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Krysten Ritter wait until you see

Krysten Ritter wait until you see

****Warning****This story contains nudity and sexual situations. Please do not read if you are under age or find this offensive.****

Mr. G.’s attention had been drawn to an actress called Krysten Ritter. She had made sure that he had been drawn to her. She had seen the show on the internet. She was an American Television actress who was a similar age to him. She watched clips online and became more and enthralled. The whole concept turned her on to a ridiculous degree. Plus, she found Mr. G. himself quite attractive. She wanted to get on there so, bad. One day the idea occurred to her,” Hey, I’m a celebrity. Why could it not be me?” She decided to use social media to contact Mr. G.. She tweeted and emailed saying that she was dying to be on the show. The tweets included the following:

Mr. G. Love the show.

How does a girl get on there? 

Am up for the mess of lifetime ;)

Don’t make me beg.

Gunge me please!!!

I would do ANYTHING to get on the show. 

On my hands and knees.

He had to admit to her that he did not really know who she was. She explained that she was an actress who had mainly been in American television dramas. She asked him to look her up on Google, specifically her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. When he did, he saw a picture of an incredibly attractive woman wearing a shirt skirt and a tight striped shirt. Lots of skin was showing in all the right places. It was questionable whether she was wearing anything underneath or not. She looked incredible. He responded back to her,” You can be on the show, but please wear that same outfit.” She replied that not only would she wear it, if he liked it so much he could keep it as a souvenir at the end of the night. She then said that if he liked how she looked in that outfit, he would love how she would look without it. “Wait till you see what is underneath!” It was going to be a very enjoyable night for both of them.

Krysten was very excited for the show. It was going to be a real life fantasy that she would be fulfilling. Mr. G. did her introduction. “Today on Let Her Have It, we have a lady called Krysten Ritter. She is not superfamous, but she is a very special guest. She is very excited to be here. Krysten is the first guest that we have ever had on the show who had been allowed to choose her own mess. 

You may be thinking that is a bad thing, but after we meet Krysten, you will see it is a very good thing indeed. So, give a warm welcome to Krysten Ritter.” Krysten strutted onto the set wearing the outfit that she had worn on the other show. She had a very cheeky smile as she entered. She shook Mr. G. and bowed. The sexual tension was palatable. She looked incredible. Skin showing in all the right places. When she took her seat on the couch, the slit in the skirt opened and her sensuous, pale, long legs were revealed in almost their entirety. Way up her thigh was visible as she crossed her legs.

“Welcome Krysten to Let Her Have It. You are looking… lovely tonight.” “Why thank you. You look very nice yourself,” she said. “ You are a very unique lady, Krysten, because you actually campaigned to be on here, quite hard.” “My God yeah. Of course, I mean it is so hot. It drives me crazy. I mean getting buckets of sloppy mess poured all over your body. I mean, need I say more. I want to be the one in that hot seat. And look, I am in that outfit that you liked so much.” “Well, you looked so good in it before. I was a bit surprised that you agreed to wear it again. Usually famous women do not like being seen wearing the same thing twice.” “Well, I can tell you this, I promise that I will never ever wear it again after tonight. Since you like how it looks so much, I thought that you could keep it as my gift to you after the show. Well, among other things.” She smiled sensually. She was fiddling with her skirt and rubbing her legs. She licked her lips. It was clear that she was already very aroused. 

“So, Krysten, we have allowed you to choose what you would like to get messy with yourself. You are the first person ever to get that privilege.” “I am honoured. Don’t worry, I want to get as messy as possible. I want that sloppy mess all over my body, don’t worry.” “That is brilliant Krysten,” Mr. G. said. He was a little flustered. There had been very few women on the show that had been this overtly sexual or honest with their desires. “Ok then, is there anything else you would like to say, before we go over and get you nice and messy?” “I’m not wearing any underwear,” she said matter of factly. Everyone laughed. The two looked at one another with smouldering glances. Mr. G. did not know what to say. “Ok, Krysten, get your butt over here. It is time to face the mess. 

Krysten walked over and sat down a blue chair that was sat up for her. She crossed her legs and smiled. A cart filled with different items of her choosing were wheeled over. The crowd cheered and audibly gasped when they saw what she had selected. “Now,” she said,” Mr. G. I want you to be the one letting me have it. I have always imagined you as the one to get me messy. I want to get filthy at your hands. I want it very badly. Let me have it,” she said. Of course, he was all too happy to oblige her desires. “Don’t be shy, I want to get filthy. All over my body.”

He started with ketchup and mustard. He took one squeeze bottle in either hand and held them over her. He asked if she was ready. “Oh God, yes,” she replied. He began to squeeze the red and yellow condiments over the body of the sexy actress. It poured in lines down the edges of her face and then down her shoulders and all over her striped shirt. It, almost instantly began to soak into her top, staining and splattering it.  It also began to squirt its way down into her top as well. She shouted,” Yeah, that’s right, spray that mess all over me.” She was loving how this was feeling. It was all over her cheeks as well. More splattered onto her skirt and all over her legs. She could feel it on her knee and thigh and then dripping down her sexy calves. The feeling how it felt to have ketchup and mustard poured onto her and having Mr. G. do it was sensual and very arousing for the sexy actress. She closed her eyes and ran her messy hands over herself. Ketchup and mustard dripping down to her ankles and heels. It dripped from her hair and nose. 

Next on her list was baked beans. There was a massive bucket of them. She insisted that she wanted to be beaned. Mr. G. lifted the bucket over her and began to pour. Sloppy beans fell downwards with a plopping noise, they landed on her head and then poured down her face. She giggled and squealed as she was showered in beans. They poured right down her top. The bean juice soaked her top completely. Beans then poured all over her legs and skirt. Beans plopped all over her bare legs. She could feel them everywhere. It was beyond arousing. She could feel them inside of her clothes and right against her pale body. She was showered in the baked beans. This was everything she had imagined. She did not remember ever being this turned on. The reality was even better than the fantasy had been for her. She was totally slopped in the beans.

Next to come was cottage cheese. It was thick, lumpy and smelly. Mr. G. took the plastic container and began to pour it over one over ankles, up her calf and then all over the rest of her legs. He then poured more over her crotch before splattering the rest onto her top and chest. Krysten ran her hand over her sloppy leg. He then grabbed a bucket of cheap macaroni and cheese. It was the type made with cheese wiz. It was the cheesiest indeed. She was about to find that out the hard way. The macaroni was very thin pasta tubes. It was yellow in colour. He smiled as began to tip it out over her head. It haloed over her dark hair and then poured down her face. Her hair and the top of her head piled with macaroni and cheese. It then cascaded over her shoulders and down her chest. It poured into her lap and down her legs. As it went, it left a trail of small tube shaped pasta everywhere on her sexy body. She giggled to herself at the position that she was in. She was covered in macaroni and cheese.

Next to come was a famous bottle of French Dijon mustard. “Pardon me do you have any Grey Poupon,” she joked,” Yes I do, but it is currently all over my body.” He began to squeeze the brown mustard on the top of her head. It came out in tightly coiled lines. He was able to move the bottle to create a pile of it on her head. He then squeezed more onto her face and then down her front. Lines of it were on her face, below her nose, on her cheeks and down her chin. Brown mustard was then squeezed onto her sexy leg. She extended her leg even more, allowing him to squeeze even more all over her sensual leg. She whispered,” I am all yours. I am so filthy.” 

He then finished her off with a bucket of alphabet spaghetti. This was her favourite idea. The idea of having hundreds of little spaghetti letters all over her was something she thought would be both hilarious and orgasmic. She smiled as he raised the bucket. She looked up as it began to pour. Her face was almost instantly covered in alphabet spaghetti. She flung her head forward slightly. The spaghetti then poured down her back and front, soaking her outfit even more. The red sauce soaked her. Letters of pasta stuck everywhere. They were all over her body. Her bare legs were covered in them. Letters everywhere. She licked her lips and shook her head up and down, as if to say,” Yes, this is so good.” She wiggled her behind in her chair and shrugged her shoulders. She was helped to her feet. Mountains of the mess rolled from her body.

The show may have been over, but the night was not. Not by a long shot. Krysten did not bother to clean off or do anything else. She smiled at Mr. G. suggestively. She took his hand and led him back to her dressing room. When they got there she said to him,” I told you, these clothes are yours to keep. I also said, wait until you see what’s underneath.” She proceeded to sensually and slowly unbutton her now sloppy striped top. She undid the buttons and slipped it off. She indeed had nothing underneath. “I told you, no underwear.” She handed him her top, which he placed on the side. She then undid the zip on her skirt and wiggled her way out of it. It fell to the floor, revealing the rest of her lovely body. She handed it to him. She was now completely naked. “See, I hope you like.” Her body was thin but also soft and fleshy, not hard. It was very sensual. She walked around still covered in mess. Her behind very tight. Her landing strip and vagina visible. It was soaking wet.

She told him that this was already the hottest night of her life. She pushed her body against him and they began to kiss passionately. Her messy naked body against his clean clothed one. She lifted her leg and they kissed and touched. She unzipped his trousers and slid his penis out into her hand. There was no time for foreplay right now. They were both already near breaking point. She slid his penis inside of her immediately and the two began to have sex right then and there. She was still covered in alphabet pasta and other mess. They kissed and touched and grinded. Humping back and forth.

Krysten was so turned on by the mess that she received that it did not very long for her body to give way to orgasm. Over and over again. They both came at the same time, exploding in absolute ecstasy. Their love juices adding to the mess. They then made their way to the shower for even more fun. She may have been his favourite guest to this point on the show.

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