Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Apprentice 2016 part 1: Men strike back

The Apprentice 2016 part 1: Men strike back

The Apprentice 2016 had no share of attractive women on it. Grainne, Francis, Alanna, Rebecca and Jessica were the five most attractive women on the show. Jessica, however, was so attractive and distinctive that she will get her own separate story apart from this one. The women on the show did very well. In fact, out of these five, only Rebecca did not make the final five. Only one male was in the final five. The women seemed to always be getting the one up on the guys. It was about time that that all changed. The guys were going to get a chance to get one over on the ladies for once. It was going to be a very sloppy revenge on them. A few of the more competitive members of the men’s team wanted to get revenge, others just wanted the opportunity to mess up these attractive businesswomen. They decided that they would set up each of the women individually rather than get them all at the same time. 

Grainine was first on the list. She was a very attractive, raven haired Irish woman. She was a makeup artist by trade. She was dressed as she was during the interviews. She wore a black dress that really showed off her sexy, fake tanned legs. She looked much more attractive with her hair down than how she looked with her hair up. She could be forceful or laid back in different situations. She seemed to always be wearing black. She had a secret dirty side to her as well. She had great eyes and a great smile. They decided to ambush her on her way out of the interviews. She had never looked better. She was not going to be expecting what was about to befall her. She would be very distracted and that was when they would strike. 

As she walked out of the building, a few of the men rushed towards her. They carried with them buckets of thick pink and bright green gunge. She shrieked as the guys threw gunge all over the sexy Irish businesswoman. The gunge flew through the air and splashed all over her. It splashed in her face and all down the front of her dress. It splattered in all directions. The pink and green was everywhere. She stopped walking out of surprise and they tipped more buckets of gunge over her head and down onto her sexy legs. “Oh my God, you guys, what do you think you’re playing at?,” she said. The gunge was very smooth and cool down her smooth sexy body. It interlaced with her dark hair. “I am going to kill you lot,” she threatened. They just celebrated and laughed, telling her that they got her good. She could do nothing but shrug her shoulders and shake her head. She had gotten it good. She was the first one down on their list. 

Frances was next. They were going to set her up as she was arriving back at the house after the interviews. All the candidates had left separately. They hid in the bushes by the front door and waited for her arrival. Frances was slim with wavy brown shoulder length hair. She had pronounced cheek bones and a dark skin tone. She was quite argumentative and self-congratulating at times. She was quite opinionated at times. She wore a white blouse and yellow skirt on this day that showed off the shape of her figure. She came home from the interviews looking extremely stoic. She was not too pleased at how they went down. She felt she hadn’t done that great. As she stepped on the door step, some of the guys jumped out on her and splashed her with buckets of orange and red gunge. She screamed and laughed as the gunge flew all over her. It plastered her hair and blouse. “You guys are the worst,” she said. Gunge dripped down her body, down her legs to her heels. She was splattered all over. 

With Frances gunged, Alanna was next to come. She was quite chubby, at least compared to the others. She had gorgeous layered hair and a pear shaped figure. She was crowned the winner, much to the other candidate’s surprise. They never took her very seriously because she was quiet and quite a nice person.  They were a little bit spiteful with this one, because they were all jealous of her. They waited until after she was declared the winner. When she left the office building, they lay in wait. For her they had bright green and purple gunge. She wore a tight fitting business like patterned black and white dress and a jacket on. This time, when they popped out, they shouted, “Congratulations.” The other women had not told her that they had been gunged, so she would not be aware and try to avoid it herself.  They threw the gunge over her, just as they had over the other two women. She squealed and recoiled as thick gunge was thrown all over her. She took it all in her stride though. She laughed and rubbed the gunge around on her dress and gorgeous hair. “You know what, nothing can bring me down today,” she boasted. Gunge dripped from her large nose, cheeks and amazing hair. She danced and played in it. They decided to join her.

Rebecca was the last besides Jessica left to gunge. She had been eliminated earlier, so they had to wait until the spin off show, You’re Hired to set her up. She wore a black dress with pink trim. Her sexy arms were bare as were her legs. They thought that they had become too predictable, so they decided to change things up slightly. She had just gone up to receive a silly award from the host and went backstage. As she crossed the back of the stage and went to the dressing room to put the award away, she was surprised as she opened the door. A bucket of thick chocolate syrup poured down onto her from above. It was triggered when she opened the door. She laughed hilariously. The men then came out. They thrust a pie into her face and sprayed her with whipped cream. She transitioned from her laughing face to her mortified face and back again. Gunge and mess cascaded down her long sexy pale body. It soaked her clothing. She was covered from head to toe. She shook her body and laughed, giving an exasperated look. They told her that she had never looked better in her entire life. She had to spend the rest of the show covered in the mess. Jessica would be next on their list.


  1. Can you write messy story about Jenna Coleman? I asked this two months ago.
    I would really appreciate it.
    I would love to see in that she uses different food to cover her naked body with eggs custard and pies then she masturbates in bed. She could have this dress.

  2. I will do my best to do it soon. In the meantime, there is an older story about her on here that I wrote.