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25 most messable Eastenders actresses

25 most messable Eastenders actresses

25. Kelly Bright- I haven’t done a story for her yet. She plays the pub owner’s wife. She seems a little bit on the slutty side.  Can imagine her husband of grown up children getting to dish it out upon her. I can picture her not being very happy about it either. I imagine she can be quite mouthy.

24. Lucy Speed- She hasn’t been on the show in a very long time, but she was a middle aged sort of character who had a lot of relationships that did not go very well. I can picture her ex-lovers wanting to get their own back upon her.

23. Hannah Waterman- On the surface, she doesn’t look that great, but there is something about her that is just attractive in an offbeat way. I can imagine her hating a messing quite a bit. I remember her sort of being dominated my men in her relationships. She is an older woman, so seeing her get messed would be fun in that respect as well.

21. Emer Kenny- She was not on the show for long, but she was really attractive. She seemed to always where school girl type outfits. She had sort of long black and blue hair. She had kind of a goth look. She would look very nice taking an ill-fated trip to the cafeteria. She has long sexy legs as well. She would look good covered in leftover lunch.

21. Louisa Lytton- I think others find her more attractive than I do. She is really cute and is quintessentially east end London. Her eyes and smile would look great shining through some sloppy mess. She is really down to earth, it seems. I bet there are loads of people who would like to see her get messy. She might actually really enjoy getting messy on some level. She has an adorable little body as well. She would look ready good naked taking the mess all over her body.

20. Lorna Fitzgerald-  I never would have considered her as a messy target until someone requested her. When I wrote the story I began to take to the idea of her getting messy. The thought of it is actually a really satisfying one. She would look very good dripping in mess. Most of the time, I used to imagine her messing her television sister or mother. I have come around to the idea of her as a target. She would actually look great covered in mess. Her personality and demeanour would definitely add to it as well. She would look great being the butt of the joke. I could picture her seething in anger.

19. Maddy Hill- I think from people’s requests, a lot would have her much higher on the lost. She is a very popular request.  I think maybe the way she dresses and stuff puts her a bit lower on the list. She dresses down quite a lot. She does have a sexy voice and some sexy ways about her. I can imagine her getting quite naughty when the situation calls for it. She is good looking, but there women higher on the list are even more attractive, in my opinion. I do like tomboys as well. Messy situations could involve her television family.

18. Patsy Palmer- There is no logical reason why I find her attractive. She older, quite plain and wears terrible clothing, but I really find the idea of her getting slop poured on her arousing. There are two very good reasons that this could happen. The first is because her character is a bit of chav and does not have much money, so may be willing to do some naughty stuff to earn some for herself and her family. The second is because her character seems to have the capacity for being quite filthy. There is the real potential that she would be into all sorts of dirty things behind closed door. She may have a high sex drive. I bet she loves to talk dirty. I also am attracted to her older and more experienced body. 

17. Lacey Turner- Lacey Turner is another one that I never really found that attractive until she was requested. Now I love the idea of her getting messed. I also like the idea of her messing someone else as well. She has a very expressive face. I can imagine her laughing it up while it happened. I can imagine her being embarrassed and laughing all the way through a messing. I can imagine that a lot of people would enjoy seeing it. When the mood takes her, she can actually look really good. I can imagine her really wanting to mess someone else as well.

16. Michelle Ryan- Michelle Ryan was one of the most attractive women at the time on the show. Her character was a pretty big one on the show. When I picture her, I always imagine her with her brown hair tied back, wearing jeans and a jean jacket. She has been on other things as well. It is hard to believe that her star hasn’t risen. I love the idea of her getting covered in beans and spaghetti and other things like that. I would love to see her taking the mess. I would love to see it all over her.

15. Brooke Kinsella- Brooke is very similar to Michelle. They played best friends on the show. It is easy to imagine them getting it together or one messing the other one. She has a sexy smile and a sexy body. She has a very sexy smile. I can imagine her taking the messing with a muted embarrassed smile. Her hair and matter of dress is similar to Michelle Ryan’s on the show. She is a kind person. She seems like a nice person. I bet she can be naughty at times as well. I bet she is great in bed.

14. Zoe Lucker- Her character Vanessa was always sexy. Her skirt suits and sexy bare tanned legs were a highlight for sure. The idea of seeing that white skirt suit and legs covered in mess is an image that is very tantalising. Her character was also a bit up herself, so she would not enjoy getting messy at all. Her slim, sexy tanned body would look great rippling with gunge or mess. There also are a lot of characters that I could imagine getting to do the honours and enjoying doing it very much. She is someone who really deserves it for sure.

13. Shona Mcgarty- I might sound like a broken record, but I never really found her attractive to begin with. When I started to imagine her getting messy, I began to really warm to her. She has a certain naughty sexiness. She is a bit of a chav to be sure. I also can imagine her messing other people such as her television mother Bianca (Patsy Palmer). Seeing her covered in slop would be really got. I can imagine that big smile shining through a mountain of mess. I can certainly imagine her enjoying being naughty. She has quite a nice curvy body actually. She has developed a lovely chest for example. 

12. Danielle Harold- I love the idea that Danielle’s character is a dirty chav at heart. I can imagine her doing all sorts of filthy things. She would certainly look great dripping in mess. Her getting messy would be hilarious. Her character can be quite rough and mouthy as well. I can imagine her swearing and becoming angry as she was messed. I can imagine her talking dirty and getting naughty as well. I bet she loves it deep down. Seeing her covered in messiness would be a real pleasure.

11. Kellie Shirley- Kellie Shirley has not been on Eastenders in a long time, but I always liked her. She seems a down to Earth sort of woman. She is really sexy as well. I recall one scene where is stripped down to her bra while doing it in the pub. It was very hot indeed. She is someone who definitely would find a messing embarrassing. She had a lot of female rivals on the show whom I am sure would love to do the honours to her. I can imagine her shaking her head and seething with anger at the situation.

10. Tianna Benjamin- Maybe I am in the minority, but I find her really attractive. She has an amazing body and her character used to be bitchy and naughty at times. I love the thought of her sister and mother getting to get her messy. She has an amazing figure. There is one scene I remember vividly where she was eating dinner with a man at a restaurant and tries to get him to go into the toilets with her to have sex. She would certainly get wild in the bedroom. I can imagine her covered in creamy pie and complaining and pouting about it.

9. Kara Tointon- Kara played Dawn Swan. She was a pretty memorable character although some of her choices in men were odd. Dating Phil Mitchell? Anyway, she had an incredible accent and sexy way of talking. I think it is from Essex or somewhere. Her fringe was really nice as well. She had an incredible body that was shown off in many underwear scenes. She looks like an almost perfect person to take a pie or sit in a gunge tank. Something about her lends itself to it I reckon. She is quite good at comedy and would play up to it I think. She also has an attractive sister.

8. Hetti Bywater- Hetti was the second Lucy Beale. I was really annoyed when they changed her, but she attractive as well. She has a sexy, thin, tanned body, with sexy long legs. She would wear business suits a lot which really suited her. She always seemed to have her hair back and have an annoyed look on her face. I have also spent a lot of time imagining her spreading her legs and touching her sweet vagina, to be honest. She would look great covered in slimy gunge or food. It is a real shame that they killed her character. She had a lot to give.

7. Jill Halfpenny- She has looked really good on numerous shows including Waterloo Road. I like her as a sexy teacher type. She is middle aged and really sexy. Her accent is very sexy. She is just someone who is made to get covered in mess I think. I think she looked best on Eastenders. I like the idea off a slightly older more dignified woman getting messy. I think that maybe I just fancy her. I cannot put my finger on what it is I like about her so much.

6. Rita Simons- Rita Simons plays Roxi Mitchell. In my mind she is a filthy chav type of woman as well. She plays a bit of a tramp to be honest. She has done things like have sex with her sister’s partner, just because, even though the two had barely spoken before at that time. The number of affairs that she has had are probably too many to count. I can imagine her having all sorts of fetishes. She also has that curvy, faked tanned body. Everything about her says that she is filthy right down to the tattoo on her arm. She would look the best in the cheapest, surplus, gone off food. It would suit her down to the ground.

5. Kim Metcalf- Kim looks a bit like Rita, but even sexier. She has a curvy and tanned body. Her whole body is gorgeous. She looks great in business suits. She is much more attractive than the other Sam Micthells out there. All over her seems smooth, athletic and sexy. I think that she would look amazing covered in gunge, for example. You can tell that her entire body is pure sexiness from head to toe.

4. Pooja Shah- Pooja might even be higher on this list had she not gotten messy before. We have already seen her get covered in custard on a Dick and Dom show. It was great. I can imagine much more as well. I love how she looks. She is sort of chubby with smooth black hair and brown sink. Her entire body is very sexy. If I could pick an actress to actually be my partner, she would be high on that list. Her character on the show was someone I was attracted to. Seeing her covered in any sort of mess would be great. The fact that she took a messing before suggests that she could be up for it. I wonder how she felt about it. 

3. Jo Joyner- Jo Joyner is plays the mother of one of the other most attractive females in soaps. As Tanya Branning, she looks amazing. She has wide hips a large behind and sexy thick legs. She looks amazing in skirts and suits that show off her sexy figure. I think that she looks great when she is more voluptuous. I can think of a few of her tv family to be candidates to do the honours. The words “Tanya Branning covered in mess” say it all really. It is something I would love to see happen to her. 

2. Melissa Suffield- Melissa Suffield was one of the best parts of the show. She actually got kicked off for being too naughty, which is just ridiculous. Her character was scheming and always being naughty. She is someone who was tailor made for a messing at the hands of others to get their own back upon her. She also had a patented, Lucy Beale naughty devious look that was beyond sexy. The idea of her covered in leftovers is a very sexy one. She also had many sexy scenes; coming out of the shower and opening her towel, playing strip twister etc. It is a shame that she was taken off the show it was not right.

1. Jacqueline Jossa- She is one of the most attractive women on soaps. She rivals Michelle Keggan or anyone else. She is easily the number one on the list. She would be number one on a lot of lists. Not just because of the way she looks. I mean even her neck is sexy, but the way she acts, the way she talks, the way she carries herself. I honestly can’t think of many people I would like to see get messy more. There are so many scenarios that I have imagined. So many ways to get her messy. Every aspect of it is so sexy. She is the easy choice for top of the list.


  1. Disappointed no mention of Martin McCutcheon or Charlie Brooks. Especially Charlie as she's got a great curvy body and played a prostitute so easy to imagine her doing all sorts of naughty messy things.

    1. I think it's because Martine was off the show before I was in the UK so I associate her more with singing and films. Janine is one that is such a repulsive person. Though I might take a closer look.

  2. what about a story on the ones not already featured in stories and the same for corrie

    1. I will get them eventually I think. Lol there are only a few I haven't done yet.

    2. and as suggested by br1ffles could do martine as well with amanda holden get revenge on her for covering her naked in yoghurt and martine could also be naked

  3. I like your idea for the emer kenny story