Sunday, 24 April 2016

Helen Housby, Alice Travis take a loss

****This is a dramatization. In reality Thunder did not even make it to the final that year. They did finish first but lost in the playoffs. The final was an anti-climactic one. Storm destroyed Mavericks.  ****

Helen Housby, Alice Travis take a loss

Helen Housby is a very good netball player. She plays for Manchester Thunder. She is a very tall and attractive young lady. She has reddish brown hair and distinctive long legs. Thunder had won the championship in Netball Superleague many times. The previous year they had won the title at the last minute over Surrey Storm. Storm had been the better team all year, but they turned the ball over at the last minute. The next season passed and Thunder were to play Storm in the final once again. This time it was Thunder who were the favourite. A bet was made on the match between some of the players. One player on the losing team would end up getting covered in mess when the match was over. Helen was not very popular with Storm as she had been the player to make a variety of clutch shots in the past to defeat them. 

Helen was not overly worried because she was very confident that her team would win. Storm had always choked at the last moment in the past. They were never able to put it together and win the championship. Even when they were the better team, they would often lose. Helen also was the person who took the most shots for her team, so she was confident that her ability would see them through. After all, they had won the previous year and Storm had dominated the entire season. This year, they were not nearly as strong as they had been and Thunder were slightly better. 

Unfortunately for Thunder and Helen, the saying was true, “That’s why they play the games”. Needless to say, Storm came through this time and defeated Thunder for the championship. Storm were over the moon. It was a huge victory for them. They had waited years for this. Thunder could not really be that upset at the loss. They had won the championship many times. They had, essentially, stolen one the previous year from Storm. Storm had worked hard and really deserved this. The only thing that they were worried about now was who Storm would choose to take the punishment.

It was going to be Tamsin Greenway, the long suffering player coach, who would be making the decision and doing the honours. One of the other coaches who was working as a commentator joined Tamsin at midcourt. They talked about the victory. “Now, that being done and dusted, there is the little matter of the forfeit that was agreed for this game. Thunder lost. That means one of their players is going to have to take the punishment at your hands. The question is, Tamsin Greenway, who will it be?” “Well, there is only one choice. Unfortunately, I am going to have to choose, Helen Housby. She made that shot that beat us last year, so I think this would mean some measure of revenge.”

Helen’s mouth fell open. Her teammates appeared relieved and even happy about this. “Come on Helen. It’s going to be you. Time to take the walk of shame.” Her teammates pulled her to her feet and she, reluctantly, made her way out to midcourt. She looked totally shocked. A chair was placed at midcourt. It flashed through her head that she was about to get covered in mess in front of everyone including both her team and their opponents. She had no idea what was really about to happen to her or how embarrassing it would really be for her. 

Her head spin as she lowered her body onto the chair. Her long legs stretched out in front of her. She bent her knees. Her tall, thin body was going to make a very good target for Tamsin. She would almost come to regret making that shot the previous season. “Congratulations to Surrey Storm and Tamsin Greenway, your new Netball Super league champions. As for Helen Housby, well, this is going to prove very sweet for Miss Greenway. Sorry, Helen, but everyone is going to enjoy this.” 

Helen just rolled her eyes. She looked very sheepish. “You know what though, let’s be fair. Helen, we will give you the opportunity to choose a teammate to join you in your punishment.” Helen did not hesitate long. “It’s going to have to be Alice. Alice Travis. Get your bum over here.” Alice Travis’ mouth fell open. She had a tall thin body similar to Helen. A second chair was brought out and she was sat down side by side with her teammate. Their long legs touching slightly. Both players had their hair back, as they usually wore it for games. “Why me,” Alice moaned,” You are the one who deserves this.” She folded her arms, annoyed at her fate. 

Both the Storm players and the crowd were on their feet. Everyone wanted to see this happen. Alice and Helen actually held hands at this moment. They closed their eyes. Tamsin then piped up, “This one is for Storm and all of our fans. We finally did it.” Everyone cheered. Helen and Alice closed their eyes. Tamsin began to gleefully pour the mess from the bucket all over the two Thunder players.

The crowd erupted as the mess fell from the bucket onto the two players. The mess was mainly made of thick, sloppy, leftover, soggy spaghetti in a thick tomato sauce. It had sprinkle cheese in as well. It that distinctive odour that only leftover spaghetti could produce after spending some days in the fridge uneaten. The players shut their eyes as it made contact with the tops of their heads and descended straight down their face. The sauce leaving its mark as it rolled down their faces and all over their bright yellow Thunder uniforms. There was some meat in it as well. “Spaghetti Bolognese”, Tamsin shouted as the sloppy leftovers were dispatched all over Alice and Helen’s tall lean bodies. Spaghetti soon fell all over their long, sexy, athletic, bare legs. It covered their thighs and dripped down their calves all the way to their ankles. Tamsin moved the bucket back and forth over both of the ladies, spreading the soggy spaghetti as evenly as she could over the lanky athletes’ bodies. 

The enjoyment that Tamsin was getting from this was almost orgasmic in nature. Her team had finally won the big game and she was getting to punish the women who had beaten her team in the past. Helen Housby and Alice Travis were both covered in spaghetti in front of the entire world. The entire netball community would be watching this as well. Everyone would see this. Another bucket of even sloppier spaghetti was handed to Tamsin. She wildly and gleefully poured it all over the two young women sat side by side. She made sure that not a spot on their bodies was left clean. Their uniforms were splodged with giant sloppy stains. Meatballs rolled down over them as well at this point.  Strands of spaghetti were everywhere on the two pale netball players.

Helen and Alice were feeling what it was like to have spaghetti all over their bodies. Spaghetti sauce and cheese covered their long legs. The smell was horrendous as well. The entire arena could smell the spaghetti from wherever they were sitting. They looked like they were covered in garbage. The entire Storm team took a special vantage point. They teased and taunted the two women as they were punished by their player coach. This was an amazing reward for winning. They pointed and laughed as Alice and Helen were trashed. 

When she was finished, Tamsin took the opportunity to snap a few selfies and pictures of herself with the two trashed losers. The whole team then gathered around and had a team picture taken. In the centre was the trophy along with spaghetti covered Alice Travis and Helen Housby. Some of the Storm players were pointing in their direction and laughing.

Storm went back to the locker room to celebrate their championship. Helen and Alice went back to the showers to clean spaghetti off of their bodies. The image of the two lanky netball players cleaning spaghetti off of their long bare legs in the shower was one that few saw, but incredible nonetheless.

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