Friday, 23 December 2016

Celebrity Juice Christmas request

Celebrity Juice Christmas request

This Christmas, Celebrity Juice put on a Christmas Special. It pitted members of Little Mix against members of the Saturdays. Representing Little Mix was Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson. Representing the Saturdays was Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridge. The games were all very close and a lot fun and laughs were had by all. The final game was the fire place gunge tank game called Coming Down your Chimney. It was similar to one they had used on a previous holiday episode a few years back. Each would get to sit in the tank twice, once in a dress and secondly in a bikini. If they got their question wrong, they would get the mess dumped upon them. 

Starting out was Perrie. She wore a lacy white dress, almost like a gown. Her hair was pulled back, but had little curls down the sides of her face. She was asked a very difficult question about the origins of Christmas. She tried to think of a good answer, but messed up thoroughly. Keith Lemon told her that she was absolutely incorrect. He explained that it was Christmas themed mess. He told her not to look now, but she was about to get some brandy butter. She did look up however and thick sloppy white brandy butter poured down onto her head. It was warm and viscous. It looked a lot like extra thick cum had been dumped over her head. She flapped her hands and took a deep breath, soaked in the sloppy fluid.

Next to come was Frankie. She wore a short tight black dress with skin coloured lines across it. It was very tight and low cut. Frankie smiled. She looked a bit calmer then her counterpart had. She was asked a very specific question about the number of turkeys that were consumed each year at Christmas. All she could do was take a stab in the dark. She was incorrect of course. Keith announced that as she got the turkey question wrong she would get another part of the holiday meal instead. It would be mashed potatoes and gravy. Frankie’s eyes widened in the split second very mounds of mash and gravy plopped down on top of her from above. They landed upon her short brown hair, down her front and on her face. She smeared some around on her lap. 

It was now Rochelle’s turn. She wore a stunning red and green velvety Christmas dress. It was elegant and extenuated her long sexy figure. Her question was the easiest one yet, about the names of Santa’s reindeer. Unfortunately for her, she could not remember the name of the final reindeer and got the question wrong. Keith revealed that her mess would be parsnip soup. As she started to say,” What the...,” the soup rained down upon the sexy singer. It was thick and sloppy. It was a strange yellowy white colour. It splashed in all directions. It covered the top of her head and forehead all the way down to her eyes. It poured down her dress, leaving a trail of marks down the front.

Jesy was the next to have a go. Jesy wore an elf dress. It was red with white fluff on it. She wore red and green striped knee socks as well. She looked adorable and really sexy. Her question was a specific one about how mince pies were made. She had no clue whatsoever and her guess was way off. She wondered what her mess was going to be. Keith said that it was last year’s leftovers. Jesy puffed up her cheeks and held her breath as a flurry of Brussel sprouts, turkey, stuffing and Christmas pudding dumped all over her. It was all over her. She laughed and blushed. She rolled her eyes and said. “Can’t let the leftovers go to waste.”

The next round started after the commercial break. This round, the ladies were all in matching red and green candy cane bikinis. It would be red gunge for Little Mix, green for the Saturdays this time. The order was the same. It was a much quicker round this time. The ladies had to think on their feet. Perrie was first again. Her question was about the twelve days of Christmas. She got it wrong and the gunge rained down upon her. She kicked her legs as she was doused in thick red gunge from head to toe. It dumped onto her blonde hair and all over her slim body. It was all over her chest, stomach and legs. 

Frankie was next. Her question was about the nativity. She was not that religious so got this one wrong as well. Before she could react, green gunge plummeted down She was soon plastered in the thick green mess from head to toe. Her sexy tanned body was soon dripping in it. It covered her entire head. She was overwhelmed by the volume of it all over her body.

Rochelle was next. Her question was about a Christmas song from the 50’s that she had scarcely heard of. “Oh come on, really?,” she said. She closed her eyes as gunge poured down her dark hair and covered her face before cascading down all over her sexy luxurious bodies. She leaned back and let it pour down her body, kicking her feet playfully. 

Finally, it was Jesy’s turn. Her question was about the Queen’s speech. She got it very wrong of course and a tidal wave of thick red gunge poured all over her curvy body. She shivered and looked hugely uncomfortable as she was not as confident with her body as the others were. She wiggled her sexy body around in the gunge, squirming as she felt it all over her round body. 

Keith then told them that because they were all so rubbish, no one was the winner today. As a result, they all would have to squeeze into the tank together and get a special holiday gunging. The four of them all squeezed together. They were already slimy and slippery with gunge all over their bodies. They were clothed only in bikinis, so they could feel one another’s bodies very close together. They hugged each other tightly. Keith then gave the signal. With that, special white, silver and gold gunge poured onto the four of them. It was sparkly and glittery. They laughed and cuddled and smeared it around as it poured all over the four of them, leaving them all looking like a bizarre Christmas tree. Keith then threw tinsel and bobbles onto them. The lot were totally covered. They waved and said Merry Christmas as the show ended. 

After the show, the Little Mix girls marched angrily back stage. They searched out and found their manager. She was called Sam. She was 27 and had black hair. They were very annoyed with her because she promised them that there would be no mess involved on the show. When they finally found her she tried to lie and say that she had no idea that it was going to happen. In reality, she had wanted to see the girls get messy and decided that she would set them up for it. Now, she denied everything. The girls did not believe her. She had already been tweeting out how funny it was that they got messed so thoroughly.

Perrie grabbed Sam and Jesy grabbed some extra gunge buckets. Sam wore a purple button down top and black skirt. The gunge was green and white. Jesy began to wildly toss the gunge all over Sam. Sam screamed and begged in protest as the gunge poured down her clothes and body. Jesy then tipped more gunge over Sam’s head. It poured down her dark hair and down her face and body. Gunge was everywhere. Some of the gunge that covered the two Little Mix girls got onto her as well. Jesy then pushed the bucket down over Sam’s head. She took a bow and placed it on top of the bucket. They told her Merry Christmas and stomped off.


  1. awesome story some interesting choices on the saturdays side from the person that requested it in rochelle but loved it and the twist at the end

  2. hi thanks for doing my request its brilliant just what i was looking for

  3. hi just wanted to say thanks to the owner of the blog as this is the best blog/website for celeb gunge stories out their.

  4. Thanks for that and your welcome. I am glad that everyone enjoys the site. It means a lot that it makes people happy sometimes. I really appreciate everyone's support and your kind words.

  5. Can you write a story on susanna Reid getting total revenge on sian williams after all the naked gungings she fictionally gave susanna over at tellygunge, she has to be naked and to use the most disgusting stuff imaginable