Thursday, 22 December 2016

Rachel Shenton gunked

Rachel Shenton gunked

Rachel Shenton played Mitzee on Hollyoaks. She wore skirts and short dresses about 99 percent of the time. Her legs were definitely her calling card. She did not mind showing them off. They would certainly make an excellent messy target. Seeing her dripping in mess would be an incredible site. She was also a bit moody. She could be a right diva when the mood took her. She could be very annoying and demanding at times. Her friends on Hollyoaks really wanted to get their own back upon her.

They decided to do just that. They created a mini version of the get your out back gunk dunk. This time though, there would be no games or drama involved. It was just for Rachel. She was definitely going to be going in.  They told her that she had a surprise for her. She, naively thought that it would be something wonderful that she would enjoy. Sufficed to say, it would not be. She wore one of her very loud rainbow coloured dress. It was blue, white, orange and lots of different colours. It was very short as always. She had worn it on the show before. The gunk dunk was set up in a separate room on the set. She was lead there by her friends on the show. She was wondering what it could be. 

When she entered the room, her mouth fell open. She did not know what to think. All of the other cast members were gathered around the gunk dunk. Nikki Sanderson, who was associated with her on the show did the honours of explaining to her what was going on. “Rachel, we all had a little discussion. We all decided that you can be really, really annoying and we all want to get our own back on you. Sorry, babe, but you are about to get messy.” Rachel was aghast. “What are you? What do you? What is this? What do you mean?,” she said. She was lead up the ramp and made to sit on the seat that was suspended above the gunge pool. Her eyes widened. She looked shocked. She looked down at the gunge and shuttered. She looked terrified. She was usually very outspoken, but she was near speechless.

Nikki then began to announce again. ”Rachel. We love you, but you really, really deserve this. We need to get our own back on you though.” Everyone started to chant,” Gunge her. Gunge her.” Rachel bit her lip as Nikki put her hand on the lever. As she pulled, Rachel closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. The chair pushed forward and she fell straight into the gunge. The gunge was green, blue and brown. 

When she hit the gunge pool, gunge splashed through the air. Rachel disappeared into the gunge completely. She screamed as she hit the gunge. Everyone cheered. She splashed around in the gunge. Gunge flew everywhere. She came up for air. She sputtered and her eyes darted around as she wiped gunge away from her face. Her brown hair as matted to her face in gunge. Her body was covered in the gunge. She had gunge all over her famous legs. Gunge rolled down her nose. Everyone pointed and laughed at her. She threw her hands up and down and screamed. This was one of the funniest things that anyone had ever seen in their lives. 

Rachel did not enjoy the embarrassment that she was experiencing at this moment. She pouted. “It’s all over my hair. It’s in my knickers. I can feel it all over my fanny,” she said. She gave a very pouty look. She had never looked better.

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