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Isabel Hodgins and Chelsea Halfpenny

Isabel Hodgins and Chelsea Halfpenny

Isabel Hodgins and Chelsea Halfpenny were soap actresses who both appeared together on Emmerdale. As a part of a charity fundraising effort to raise money for children with cancer, the Emmerdale cast allowed their fans to vote on who they would like to see gunged. There were two teams that were up for the vote. The two girls and two of their male counterparts. The vote was in a soap magazine as well as online. Because these things usually were weighted heavily in favour of the men, the ladies felt that they would not be in any danger of getting messed. Most of their colleagues would be voting for the guys. Most of the cast was females. What they didn’t count on was all of the wammers out their voting.  All sorts of people would be voting, so it was anyone’s guess which team would lose.

The results and the messing was going to take place just before the British soap awards. The two women were all dressed up in fancy, expensive dresses. The messing would take place outside of the theatre where the awards ceremony would be taking place. The two teams took their spots. The obnoxious awards host was doing the announcing for this as well. “Well, all month the British public have been voting for which team they would like to see covered in mess from Emmerdale. We have the guys vs. the girls.” Both teams looked nervous. “I can now reveal, there was only a few hundred votes in it, so it was very close, but the team getting the messing this evening is.” He paused for effect. Both teams looked nervous. They had their fingers crossed,” The ladies.” The two looked at each other and laughed. They shook their heads. They couldn’t believe it. The guys smiled and shook hands. “Well, ladies, you should be flattered, you won.” “Flattered?,” Isabel said,” We have been voted to be messed. I am not sure that is a good thing.” Chelsea then said,” Thanks to everyone for voting. It is for a good cause, so well done and thanks for that.”

“Ok, girls, the thing is, we do not want to get those lovely dresses messy. They look very attractive. I think what we should do is have you get the mess in your underwear.” Their mouths dropped, but it was a no win situation. They actually did not want to get their dresses messy. They rolled their eyes and reluctantly pulled their dresses down. Both were clad now in just their underwear. Chelsea had on black underwear. Her bra was strapless. Isabel wore green underwear. Their bodies looked amazing clad in only their underwear.

They were then asked to sit on two chairs which were arranged back to back. They reluctantly sat down. They laughed nervously as they awaited their fate. The winning team was going to get to do the honours. The guys offered their condolences to them. They were resigned to their fate, knowing that they were doing this for charity. 

The men got ready to dish out the punishment to the young women. They started with a pie each. They each took a pie in one hand. They chose one of the girls each. They approached them with smiles on their face. The ladies looked up at them and asked for them to please be gentle with them. The guys laughed as they proceeded to drive the pies into their faces simultaneously. The two pies splatted the women their faces. The women’s head almost bounced together as the impact of the pies jolted them in their seats. The men let the pie tins fall into their laps, leaving the women’s faces covered in creamy pie. Everyone, including the women themselves laughed.

The guys then each grabbed containers of ice cream toppings in each hand. They included chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce and marshmallow topping. The men came together over the two women. Each had one topping in either of their hands. The women howled as the men began to squeeze the sundae topping out all over them. They looked up and closed their eyes as the men wildly dumped the toppings all over both of them. They poured on their faces and over their bodies. Luckily for them, the toppings were actually very sweet and tasty. They were soon strewn in them. They dripped everywhere. The men then proceeded to dump sprinkles and nuts all over them. They stuck all over their bodies.

They then were given two containers of squirty cream a piece. They show the containers up and popped the caps on them. They then proceed to spray the woman of their choosing with the whipped cream. They covered their faces and hair first and then decorated their chests, laps and legs in layer after layer of the thick whipped cream. The warmth of their bodies caused it lose form and collapse all over them. The women rubbed their cream covered leg and breasts as the men covered them.
The guys then finished them off with some milkshakes. They each had one in either hand once again. They included strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla. The men laughed as they wildly dumped the ice cold shakes over their co-workers. They watched the girls’ half naked bodies writhe as the ice cold mess made contact with their skin. The muscles in their bodies contorting and spasming involuntarily in their seats as were plastered with the shakes.  The pink, yellow, brown and white mess splattering all over the two of them. 

The presenter then said, “ We hope that everyone enjoys the British Soap Awards. Well done to these two stars of Emmerdale for being such good sports and thanks to everyone who voted and donated.” The girls turned around and looked at each other. They wiped some mess from their faces and laughed at each other. They stood up, holding each other’s arms, almost slipping on the collected mess on the floor. They hugged one another and laughed. 

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