Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Chloe Goodman eats fresh

*****WARNING*** This story contains sexual situations and slight nudity. Do not proceed if you are under age or do not like this sort of thing.*****
Chloe Goodman eats fresh

Chloe Goodman was a very naughty girl. She had posed nude before and had done many naughty things in her past. I had seen her on Celebrity Big Brother a few years prior. I happened to be visiting the town that she was from. I went into Subway of all places. At first, I did not recognise her. It had been a few years since seeing her on television. She was mouthing off at someone on the phone as she walked in. She did not order anything at first. She kept arguing. Her voice sounded very familiar. I could not place it at first. 

She shouted at the unlucky person at the end of the phone. She put it away. She turned and looked at me. “F***** men,” she said. Her face brightened up when she saw me. She shrugged her shoulder and a knowing glance flashed across her face. “Hi I’m Chloe,” she said. At this moment I began to realise who she was. “You look so familiar,” I said. “Oh, I have been on television and in magazines. I am a bit of a minor celebrity. Chloe Goodman. I was on Big Brother awhile back.” It dawned on me then, “Oh yeah, of course. Wow I’ve never met a celebrity in a place like this before.” “A bit of a shithole isn’t it,” she said. She smiled.

“You are pretty hot, actually, I love that accent.” She sat down across from me and leaned over. “You know what, I know the girl who works here. I just got a filthy, dirty idea, “she said, whispering, leaning towards me. I had no idea what she was imaging, but I could tell that I was going to enjoy it, whatever it may be. “I have this wicked idea. I want to have a very special hoagie with a very special ingredient.” I wondered what she may be on about. “The special ingredient that I was thinking of was your cock. We could build a sub around your cock and then I could eat it while giving head at the same time,” she said, rubbing her leg against me under the table. She licked her lips. “I am so hungry. I am gagging for it,” she said. 

She nodded her head to the girl behind the counter who locked the door and then went in the back. Chloe took my hand and lead me behind the counter. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my already throbbing penis out of the hole in my underwear. She stroked it a few times. “Hmmm, now what bread do I want?,” she asked aloud. She chose Italian herb and cheese. She took the hoagie roll and cut it down the middle. She then inserted my penis in the roll. It filled it to the end. She took the scoop and slopped tuna on top of my penis. She smushed it down, everywhere in the roll. She then moved over and dropped some salad inside before adding mayonnaise and honey mustard sauces. She then pushed it all together making the whole sub, featuring my penis in the centre. 

She then dropped to her knees and opened wide. She pushed the whole thing into her mouth and to the back of her throat. She then began to chew on the end of the roll. She ran her tongue over the top. She then hungrily began to chew and suck. She alternated as she ate the sub and sucked my cock simultaneously.

As she was eating her favourite lunch I began to dump the containers of sandwich fixings over her. I started with the teriyaki chicken. I dumped the entire container over her head. I then dumped the container of meatballs over her. One rolled down between her breasts. The sauce covered parts of her face and shoulders. I then began to dump the salad items over her.

Shredded lettuce, pickles, black olives and sweetcorn dumped over her head in an avalanche. She rubbed her chest as she continued to suck and eat. By this point it was mainly sucking. Peppers, onions, tomatoes and cucumber came her way.

I then began to grab the sauce bottles. I took the sweet onion and honey mustard first. I held them over her face and what was left of the sandwich and began to squeeze all over everything. She closed her eyes and continued to lick as it poured from two directions down upon her. I followed these with mayonnaise and ranch dressing. Her tongue flicked against my penis as she was covered in it. I squeezed all over her. She experienced the taste of penis and sub together. I then grabbed the remaining squeeze bottles and squeezed them out onto her.

At this stage the bun was almost all gone. She can my sub covered penis in her hands and mouth. I then pulled out and an explosion of hot white cum exploded all over her face and mouth. She opened wide, tasting my cum. Her teeth and lips dripped. Cum and sub toppings fell from her face. 

She then stood up. “That was the best sub I have ever tasted. Eat fresh indeed.” She then went back and cleaned herself off in the little sink in the staff room. Neither of us would ever look at Subway the same way ever again.


  1. Would it be possible for you to write a story on Sabrina carpentor and Rowan Blanchard please

    1. Dude... Blanchards 14...

    2. I would also like a Sabrina carpenter story.

  2. I will not do any stories or anything else on anyone underage ever. I always double check. So it won't happen.