Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rachel Riley Susie Dent

Rachel Riley Susie Dent

Rachel Riley and Susie Dent appeared on a very special episode of 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown. It was the end of the series and a special bet was made on the outcome of the show. Rachel bet that Susie’s team would win. If they failed to do so, both Susie and Rachel would have to get gunged as a penalty. It certainly made the show more interesting. Susie and Rachel did not want to be the losers on this day. So much was riding on it. Both wore short dressed. Rachel wore orange. Suzi wore a light blue. Most everyone watching was routing for Susie’s team to lose. For a while, it looked as though this was not going to happen. The extra motivation seemed to be spurring Suzi’s team on. 

It looked like her team would win for much of the show. Unfortunately, there was always an opportunity for a comeback and the opposition did just that. It all came down to the very end of the show. The other team overtook Susie’s team and they lost. Everyone cheered. The host teased them, “Susie and Rachel, you have lost. You know what that means?” They looked unimpressed. The two looked dejected. They were made to stand up and take off their studio mics as they walked over to a gunge tank that was set up for them. 

They looked decidedly uncomfortable as they were led into the gunge tank. It was a tight fit for the two attractive women. They had to push their bodies together closely. Their behinds pressed up against the glass. They had to get up close and personal, almost cuddling one another. It was almost too close for comfort. They were very much in one another’s personal space at this point. They were almost wrapped around each other. The door closed and the lights dropped. It was about to happen, the moment that hundreds of daytime tv viewers had hoped for for many years.

The two women looked at each other and braced themselves as bright pink gunge poured from above them all over their bodies. The mainly male audience erupted in applause as the gunge fell and hit the two women. It poured over, on and between them. The closed their eyes and squealed as gunge splashed everywhere in the tank. The two women began to struggle as they got clobbered. There was nowhere to hide the gunge was everywhere. 

They fell all over each other as gunge rained down onto them. It poured onto their clothes and all over their legs. Their faces and hair were cover. The gunge continued to fall. It began to collect on the bottom of the tank as well. By this point, they were already knee deep in thick gunge. It was chaos in the tank. The women tried to use their arms to defect some of the gunge, but when they did this it just went somewhere else on them of the other woman. There was no way to avoid being totally doused in gunge. 

Eventually, the gunge stopped. The women got their bearings for a moment before the tank was opened. The crowd gasped as they got a good view of the two messed women. Rachel stepped oy first. She was covered from head to toe in sloppy gunge. She looked utterly defeated. These two quite dignified, intelligent women were now dripping in mess. They tried not to show how embarrassed they actually were. She looked at the ground and flicked some gunge from her hair. Susie then followed. Her entire front plastered in gunge. No one said very much, because they looked so annoyed with the situation. 

They did not say anything, the show just ended there. No one mentioned it to either woman again for a long time.