Saturday, 9 April 2016

Holly Hagan Tanked

Holly Hagan Tanked

Holly Hagan was chosen to represent a late night television show that she would be hosting. It was going to be a slightly naughty television show. She was asked to do some promos for the show. The promos would be involving mess. There were going to be two different promos involving two different gunge tanks. She would be wearing very little in these promos. Her sexy body would be clad in only a pair of dark purple underwear. The bra and panties that she would be wearing would not leave that much to the imagination. She had quite the body on her. She was put together really well, to say the least.

There would be two main parts of the commercial. Each of them involving Holly in a different kind of gunge tank. The commercial began with Holly promoting the show. “Tune in to this wild new show. Anything can happen.” The camera pulled back to reveal that she was sat in a traditional gunge tank. It was revealed that one of her Geordie Shore mates, Charlotte Crosby was stood there. She smiled and laughed. “Even this,” Charlotte said. She jammed her hand against the release button for the gunge. Holly grimaced and closed her eyes.

With that, a tidal wave of bright purple gunge poured down onto her from above. It was shown in slow motion in the commercial. The gunge poured straight over her extension covered hair and all over her face. It dumped across her neck and all over her massive breasts.  The sloppy mess dumped all over her sexy, fake tanned body. It rolled down her stomach and all over her thighs, dripping down her calves to her ankles. She swung her head, sending gunge splattering from her hair all over the place. She gave a fainted smile and waived as the gunge stopped. She stood up and allowed the gunge to make its own way over her curvaceous body. She turned around to reveal her gunge covered back and rear end. It dripped down her behind and the back of her legs.

The commercial then cut to her sitting in a dunk tank style tank. She was sat suspended above a tank of sloppy light blue gunge this time. “On this show, you never know what is going to happen. Anything could happen at any time, from any direction.” The camera peeled back to reveal many of the cast of Geordie Shore holding balls in their hands. They took aim at the plunger on the side of the tank that would release her into the gunge. “No one is safe, not even me,” she said. 

The camera then switched to slow motion. It showed the Geordie Shore cast taking aim and Holly being sent straight downwards in the gunge below. Many clips were spliced together. They showed her going in again and again and again. She fell into the gunge with an almighty splash. She fell underneath the surface. Totally submerged. Her make up covered face emerging, covered in gunge. 

She was soaked through and through in the sloppy mess. The slutty reality television star was bathed in the sloppy mess. It happened over and over again. Her mates were shown celebrating her messing.
Finally her head, popped out of the mess for the final time. She shook her head and wiped some of the gunge off of her face. “So, if this happened to me in the advert, imagine what is going to happen on the actual so. See you there.” The gunge covered girl waved at the camera.


  1. Could you do a story on footballer Toni Duggen?

  2. thanks for doing my request

  3. That's ok. I hope you enjoyed it.