Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hannah Reid the dirtiest player in the league

***WARNING*** This story contains nudity and sexual situations.***
Hannah Reid the dirtiest player in the league

Hannah Reid was a netball player for Surrey Storm. After many years of coming up short, they finally walked away with the Netball Super league championship. She was, despite what she thought, very attractive. She had thick sexy legs and brown hair that was usually tied back. She had a really sexy distinctive mole on her forehead as well.

Storm had finally won the championship and as part of their celebration, they decided to gunge a member of the team. Tamsin Greenway was now the coach and not taking on the roles of both coach and player at the same time, as she had done in the past. This meant that she was out of play for the vote. If she had been eligible, she would have probably gotten the most votes to receive the messing. Hannah ended up being the unlucky person who received the most votes. She had been on the team for some years and was one of the leaders of the team, so it was not that surprising that she would be one of the players that the others would be voting for. 

The results were not made known to Hannah, but were told to all of the other players. They were going to get to ambush her. They wanted to take her by surprise so that she would not be prepared for what was coming to her. They decided that they would approach her when she would be least expecting it. They waited until she was taking a shower after the last game. She had slid her duck egg coloured netball dress off as well as her underwear and placed them on the bench behind. She then climbed into the shower stall and began to wash her muscular body with the soap. Her sexy body was covered in sweat from the match. She thought that the other players were showering as well, as they normally would do. This time would be different, however, they all waited until Hannah got into the shower and then they all crept in behind to grab her. They all readied themselves to pounce.

As she was cleaning herself, the door of the shower stall was thrust open. Hannah was shocked to see the entire team at the door. She stood frozen with shock, butt naked. She quickly tried to cover her modesty with her hands. Her teammates yelled, “Surprise.” They then grabbed her and pulled her down onto the bench. “Surprise, you won the vote,” Tamsin told her. The other players cheered and laughed. They brought her over to the bench and laid her naked body down over it, bending her over. Hannah’s large backside stuck up in the air. Her thick legs spread apart. They tied her ankles and wrists around the supports of then bench with belts that they had brought in. Hannah was going to be the subject of total embarrassment by her teammates. It was an unusual situation because they all liked her, yet they all really wanted to do this to her. Some of them held her arms and legs as well. 

Tamsin reached over and grabbed Hannah’s arse cheek. She squeezed and shook it. She then leaned back and gave her long time teammate a spanking as everyone whistled and laughed. Hannah’s sexy buoyant behind wobbled and giggled as Tamsin’s hand spanked her naked cheeks. She then took two large creamy pies in either hand. Simultaneously, she slammed one into Hannah’s face and the other into her naked arse. She smashed them as hard as she could all over her behind and face, leaving both her crack and face encased in creamy pie. Pie lined the outline of her facial features and hair. Some of the other women used their towels to whip Hannah’s naked behind and the backs of her legs.  They laughed as Hannah shrieked and wiggled her posterior.

Tamsin then produced a gravy boat. She displayed it so that everyone was able to see it. Everyone cheered. She then began to slowly dump the gravy up and down Hannah’s naked body. She tipped the thick brown gravy up and down Hannah’s naked body. It slowly poured down her tender naked body. It went all over her ass, her thick thighs and calves and all over her now moist pussy lips. The whole team took in the erotic site of gravy pouring all over Hannah’s sexy naked sweaty body. Gravy was dumped down over her head and face as well. It dripped from her chin and breasts and down the length of her legs.

Tamsin then told everyone that she had some beans for Hannah. Someone remarked that they would make her fart. Someone else said that she smells like she had been doing that a lot already. Everyone then chanted for the beans. Tamsin took the jug of beans and tipped them over Hannah Reid’s head. They rolled down her face. She then moved the jug back and forth over the rest of her body, dumping beans down her back and all over her backside and the backs of her legs. Hannah seemed to be able to feel each individual bean rolling down her crack and pussy lips. Beans dripped from her nipples. The naked netball player was covered in baked beans.

Tamsin then added an enormous bucket of leftover spaghetti. She tipped the bucket over her naked teammate and friend. Disgusting rotten soggy spaghetti spilled from the bucket all over Hannah’s naked body. It was thick with sauce and cheese. It smelled atrocious. It was now all over her body and head. It stunk to high heaven and it was all over Hannah now. 

Hannah was then pulled into position where she was sitting up. The women spread her legs wide so her vagina was exposed. Tamsin and others then took turns tossing handfuls of sloppy lasagne at the target that was Hannah’s womanhood. A barrage of the Italian meal was flung at the naked player. It bounced and stuck all over her body. Hannah’s pussy lips were heaving as well. Having lasagne smashed between your legs was an unusual feeling.

After that they mercifully allowed Hannah to return to the shower to clean her now much more filthy body. She spent ages cleaning pasta and beans from her ass and pussy. From this point forward, she would be referred to as the dirtiest player on the team.

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