Monday, 25 April 2016

Jennifer Metcalfe let me have it

Jennifer Metcalfe let me have it

The role that Jennifer Metcalfe played on Hollyoaks was Mercedes McQueen. She was portrayed as a total slut. She dressed provocatively, flaunted her body and would think nothing of exploiting her sexuality to take advantage of a situation. She was portrayed as something of a nymphomaniac as well to put it mildly. She seemed to be almost addicted to sex. Of course, this was just a role that she played on a television show. This was not the real person that she was, by any means. However, it did become a bit of a problem for her because everyone that she met in real life seemed to have difficulty differentiating between the two. It did not help that in the public eye, she wore very similar revealing outfits the majority of the time. The truth was somewhere in between. Jennifer loved sex, there was no doubt about that, but she was not a sex addict. She was also very kinky.  

Jennifer fantasized about many things. Somehow, she began to fantasize about getting messy. She had some minor messy things happened to her in the past. She imagined getting mess poured all over her body and how it would feel. This turned her on to an incredible degree. She began to think more and more about it. It got to the point where she decided that she had to make it happen one way or another. She needed to have the messy gunge all over her sexy body. She decided that she would make contact herself with Let Her Have It. She called them and offered to appear. In fact, she almost begged for it to happen. It was surprising to the makers of the show that she would contact them and would want to appear. Of course, they granted her, her respect. The thought of that incredible body being covered in mess was very appealing. Those sexy legs and backside being covered in mess was something that would be amazing to see. She was overjoyed at the fact that she knew that this would be happening to her. Her anticipation grew even more for her. 

On the night she wore one of her trademark dress/skirt outfits that was ultra-tight around her figure. It showed off her impossibly shapely rear end as well as her sleek long legs. The outfit was red and white and very sleek. She must have known the sort of body that she possessed. It was amazing. She was visibly excited before the show. “I can’t believe it, I am going to get gunged and gunged properly,” she thought to herself. 

The show started and Mr. G. announced Jennifer as his special guest. She emerged grinning ear to ear. She looked over the moon to be there. She waived to the audience and then shook Mr. G.’s hand. They walked over to the sofas together and she lowered her sexy backside onto the seat. She crossed her sexy legs. Mr. G. began to speak to her. “So, Jennifer Metcalfe, Mercedes McQueen herself. Welcome to the show.” “Thanks very much, it’s brilliant to be here,” she replied. “Wow, you look even better in real life than on television, if that is even possible,” he said. “Well thanks, I try. Especially for today. I wanted to look good for what is going to happen later on. Although it is a surprise.” She laughed. “Don’t worry, I have been a very naughty girl. I deserve whatever you have plan coming to me today,” she laughed, suggestively wiggling her eyebrows. “Well, you certainly seem up for it today, Jennifer,” Mr. G. said. “Oh, no doubt, I am more than ready for anything that will be thrown at me, I can tell you that,” she replied. 

“Well, I can see that you are anxious to get started and raring to go, so shall we head over and get started?,” he asked. She nodded her head and smiled as they stood up. She whispered into his ear off camera. “I am absolutely gagging for it. I have wanted to get gunged for ages.” Jennifer was lead over to gunge tank. This was the type of gunge tank where the person stood beneath rather than sat. This would mean that the gunge would fall and be evenly dispersed all over the whole of her body. She walked over got into the perfect position. She looked up, ensuring that the place where the gunge would be falling from was in the exact correct position. She had a massive grin on her face. Truth be known, she was massively turned on this moment, as she had not been in quite a long time. Her nipples were already erect and her thong was already moist. She playfully licked her lips. “Mr. G., let me have it,” she said provocatively. He went over the release lever and got ready. 

“Jennifer Metcalfe, this is the moment that you have been waiting for. Time for the gunge.” She smiled and put her hands on her hips as he pulled the lever. When he pulled, minty green coloured gunge began to pour down from above onto the sexy soap actress. It poured down her dark hair and right down the bridge of her nose. She moved her hands palm up outwards as if to indicate for the gunge to keep coming. It poured down her cheeks and over her face and then down her shoulders. She moaned as she felt it against her hot sexy flesh.

It poured down her breasts and over her dress. This particular tank was designed to cover the entire person. The green gunge turned to light blue gunge. It poured right onto her rear end. Because her  behind stuck out so far, it made a sort of natural shelf for the gunge to cover and collect in. More poured down all over her smooth bare legs. “Oh my God,” she moaned, closing her eyes in ecstasy as she felt gunge all over her body. She began to rub her messy hands all over herself, smearing and massaging the gunge all over herself.

The gunge then changed to pink. She bit her lip. The gunge was all over her legs and behind. Her dress was covered. Her shiny dark hair was soaked in the thick gunge. Her face was almost a mask of gunge. Little did anyone know that she was literally about to climax in the gunge tank. This was almost comparable to any sex she had ever had. “Mmmm, I am totally gunged,” she said to herself. She bit her lip and tried to not let it show, but she began to climax in the gunge. Finally it stopped. Jennifer was covered from head to toe in gunge. Her gorgeous anatomy soaked in mess. She began to pose in the gunge as if she was modelling or having a shower. She ran her hands over her legs, breasts and behind and through her hair. Gunge dripped from her face and hair. 

The camera gave a shot panning up her sexy gunge covered body. She smiled and laughed as she emerged. “So, Jennifer, how was it for you?” “You can gunge me any time Mr. G. , I would love to do that at least once a week. I have never felt anything like that before. Gunge all over my body. It was like a gunge shower. It were amazing.” 

Jennifer had been an amazing guest. She would keep a copy of the show and watch it back over and over again. It became one of her biggest turn ons.


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  2. I think I did one similar before, would you like a different one as well?

  3. yes please with those 2 recieving the mess