Saturday, 17 December 2016

Spice Girls request

Spice Girls request

The Spice Girls were in the midst of one of their cash in reunion tours. They began to go on quite a few television talk shows to promote the tour. They did the rounds talking about the tour and how great it was to be back together as a group. They found themselves on a show opposite a current boyband. The two groups began to exchange some words playfully. Each group contending that their sort of group was superior. The Spice Girls were championing girl power and the guys were championing the might of boybands. Their argument was playful but heated. The talk show host suggested that they have a completion to see who really was superior. Both teams agreed. It was then suggested that there would be messy consequences for the losing team. Both teams agreed. The Spice Girls were all too happy to agree. They were slightly less pleased when they found out that it was a singing competition and that no lip syncing would be allowed. They knew that they were in deep trouble, but perhaps the guys would be as well.

Both groups were given their chances to sing. The boy band sang first. They did remarkably well. The Spice Girls then had their chance. What happened was comical. They began to sing and what came out was absolutely terrible. They croaked and squeaked and it was absolutely terrible. It was laughable. It was clear that they were not very good at all. There was almost no need to vote now, because they had clearly lost the competition. The vote happened anyway and they were beaten in a landslide. They looked at one another uncomfortably, knowing that they were about to be punished. It was about to get very messy for them. This was a moment that some people were waiting for, for a very long time. The men were very happy. They celebrated as the women were lead over to some stools that had been set up for them to sit on, side by side. The guys then got to pick one of the women to stand behind. They got to choose the partner that they wanted to gunge. The women looked at one another in dread. They were not looking forward to this. They thought of themselves as the greatest pop group ever. They thought that they were way above these guys. They thought that these guys were not in their league. At this point, the big stars were going to get a big mess. They looked very uncomfortable. They were quite big divas with big egos. They were about to be brought back down to earth.

The guys were celebrating amongst themselves. They were going to get to do this to one of the biggest acts of all time. A group that they idolised when they were growing up. It was a surreal moment for them. They were going to get to gunge the Spice Girls. Each of the guys was handed a bucket of gunge and was allowed to choose which Spice Girl to gunge. They each chose which one they found the most attractive, basically. They all had different coloured gunge in their buckets.
Mel B was looking better than she ever had before. She had her hair down. Her body looked great. She wore a tight black dress. Her body looked muscular and sexy. She could be a real witch when she wanted to be and she really deserved a gunging. Mel C had her hair down. It was straight. She had matured into a good looking woman. She found the situation as sort of funny. Victoria was looked very angry. She really thought that she was too good for this. She wore a dress that was worth thousands of pounds. She was very spoilt. Geri wore a replica of one of her old Spice Girls union jack dresses. Geri was also a bully at times. She could be very stroppy and selfish. She really deserved this. Emma Bunton was probably the most attractive. She wore a very cute white dress that pushed up her chest. She was curvy and sexy. She nervously smiled. All of them were about to get covered in gunge.

The guys stood behind their chosen Spice Girl and laughed amongst themselves. “Guys, when you are ready, you may let them have it.” The ladies closed their eyes. The guys looked at each other, smiled and began to tip their buckets over the Spice Girls. The audience erupted as they watched the gunge fall from above and fall all over their heads. A rainbow of gunge poured all over all of them. They squealed and laughed as they felt the sloppy gunge all over them. Victoria and Geri just closed their eyes and looked incredibly annoyed. Each of them felt the gunge all over them.

The guys celebrated. They enjoyed dumping the gunge on them very much. They deserved this for sure. It was a moment that they never wanted to think about again.

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