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Raquel Rodriguez Arizona Cheerleader

Raquel Rodriguez Arizona Cheerleader

Raquel Rodriguez was a cheerleader for the Arizona Wildcats. It just so happened that her father was also the head coach of the football team. It was a very unique situation. Her father Rich was appearing on a national sports television show before a big game with a rival Pac 12 team. The host was speak to him about the game and about his daughter, Raquel.  He then interviewed Raquel herself.

Raquel was very confident that her Dad’s team was going to win the game. “We are going to win. There’s no doubt about it,” she said confidently. “You seem very confident,” the host said. “Oh of course, go Wildcats,” she said. “Well, you obviously believe in your Dad’s team very much, but do you believe enough to put your money where your mouth is?” She looked bemused, not sure what he meant. “Would you be willing to make a little bet? If the team loses, you would have to agree to get slimed in front of everyone in the stadium today.” She giggled,” Yeah, ok, I’ll do it.” “Wow, you are very brave,” he said. “Well, we will win no question.” “Rich, you better win or your daughter is going to get it.” Rich smiled. “We will win. We will save her.” Raquel laughed. 

Raquel was a very attractive young lady. The thought of seeing her covered in mess was a very arousing one. A lot of people were now routing for Arizona to lose. The game was a very close ones. Raquel’s reactions were shown throughout the game. She was cheering hard for the team more than ever. The game was a very tight one. It came down to the finals minutes, but the final result was a loss for the Wildcats. Shots were shown of Raquel’s fellow cheerleaders giving their consolations to her. She looked very embarrassed. She shook her head and laughed. This was going to be an incredibly embarrassing evening. 

Before she knew it, her name was called and she was summoned to the fifty yard line. She nervously strutted out to the centre of the field. She took a seat on a chair that was set up for her. She laughed, putting her face in her hands. It was announced that her father was going to get to do the honours. Believe it or not, he actually had mixed emotions about publicly humiliating his daughter, This was going to be in front of their whole family, the entire cheerleading squad, the football team, most of the campus and a stadium full of fans along with the opposing team and their cheerleaders and fans. Rich walked out to meet his daughter. He smiled. He looked down at her,” Sorry hun,” he said sincerely. He was handed the dreaded bucket. His daughter sat in the hot seat awaiting her fate. The camera panned up her body. It showed her trainers and pure white socks and then her sexy bare tanned legs. Her skirt then her breasts along with her face and silky brown hair. This near perfect young woman was about to be covered in mess. 

In the bucket was a surprise courtesy of the dorm cafeteria. In the cafeteria they collected the remains of everyone’s dinners in a gigantic vat on wheels. Everyone’s plates were scraped into there for every meal. It was usually kept until filled and then taken to be recycled. It held about a week’s worth of cafeteria mess. Expired food was sometimes dumped in as well. This week a bucket of this bin’s finest was collected for the express purpose of being used after the football game. Raquel was about to experience it first hand.

“Ok, everyone, Arizona lost the game. The result is that Miss Rodriquez here is going to be taking the punishment for her team. That is cafeteria surprise people. A full week’s worth of everyone’s plate scraping all for Raquel. Yummy. She is going to be wearing them. Any last words. Raquel?” “Go Cats,” she said. Rich put a reassuring hand on his daughter’s shoulder as the whole stadium began to count down. “ her have it.”

He began to tip the bucket over her head. Bits of the discarded food began to make their way downwards. She looked down, hands clenched to her chest. Every muscle in her body tightened as the orange coloured slop made contact with the top of her head.

She stomped her feet as it poured down her gorgeous hair and down her face. The smell was atrocious as it poured onto her face and down her shoulders. It poured onto her arms and chest. Her uniform would never be quite the same again. The mess then poured onto her thighs and all over her knees. It plopped down her bare calves down onto her socks. She closed her eyes and closed her mouth as her father dumped the revolting slop all over her body. She could feel it down her back, on her skirt and all over legs. Lumpier bits collected on the chair between her legs and beneath her backside. She was showered in the mess. Rich chuckled as he dumped the sloppy mess all over his daughter.

It covered her all over. Bits of leftover food stuck everywhere. When the bucket was finally empty, She pulled her head back and laughed. The entire stadium were laughing and whistling. The other cheerleaders and football players especially were enjoying it, as they knew her personally.
“So Raquel, how was that?” “It wasn’t too bad, actually. As gross as it looks. I am such a mess. It smells really bad though,” she giggled. She stood up, brushing some of the mess off of her uniform. Cafeteria mess rolled down her behind and down her legs. If it was possible, she looked even better than she had done when she was clean. 

No one would ever forget seeing the gorgeous cheerleader get covered in mess in front of the entire college, more or less.

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