little bit unusual seeing that Becky was a face and a champion who you would have thought they would have been trying to get over. Alexa was not really in Becky’s league. Truth be told she and a few others were only called up from NXT when they were to fill in the very thin rosters after the ill-advised and badly timed brand split. Truth be told, she could have used more time in developmental. Also, she was well liked by the powers that be because she was thin and blonde. She looked like a Barbie doll that could be snapped in half. They also brought her up to take advantage of the Harley Quinn fad while they still could as her character was meant to be based around Harley Quinn. 

Alexa had crowed about beating and humiliating Becky. She had bragged about taking her title. She had been unsuccessful many times in doing this, but got so many title shots that she eventually was able to win the title. She enjoyed gloating about this to no end. She continued on and on about humiliating Becky week after week on Smackdown Live. This all came to a head one week when Alexa was, once again, running down Becky Lynch. Becky came to the ring to confront her. “Lexie, you keep on and on about humiliating me, but you did no such thing. You won one match, congratulations. I beat you multiple times before that.” Alexa gave one of her condescending, annoyed, bitch faces. “Oh please Becky. I beat you and took away your title. Stop living in the past. It was a forgone conclusion that I would wind up on top in the end. Your little fairy tale is over. Bye, bye. At some point, you will get a rematch, but you should really think it over because if it happens, I am going to come out and humiliate you once again in front of everyone.” “There you go again. Humiliate me, humiliate me? You seem to have a real thing about that word. You know what? If you want to humiliate me so badly and you are so sure of yourself, why don’t we have ourselves a little humiliation match and we will see who humiliates who.” “Oh it would be my pleasure,” Alexa said, licking her lips,” I will enjoy humiliating you for the entire world to see.”

The match was made. It was going to be a humiliation match for the title. Alexa dreamed of all the things that she was going to get to do to Becky. Unfortunately for her, this time she was going to be getting exactly what she deserved and in front of the entire WWE Universe. Before the match, the ring was set up with different items that the competitors could use on one another. Among them were a whip, a paddle, a slop bucket, a cream pie and a bucket of gunge. There was a dumpster full of stinking garbage outside of the ring as well. Someone was going to be humiliated this time good and proper.

When the match started Alexa began by talked trash. She pointed at the paddle and motioned with her hands that she was going to be spanking Becky tonight. The two locked up. It wasn’t long before Becky got the upper hand. She dominated the match for a long time. Alexa tried to turn the tables by reaching for an item to use on Becky, but Becky caught her from behind. She pushed her into the ropes. When Alexa hit, she became tangled in the ropes. She was stuck and was unable to get out of the spot that she was in. She was trapped, Becky had her right where she wanted her. This match was not about pin falls. It was about embarrassing your opponent. Alexa screamed and begged Becky off. She kicked her legs, but was unable to escape. Becky grinned. She was going to get total revenge on Alexa Bliss now for everything that she had done to her. She was going to teach her a lesson that she would never forget.

She walked up to Alexa. She grabbed her face. “Humiliate me huh? You are going to learn what humiliation really is. You deserve this you little bitch.” Becky reached down between her cleavage. She had a little surprise for Miss Bliss. She pulled out a pair of scissors. She theatrically cut the air with them and grinned as she approached Alexa. Alexa screamed at her to not do this, threatening her. She had not expected this to happen. The crowd roared as Becky held the scissors aloft. She then reached down and cut Alexa’s top right down the centre. She then ripped it open, shredding it in the process. She then reached down and chopped off her shorts in the same way, cutting right down the centre. She then pulled the clothing off of Alexa’s body and twirled them around in the air. She then flung the tattered remains of Alexa’s ring gear out into the audience. Alexa Bliss was now tied in the ropes stark naked apart from her wrestling boots. Her legs were open wide. She could not cover herself in any real way. Her fully bald, shimmering moist vagina and bouncy breasts were fully exposed. The naked tanned woman was helpless in the corner. 

Becky then looked around to decide what she would use of Alexa first. She picked the whip. She took it and held it up. She then leaned back and began to whip her naked opponent. She did not do this hard. Truth be told, she was a nice person and a face, so she was not trying to hurt her opponent, just to embarrass her for what she had done. Alexa’s body shook and wobbled as the whip cracked against her naked skin. Becky whipped her again and again. She bit her lip and squealed in agony.

Next to come was the pie. Becky picked it up. She smiled widely as everyone cheered. She approached the prone Alexa. She mocked her a little. “This is for you champ. I am going to enjoy this. I hope you like the taste.” She grabbed her by the back of her head and then pushed the pie as hard as she could into Alexa’s face. Alexa screamed and pouted as Becky thrust the pie right in her face. She rubbed around for what seemed to be ages. She left Alexa’s face cased in creamy pie. Some rolled down her breasts and stomach. Alexa still was shouting and verbally abusing Becky, which took away any guilt that Becky may have been feeling about doing this to her.

Becky then took the bucket of gunge pushed it down over Alexa’s head. She slammed her hand down upon it and then left it in place over her head. The gunge was smooth and dark green. It rolled down Alexa’s blonde hair and down her face and athletic tanned body. Becky then took the bucket of slop and slowly dumped it up and down Alexa’s body. It rolled down her tight toned tanned form. It was disgusting and smelled awful. Becky laughed as she poured it back and forth over Alexa’s body.
She then went and got the paddle, which was on a pole in one corner of the ring. She pulled it down. She then freed the messy and dazed Alexa from the ropes. She took her over her knee and began to paddle her bare bottom. Alexa still had the bucket over her head. Her legs wiggled with each swat. Becky spanked her over and over while the crowd counted to ten. She then rolled Alexa over and pinned her.

She then lifted her up and tossed her out of the ring into the dumpster that was ringside. Alexa fell into it and disappeared. Becky took the belt and held it high, celebrating her victory. Eventually, Alexa’s head popped out of the dumpster. She was comically covered in trash. She shook her head and gave her famous angry bitch face. She was blushing bright red. She was livid.

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