Saturday, 9 April 2016

Cindy Cunningham 2 (Stephanie Waring) Male WAM

****Warning******* This story contains male non celebrity wam. I know some of you do not like that at all, but others do and it was a request. If you do not like it please do not read. I appreciate why people wouldn't like it, so I aplogize if it is not your thing. I have only done these a few times. They are not the norm.**********************

*********Warning****** This story contains nudity and sexual situations. Please do not read if you are underage or offended by that kind of thing.*******************

Cindy Cunningham 2 (Stephanie Waring) Male WAM

I was becoming very nervous indeed. I was on a leash and fully naked and Cindy lead me off of the stage and through the audience to the door. Much to my surprise she opened the door and pushed me out. She slammed it shut. I was now naked on the street on her leash, still partially covered in mess. I did my best to cover my manhood. Luckily for me it was not a very cold night, but it certainly felt brisk at this moment.  Luckily for me, the streets were relatively empty, as it was quite late at night. There were a few girls coming from other clubs who spotted me and made some comments. They thought that it was hilarious. Cindy allowed them to take some selfies, bragging about her prize.  I just closed my eyes and held my breath the entire tie. Cindy then led the way to her house.

She opened the door to her apartment and led me to her bedroom. She ordered me to get onto the bed and lay on my back. I did as I was directed. She then produced four long pieces of pink satin cloth. She proceeded to wrap each bit around my wrists and ankles, strapping me to the bedposts. I was completely at her mercy now. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, giving an evil, sexy look,” That body is all mine. I own that ass.”

She then opened her handbag and pulled her lipstick out. She popped it open and slid it up. She leaned over me and wrote the words,” Property of Cindy Cunningham” across my chest. “A little lippy always comes in handy,” she said. She then got out her phone and told me to smile. She snapped a photo of me in the position that I was in and forwarded it to her social media with a caption reading, “Look what I just won”. Her friends began posting lewd comments immediately. She would later show me their comments on the photo. “I may just loan you out to some of my friends,” she said. “It is going to be a long night for you I’m afraid,” she said.

She then thrust her foot into my face. Her high heel right in, lifting her leg. She ordered me to kiss her foot, thrusting it into my mouth. I did as she instructed. I kissed and sucked her foot, still in her black heel. She then went in the drawer of her bedside cabinet and pulled something out. It was a small leather riding crop. She took it out and slapped it on her hand a few times. She then began to lean over me and slowly whip me with it. First across my stomach, then on my legs and even my penis. The first time it hit, it made a snapping sound. I moaned as the sting reverberated. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as she whipped my naked body. It left red welts along my pale white body. “That body needs this. Look that cock is hard already. You are very naughty,” she exclaimed. She was right about this, I was super aroused already by this for some strange reason. She then prodded my penis with the crop. She smiled looking very amused.

She then slid her clothes off. She sexily slid them down to the floor. She then pulled down the one piece negligee that she wore underneath. She was now fully nude. She was fully waxed. She was very slim and very toned. She then climbed on the bed. She turned around. “You are literally going to lick my arse now,” she demand. She then thrust her backside into my face. Before I could react, my entire face was in her crack. She then sat back, literally sitting on my face. Covered in her behind. She then turned around and squatted on my face. She lowered her pussy into my face. She then ordered me to lick. Not that I needed to be told. She was very tight as my tongue slid into her clit. She sleekly grinded her hips in my face. She closed her eyes as I tasted her gash. Her juices slowly rolling down my chin. She grabbed my penis in her other hand and began to stroke and play with it. She flicked her finger against it, already heavily aroused. She leaned over and ran her tongue along my hole before wrapping her lips around the head. She pumped the shaft back and forth in her mouth. She enjoyed the taste of my throbbing penis, that was very clear. She seemed an expert at sucking cock for sure.  It was very apparent that she had a lot of experience in this area. 

She then got up. “ I’m glad that you are here, actually. I have a kitchen full of leftovers that I have to get rid of. Just going to nip to the kitchen.” She spoke as if it was the most natural and expected thing in the world, that she would get too pour whatever mess she liked all over me. 

She returned with Tupperware containers, obviously from her fridge. She had some baggies as well. “Honestly, when you are like me, you end up throwing so much leftovers away. Now I have a good use that I can put them to. I mean look at this chicken casserole. It’s just been sitting in there in this baggie for about a week and a half now. It would have ended up in the bin, but now, it can be put to good use.” She lifted up the baggie in question, which was filled with chicken casserole. She smiled, popped the bag open and tipped it over onto my chest and all over my penis. The sloppy chicken casserole rolled from the bag in a slimy brown liquid all over my prone body. It was very cold. I could feel the lumps of the chicken and other bits such as mushrooms and onions against my penis and body. It slithered all over me.

She then took another baggie that was filled with old fish in a white sauce and dumped it over my head. There was some rice in it as well. It rolled over my face and down my chest. She then took a container of shepherd’s pie and jammed it down onto my penis. It covered it in bits of potato and meat. She then spread a container of tuna pasta bake across my chest. She rubbed it around all over my chest. 

She clearly had served spaghetti for dinner recently, because she was soon dumping an enormous baggie of leftover spaghetti over my body. She poured it over my legs and then over my head. The smell was disgusting. I was bathed in it. It slopped over the bed and dangled from my face and body. She smiled and laughed. She then emptied a bowl of leftover beans over my head for good measure.
She then pulled out a massive brown paper carrier bag with a logo on it. “ Had a Chinese takeaway Saturday night with the girls. Didn’t finish it,” she teased. She then started pulling out individual plastic containers of the Chinese food and began to dump them over me. Chicken chow mien, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice came my way. She tossed each clear container aside as she emptied their remains on me. She then took the bag and dumped everything that remained over me. This included prawn crackers, bits of egg roll, crispy seaweed, bits of fortune cookies, even some napkins and plastic spoons fell out onto me.

She then explained that she had some luncheon type stuff that was about to go off that she needed to dispose of. She produced a bag full of plastic containers that had come from the store. Each having only the uneaten remains left in it. Potato salad, coleslaw, coronation chicken, pasta salad, tuna, couscous and humus were soon poured up and down my body. She then took slices of expired lunch meat and placed them on me. It was mainly bologna and ham. “Get it, my last name is Cunningham,” she joked. As corny as it was. 

She then came to me with a casserole dish. It was very large. It was filled with the remains of her entire Sunday roast. Bits of roast pork, vegetables, mashed potato and gravy seen wore dumped all over me. Cindy looked down very satisfied. She then mounted me and we began to have sex. We were both highly aroused by this point. She grinded her hips as she road me. It wasn’t long before both exploding in orgasm. We both exploded in pleasure. She then allowed herself to be pulled down into the mess.

We then went to her shower and cleaned one another up.  “I’m so glad I won,” she said as we kissed in the shower.

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