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Ariel Winter comes of age

******Warning**** The following story contains sexual situations, nudity and some male nudity. All participants are above the age of 18. *******
Ariel Winter comes of age

Ariel Winter and one of her male co-stars from Modern Family were selected to appear on a comedy gameshow where they would compete against one another. The way the show was organised was there were a few games like this with celebrities competing against one another with consequences occurring for the loser at the winner’s hands. 

The presenter welcomed the two on stage together. Ariel wore a short black dress that showed off a lot of legs and chest. She looked gorgeous. How practical such an outfit was for such a gameshow was debatable as it may involve running about, or other physical activity. I tight dress and heels were not going to lend themselves well to this. Ariel’s opponent was her television father. The two entered together. The presenter said that they hoped that everyone was up for a laugh today, because it was going to get wild. He explained that the two would compete head to head. The loser would be receiving a punishment.

It was then explained that game that they would be competing against each other would be what was called Coconut Milk Madness. On one end of the stage was two fake coconut trees. When the game began, they would begin shooting coconut milk out of them. The teams would have to attempt to catch as much as they could in medium sized plastic containers. They would then have to pass them to someone else who would run across the stage, trying not to spill the liquid and then dump it into a long thin container at the other end of the stage. Whoever had the most at the end of the elapsed time would be the winner.

This game required that each of the contestants have a partner. Both were allowed to choose a member of the audience to be their partner. They were told that they should think about their choice thoroughly, because their partner would be taking part in the punishment as well as the task with the celebrity. They would be a team. The celebrities were allowed to walk through the audience and look for whom their choice would be to join them. Ariel’s television father choice and athletic looking blonde woman. She was attractive but quite sporty looking as well. He felt that she would make a very good partner to help him win. She looked as though she could have been a member of a ladies football or netball team. She wore red white and blue sports top and black shorts. It was a similar outfit to what the workers at Sports Direct wore.  After some consideration, Ariel pointed at male in the audience. He was slightly older than she was. She pointed to him and said, “You, would you like to be my partner?” Of course, he jumped at the opportunity. One of the main reasons he had chosen to be in the audience was to see Ariel. He had always found her quite attractive and now he was going to be her partner in this game. He replied that he would love to be her partner. He stood up and followed her down to the stage. Ariel had chosen him, in part, because she thought that he was quite attractive and quite a kind looking sort of guy. 

When on the stage, the two audience members told everyone their names, ages and where they came from. The presenter reminded them that this was their last opportunity to back out. They both chose to continue. Everyone was then put into their positions and the rules of the game were explained again. They had 90 seconds in which to collect as much of the coconut milk as they could. Everyone got in their spots and the time began.

On the surface, the game seemed quite easy. It appeared to be straightforward enough. In reality it was much more difficult than it looked. The angle that the milk came out of the trees was high and awkward. It was not that easy to get it to spray into the containers that the person was holding. It also was coming out relatively quickly, so it sprayed everywhere, in all directions. It was also awkward to run with the containers. The floor was rather slippery from the spilled coconut milk. It was also not that easy to pour the milk from one container to the next. They were not designed for that, so when they were tipped to try and do this, a lot of the milk with slide or miss and be lost. Ariel’s dress and heels were proven to indeed be the hindrance that it was feared they may become. She could not run in what she was wearing at all.

It was a very fun game to watch. It was quite comical. The milk was spraying everywhere, the contestants were slipping and falling, people kept missing when they were pouring the milk. It really was mayhem. Everyone was laughing and clapping. Neither team was doing that great, but it was very clear that Ariel and her chosen partner were falling behind. Her television father had chosen wisely, as his partner proved to be rather better at this game than the other three were. When the 90 seconds was up, a buzzer sounded. Everyone had to stop to catch their breath. It had been a wild minute and a half. 

Everyone was given time to recover during the commercial break. The show returned with the two teams standing with the presenter. “Ok, it is time to check the results and see who has collected more of the precious coconut milk,” he said. He went over to where the two containers stood. He stood between them and showed them to the camera. He showed Ariel’s container first. It was not very high. He then showed her opponents’. Although it was not a huge amount, it appeared to be about double the amount that Ariel’s team had collected. “Well, I think I do not have to say much more. It is very clear who the winning team is.” The winners smiled and clapped. Ariel gave a polite clap and shook their hands, congratulating them on their victory.

“So Ariel’s team have lost. Now we get to the little matter of the forfeit that was mentioned.” “Oh God,” Ariel said to herself, rolling her eyes. “Sorry,” she said to her partner for getting him into this mess with her. She grasped his hand nervously. She wondered what their fate would be. “So, I think we all knew that some mess was going to be coming in the near future of the losing team.  They are about to get quite a lot of gunge coming their way in the very near future. You see, we happen to have a lovely gunge tank set up just for these two. How does that sound?” “That sounds excellent,” the winning team said. Ariel and her partner looked at each other. Ariel had a dejected and annoyed look on her face. They laughed with embarrassment. Ariel looked at her partner. “Oh my God, this is going to be some embarrassing.” He looked at her and whispered that it was ok and not to worry. 

The gunge tank was revealed. It was a typical gunge tank, but it was one that was meant for one person. The losing team was going to have to get up close and personal in order to squeeze both of their bodies into the tank. The male member of her team was not that disheartened, to be honest, he was going to be pressed close together with a very attractive celebrity that he had always been attracted to. That was not a bad thing, in his mind. He could not admit that at this stage, of course.

“So,” the presenter said,” The losing team is going to be going into that gunge tank and will be covered in gunge. That is not all, however,” they said. “Winning team, we are going to give you a very important decision about the fate of the losers. We could either let them go in as they are, or, we could make these two take off all of their clothes and go into the tank naked together.” Ariel’s eyes widened like saucers. Her mouth fell open. She shook her head. Her and her partner looked over at the winning team. They crossed their hands. They said to them please not to do this to them. The winners whispered to one another discussing the decision. Ariel’s television father looked over at her with a smile. “So, what is your decision?” The winning team smiled, looked over at the losers and said, in a very serious voice,” Let’s get them naked.” Ariel stomped her feet and squealed. She looked furious with him.

The losers had no choice, they had to take off their clothes. This was going to be broadcast to the world as well. The crowd and the winners began to chant for them to take it off. The male removed his shirt and began to unbutton and unzip his trousers. He glanced at Ariel as he removed his trousers.

 He did not want to make the bulge in his underwear readily visible. Ariel, slowly as she could, began to shimmy her way out of her dress. She allowed it to fall to the ground. She then undid the push up bra that she was wearing, carefully covering her breasts from view as best she could. The two then looked at one another. They took a deep breath and lowered their underwear at the same time, letting them drop to the ground. They instantly clutched at their private parts so as not to reveal everything to the world. They were bright red with embarrassment. They stood side by side naked in front of everyone. Ariel’s television father said,” Bravo. She has developed into quite the young woman,” teasing Ariel.  Ariel looked mortified. She was very self -conscious about how her body looked, especially her heaving bosoms. They were gorgeous and quite large, but she was very ashamed of them. They were so large that she had previously had a breast reduction surgery done. She said to her partner,” This is terrible. I am so embarrassed. I have these big clonking things rattling around. They just get in the way. I hate how they look. I am not that type of a girl. I look like a slut or something.” 

Her partner said to her,” Don’t be silly they are gorgeous. You are gorgeous. There are women all over who would die to have a chest like that. You look incredible,” he smiled. She smiled and stroked her hair, taking a liking to what he had said.  The winners then grabbed all of the losers’ clothes and tossed them out into the audience. Before they could really react, the losers were lead to the gunge booth. They turned their backs to the audience, shifting their hands to cover their naked asses at this point.

When they got to the tank, they realised how tight the fit would be. “This is so embarrassing,” Ariel said. Her partner calmly told her not to worry and that she looked amazing. Her body was looking fantastic. He climbed into the tank first. Ariel followed. When she got in her body instantly pressed against his. It was clear that they would have to cuddle to fit. She climbed in. They wrapped their naked bodies around each other. Their naked behinds pressed on the tank wall. It was very close in there. These perfect strangers were now pressed naked together in a gunge tank.  They were sat down facing one another. They were forced to straddle one another. Their bodies as close as if they were having sex, probably closer. Ariel’s massive breasts squeezed against him. She could feel his erect penis against her smooth sexy body. Her big breasts squashed against him. Their asses squashed on the sides of the tank. Ariel had chosen him because she found him attractive. “I am so glad I chose you,” she said to him,” This is definitely an experience we will never forget.” The winning team were brought over to the lever to release the gunge over the naked losers’ heads.

They smiled and pointed. Ariel gave them a look that would stop a clock. “Ok guys, on the count of three, let the losers have it,” the presenter said. Ariel mouthed the words,” I don’t believe this.” The audience then counted down in unison. “Three.. two…one.” The winners then pulled the lever on the losers. A loud buzzer sounded and some lights flashed. Ariel hugged her partner tightly. The gunge was delayed by a few seconds, almost as if the tank was clogged by the thickness of the gunge. The result, however, was even worse for the team in the tank as a massive explosion of gunge blasted over them initially. It was thick green gunge. It poured onto their heads and onto their nude bodies. The gunge went on, over and between their twisted naked bodies. They struggled and toppled back and forth as their world was covered in gunge. It was everywhere. It dripped down their bare legs and behinds. It poured on their chests. It covered Ariel’s raven black hair. It felt luscious on their bodies, but because of the tank, the gunge and the speed of it, it descended into chaos. The two were, unknowingly all over each other. They were covered from head to toe in gunge as well. There was so much gunge and so little space, in fact, that the doors of the tank were in great danger of busting wide open. It was almost too much for the tank to keep contained. 

Everyone applauded as the losers’ struggled to clear their eyes. They were covered in creamy gunge. The winners slapped hands in victory as the show came to a close. The losers were still trying their best to get their bearings after what had happened. Their slippery naked bodies slipping all over each other in the slime. 

The show ended and the naked losers were let out of the tank and led back to the dressing room. Ariel was pretty steamed at what happened. She could not believe it. Her partner followed her back. She slammed the dressing room door behind them. Immediately, her tone changed. Her eyes looked serious and smouldering. “Actually,” she said,” That was pretty hot.” She then grabbed her partner and pulled him close, passionately kissing him and running her hands all over his messy body. “We have been slimed,” she said in a sexy voice. She bent her knee as they kissed. They were all over each other.

She then grabbed a plate that had a massive toffee cheesecake on it. “Messy, I’ll show them how messy we can be. She sunk both of her hands into the cheesecake grabbed mounds of it. She began to rub them on her breasts and on her backside. She took more and massaged her vagina with it. She then took a cherry cheesecake that was neck to it and slammed her hands into it as well. She smeared it all over her partner’s chest and then all over his very hard penis. She slathered his penis in the sloppy cake. 

She then took a black forest gateau and smashed it over her own head. She then pushed her hands in it, smearing it all over her naked body and then her partner’s. She took a big lump of the cherry pure in between two fingers and stuck her tongue out. She licked it up, tasting its sweetness. She then placed some on the end of her partner’s penis and flicked it with her finger. She then reached down and licked it off.

She then took a massive bowl of trifle. She placed it onto the floor. She then lowered her luscious rear end down into it. She wiggled her bum in the trifle. She then lifted the container and placed it on the male next to hers’ head. It squelched down as she pushed. She then flung herself at him. The two fell down onto the floor, rolling around.

She then went to kitchen part of her dressing room. She grabbed two large buckets that were there. One of vanilla custard and one of chocolate pudding. She handed one to her partner. She took the other herself. She winked and smiled at him, giving a nonverbal signal. The two then playfully dumped the buckets of sloppy mess over one another’s bodies. They playfully tried to grab one another’s bucket, causing the messes to crisscross wildly over one another. They then each, wildly grabbed more buckets. These contained cherry pie filling, apple sauce and blueberry yogurt. They laughed and wiggled about, tossing the messes wildly over one another’s sexy naked bodies. Ariel then grabbed her partner’s penis. She smeared some of the blueberry yogurt over it and then thrust it into her mouth, sucking it. She sucked his penis and sucked the yogurt off simultaneously. As she did this, her partner poured sticky toffee and banana pudding over her face and all over his throbbing penis. She had great neck action as his sloppy penis pushed in and out of her mouth. She lick the end with her tongue. She then pulled it out just before he was about to cum. 

They started kissing and touching each other. She took his penis and slowly inserted it into herself. She let out a moan of pleasure and satisfaction. They wildly made love, rolling around on the ground, smearing the slimy mess that covered them all over the carpeting. They did not care. They rolled around in pleasure and excitement. “Oh, yes. Oh my God,” Ariel moaned. She grinded her hips, pushing his erect penis deeper into her sexy love hole.  She thrust her massive breasts, complete with huge rock hard nipples into his face. He licked them. He buried his face in her massive chest. He then proceeded to run his tongue in a swirl around her nipples before sucking on her massive nipples. He could taste her sexy body. They passionately made love for what seemed like hours until they both reached climax. Their bodies exploding wildly in pleasure, still covered in mess from head to toe. The cum exploding forth. 

They both collapsed in pleasure and exhaustion on one another. “Oh my God,” Ariel said,” I am so glad I picked you. That was so hot.” She bit her lip. “We are all messy.” She then led him to the shower where they scrubbed one another’s naked bodies clean. The warm water and soap melting the mess away, sending it down the drain. They used their hands to scrub one another. They kissed and touched. The audience member laughed, “ And I would have been nervous to even ask for your number.”


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