Sunday, 3 April 2016

Emilia Clarke by request

Emilia Clarke by request

Emilia Clarke was a very popular choice as someone who people wanted to see get gunged. Let Her Have It took a viewer’s poll to see whim the fans wanted to see get messy the most. Emilia, much to everyone’s surprise was voted the number one candidate. It was a very close vote, but she took the honours. She was approached by the show. She was flattered that she had won the vote and was willing to give the fans what they wanted to see. 

No one was told the results of the vote except for Emilia herself and the crew of the show, before the show went out on air. The audience at home had no idea who the unlucky celebrity was going to be in the hot seat.  Some names were teased, but not Emilia’s. It would be a surprise. Mr. G. took his place on stage and began to read the results. “Ladies and gentlemen, you have been voting for the past week on which celebrity you would like to see get messy the most. I am here to reveal the results of the poll. The results are in and the lady who has won the vote is here tonight to accept her prize. The person receiving the most votes is….,” he paused for effect,” Emilia Clarke.” The audience seemed surprised but happy at the same time that she had one. Music played and Emelia entered. She wore a nice looking tight fitting red and green dress. It looked quite expensive. That was the first thing Mr. G. commented on after welcoming her. “That is gorgeous dress. It is not going to remain that way unfortunately,” he joked. “Yeah, maybe a bad choice,” Emilia replied. “It will not stay looking so clean very long. Don’t you know where you are?” “Oh, believe me, I am quite aware,” she replied, raising her eyebrows. 

“So, Ms. Clarke, you were voted as the celebrity that the most people wanted to see get messy. How do you feel about that?,” Mr. G. asked. “To be honest, I don’t know if I should take it as a compliment or as an insult. I think I am going to go with compliment,” she laughed. “Anyway, if everyone wants to see me get covered in mess, who am I to disappoint them?,” she said, shrugged her shoulders. Everyone applauded. “Right?,” she said, chuckling. “Well, thanks for being such a good sport about this,” Mr. G. said. “Would you like to join me over here?” She walked with him over to the back of the stage where a special seat was set up just for her.

The device was a modified version of the piewash that used to be used on What Would You Do. Emilia strolled over with him and took a seat on the chair. She smiled as the seat belt was strapped around her waist. “Be gentle with me. It’s my first time,” she teased. “Well, you are about to go on the ride of your life. Hang on tight because you are about ready to take off.”

Mr. G. stepped back. The chair that Emilia sat in began to rotate. At first nothing happened, but after one rotation, pie filling began to pour down from the hoses above Emilia in lines of mess that began to criss cross her body. She squealed with laughter. It was the normal off white colour that the pie filling had always been in the piewash. She kicked her feet as the pie filling fell across her. The motion of the rotation of the chair influencing the direction in which the pie filling fell. One stream went right across her face, another over her chest. Her dress splattered at the layers began to build up over her person. 

The off white pie filling then changed to a pink colour. Emilia laughed as the pink mess poured over her body. She lifted her feet a bit, causing the pink pie filling to pour across her legs. The pink added to the off white that already covered her. The colour then changed to a light blue colour. It looked like cake frosting that poured over her. Because of the way that the pie filling was coming out coupled with the chair’s rotation, it caused the mess to form layers all over Emilia, covering her almost entirely as it continued to move. 

At this point the jets stopped. Instead came a large lump of cherry pie filling that fell from about and splattered on top of Emilia. It was then followed by chocolate pudding. Emilia made an overwhelmed look as her face and hair were instantly covered in chocolate pudding. She ran her hands over her hair. She shook her head and laughed. 

Finally the chair came to a stop. The attractive actress laughed as she spooned chocolate pudding from her hair. “Was that good?,” she teased,” I hope everyone enjoyed that. I got very, very messy. It’s all over me,” she said,” Everyone got what they wanted. I am a mess now.” “You were a very good sport,” Mr. G. said. “What can I say? Anything for my fans.”

She remained in her seat. She laughed and waived as the show went off the air. Slow motion replays were shown of all the messy action that had transpired.

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