Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Gabrielle Aplin abroad

Gabrielle Aplin abroad

Gabrielle Aplin knew she was really in for it. She found herself on a children’s television show in a country somewhere in Europe. She did not speak the language, but could get the gist of what was being said. She knew that she was sat in a seat in what appeared to be some sort of tank. She was being spoken about, that was clear. There appeared to be something suspended above her head. She had a good impression that whatever that was would be coming her way very soon, one way or another. She was wearing a denim jacket, shorts and black boots. Her sexy bare legs were showing. 

She was more than a little worried. She knew that they couldn’t do anything too bad to her, but she could tell that whatever was going to happen would, most likely, be embarrassing for her. They seemed to be enjoying the idea of humiliating the unsuspecting English celebrity. She knew she was being laughed at by everyone there. Her agent would later deny that he knew anything about what would happen to her on the show. He would swear that what was to occur was never mentioned. Truth be told, he probably enjoyed what happened more than just about anyone else. 

Luckily for her, it would not be broadcast on UK television. However, anyone with an internet connection would be able to find the clip online if they so desired to look for it. At least it be slightly more difficult to get a hold of. It would prove to be the most embarrassing experience of her life by some margin. At the beginning of the interview, they had spoken some in English, now they were not speaking in anything but their native tongue. Gabrielle could do nothing but sit where she was and await whatever was about to come her way. She could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves, laughing and commenting on her. The way they were looking her suggested that something not so good would be happening to her. 

They turned to her and smiled. The lights flashed. Gabrielle then heard what sounded like the words,” Beef stew.” “Oh shit,” she said. She heard a noise above her head. She looked up out of instinct and was hit with a tidal wave of beef stew. It was brown and sloppy with chunks of beef and various vegetables throughout. Everyone watching was elated as they watched the beef stew pour down over the singer. Her face was instantly covered. She pushed her hands to her face in order to push some of the chunkier bits away. The stew did not stop though. It continued to plop all over her face and body. 

Stew splattered all over her legs and jacket. It filled the pockets of her clothing and layered her clothes in thick brown mess. She struggled in the stew as it inundated her, filling up the areas around her body. Her hair was soaked in sloppy brown stew. Her face was covered. Everyone else seemed to be dancing and celebrating her embarrassment. As it slowed to a stop, she shrugged her shoulders in resignation. She knew that they did not know much English, so she blurted out, “ What the fuck is this shit you’ve dumped on me?” They paid no attention to what she said.

They began to talk a bit more. They pointed again at her. With that, another substance began to fall down upon her. The stuff that fell upon her this time was actually unidentifiable. It was some sort of foreign food, but it was hard to tell what it actually was. It was a sloppy grey colour. It splattered everywhere as it came down. She tightened her body, raised her hands and lowered her chin. It was lumpy and truly disgusting. It made a sickening plopping noise as it splatted all over her. She flung her head and screamed. This disgusting substance was all over her. It matted in her thick, brown, curly hair. She screamed,” I can’t believe this.

Everyone was pointing and laughing at her. She looked very annoyed. At this point, more mess fell onto her. This substance was also almost unidentifiable as well, but it looked like food waste. There were thin noodles and bits of vegetable in it. It was an orange colour. It poured onto her. Her mouth fell open. She gagged a bit. It looked putrid, but so good upon her. She shouted,” It looks like someone puked on me.” 

She stood up and stomped off the set. She was very annoyed. The beautiful singer, covered in mess. It was all over her sexy body.


  1. hi can you do a story on Helen Flanagan where she is at a night club hosting a event where their is a quiz and she loses so she ends up naked and cover in a lot of mess thanks

  2. Would you be able to do a story where niamh walsh and Jacqueline jossa go head to head and they both get messy.