Saturday, 23 April 2016

Three Cricketers

Three Cricketers 

 Charlotte Edwards, Sarah Taylor and Danni Wyatt were members of England’s women’s Cricket team. As a part of Sports Relief, they made a wager with three members of men’s Cricket team. The team that scored the fewest points at their final game before Sports Relief would have to do a forfeit of the winning team’s choice. It would be broadcast live as a part of Sports Relief. 

The competition spurred the men on to a very high score that the women had no chance to meet. The women knew that they were going to be the losers, but they were unsure of what punishment would await them. They would find out when the rest of the world did, on the night of Sports Relief. 

The presenter welcomed the two teams to the show. They explained the bet and that the men had won. The only question would be the punishment that would be chosen for the women. The men explained that they had a very special fate in store of Charlotte, Sarah and Danni. They asked for the stagehands to wheel something in. What was wheeled in was a very large bathtub on wheels. The ladies looked at one another wondering what was going to happen. The men smiled. 

“What we have here for the losers is a nice bathtub. The punishment that we have come up with is for the ladies to get into the tub together and then we will fill it,” one of the male cricketers said. The ladies looked at one another and rolled their eyes. They were going to have to get up close and personal in the tub. They wore shorts and t-shirts with England Cricket logos on them. “Come on girls, make yourselves comfortable.” 

The three climbed in one at a time. Sarah climbed in first. They discovered that they would have to sit almost in one another’s laps. Sarah opened her legs as Danni climbed in next. Sarah wrapped her legs around Danni. Danni then opened her legs and Charlotte  took her place. The only comfortable way for them to sit was with their arms and legs wrapped around one another. The three athletic women were sat rather closely in a bathtub together. “Rub a dub dub, three cricketers in a tub,” one of the men teased. There they sat, legs wrapped around each other, awaiting what was to come. They looked very undignified in the position that they were in, sat between one another’s legs. 

Now it was time to fill the tub. The men smiled as they each grabbed a bucket to use on the three women. In the buckets were chilli, creamed corn and baked beans. The women shut their eyes as the men began to liberally dump their loads all over their bodies.  A combination of the three thick sloppy substances wildly dumped into the tub, spreading all over the three England cricketers. The men laughed as they dumped mess into the tub and all over the women. It splattered over all three in all areas. Over, on and between their bodies. The three women struggled with the humiliation that was being sent their way. Chilli, corn and beans covered their heads and coated areas on their bodies.

The men put down the first three buckets and produced three more. This time they contained rice pudding, fruit salad and rotten eggs. They wasted no time in emptying these three all over the women. The girls shrieked as the sloppy mess came down upon them. The mess level of in the tub began to rise to a rather high level at this point. It was clear that they really were going to fill the tub to the top with the mess that they had.

Next to come were oatmeal, custard and shepherd’s pie. This mess was even thicker than the previous had been.  The men laughed as they began to pour these messes onto the women as well.  The whole while the announcer was making comments about how the ladies had lost the bet and now they were facing the consequences. The three had their slop covered bodies wrapped around one another. It actually looked as though they were taking a bath together, but a bath of mess. The three of them could do nothing but sit there and take the mess as it came.

Next to come was clam chowder, split pea and ham soup and creamy tomato soup. Soup was on for the girls, literally, it was on them. “Oh, my God,” one of the girls screamed as the soup was poured over all three of them. Green, red and white mess began to cover them. They were no up to their armpits in the mess. The three men then grabbed a gigantic sheet cake. They then pushed the entire thing into the tub. The entire thing crumbled all over all three of them. The three were instantly covered in cake and frosting.

The announcer asked everyone to give the ladies a round of applause. They were shown struggling covered in food and cake. They tub was then wheeled out to the back, still filled with the three female cricketers. They waived as they were wheeled out.


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  2. Great work, thanks for doing my request!