Saturday, 7 May 2016

Lucy Versamy short story

Lucy Versamy short story

Lucy Verasamy was dressed in a purple button down shirt and a beige skirt. The outfit was pretty tight, showing off her sexy figure. She had a slim and sexy body. Unfortunately for her, she had been chosen as the person from her network that people wanted to see get covered in mess as a part of comic relief. It was a Friday and the mess would occur after, or perhaps, during her weather forecast for the weekend. 

She began to give her weather report for the weekend. She then said that she forecasted a large amount of mess in the very near future coming her way. She very cheekily said that it was going to be a very messy evening for her and that it would be coming from the north. 

Before she could say anymore a deluge of yellow gunge poured down onto her. She closed her eyes as best as she could, but thick gunge dumped all over her slim frame. It almost knocked her off of her feet. It poured all over the blue screen behind her and all over her dark hair and face. It poured over her clothes and sexy body. She was doused in the yellow mess from above. 

She then said that there were also predictions of a messy current coming from the east and west. With that, some stagehands tossed buckets of light blue gunge over her from either side. They splashed everywhere. They splattered her shirt and went all over her skirt and legs as well as bouncing onto her face. 

There are also calls for creamy mess that maybe coming in from any direction as well. With that she was pelted with a barrage of pies. She raised her arms and squealed as pie after pie peppered her body. They seemed to not let up. What seemed like dozens of pies flew at her, smashing all over her body, leaving mounds of cream all over person as they went. She twirled around. More pies hit her back and rear end as she did this. There was no escape. 

Chocolate pudding then rained down from above. She slipped a bit on her heels and fell onto her backside as the chocolate mess dumped over her body. She sat in a puddle of the chocolate mess as it puddling everywhere around her. The stagehands then began to toss custard over her.

She laid on her back now facing up. She closed her eyes as the custard splattered her. Then from above, a current of rice pudding fell onto her. She let out a scream as it hit her face and body with a  thud, covering her from head to toe.

She then sat up. “I hope you all enjoyed that. It was for a good cause. Enjoy the rest of your night and weekend. I hope it will be dryer than mine has been.” She laughed and waived, sat on the studio floor covered in sloppy mess.

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  1. awesome story and cracking victim, hoping she gets messy in real life