Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Margot Robbie vs. Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie vs. Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie settled into bed and fell asleep. When she woke up she was in a surreal world. She was strapped to a chair, underneath a conveyer belt. Standing above her was a real life representation of the character Harley Quinn. The set up was a gameshow, but a very strange one. The place it took place in was filled with all sorts of contraptions and clown themed decorations. It looked as though they were inside of a giant jack in the box. Margot was terrified and intrigued. “This must be a dream,” she thought to herself. It was a nightmare. 

Harley looked down on her from above. She laughed maniacally.  She cackled at her. “Welcome my dear to the sloppiest, dirtiest, sexiest, craziest, most off the wall gameshow ever created. The only thing is, the best part, you can’t win. There is no way to win. Even if you win, you will lose. You lose, you lose. You lose, you lose, you lose, you lose, you lose.” She laughed. “Sorry, sweetheart, but you are all fine tonight,” she said, running her index finger along her stomach from her breasts down to just above her panties. She was clad only in harlequin styled underwear. Harley straddled her. “Don’t worry hun,” she said, looking deeply into her eyes. “It is going to be a whole lot of fun. Well, for me anyway. For you I am not so sure,” she again wickedly cackled. She licked her lips.

“I will ask you some silly questions. If you get them wrong, something very sweet and tasty will be coming your way from above. Whatever you do, don’t look up,” she laughed. “What is the square route of boogety,zoogety zoo?” “What the?,” Margot started to say. “Oops you are wrong.” With that a large cream bun fell from the sky and landed right on top of Margot’s head. Some of it rolled down onto her lap. Her head instantly covered in the creamy mess. “Aww, tough luck. I can’t believe it. Can you. Poor girl,” she said sarcastically. She shrugged her shoulders and made a funny face. The chair that she was in moved forward. 

“Neeeeext Question,” she sang. “Who was the first president?” “George Washington,” Margot blurted out. “That is.. actually, that is correct. How? Oh well never mind, you get the mess anyway.” A giant pile of profeteroles fell from above onto Margot. She shrieked as they fell all over her. They fell onto her head and tumbled down to her lap. Harley laughed very loudly. “Oh my gosh, how sad. Poor you. Sucks to be you right now. I promise, it looks hot on you though.” 

The chair moved again. “Moving on with our quizzy,” Harley said. “ Who is the prime minister of Booglewoogle Pattypie?” “ That’s not even a thing,” Margot shouted. “Wrongo, missy”, Harley shouted. With that, a large container of custard fell over and dumped all over Margot. It tumbled down, pouring all over her. “Ooooh, that looks sloppy there,” she said.  “Oh dear. She ran her hands all over Margot’s body. “Oooh yes, that is sloppy. So damn sloppy,” she said sexually. She massaged her breasts and stomach in the custard. 

She stood up. “Next questiony. What’s my favourite colour?” “Uh, red,” Margot replied. “Ugh, I don’t know. I don’t care. Let’s say you are wrong. Whatever, eh?” Next to come was a massive ice cream sundae. It was complete with whipped cream and all sorts of toppings. It was massive and creamy. It was in a plastic bowl. The whole thing fell down splatted down on Miss Robbie. “ You got totally sundaed there,” Harely laughed. Margot was dripping in the sundae now. Harley grabbed the plastic and pushed it into Margot’s face. She straddled her and twisted in around. “You are a sloppy, sloppy girl,” Harley sung. She then slapped her backside. 

“You know what, screw the questions. You are going to get it.” She pushed the conveyer belt forward. Stuff began to dump wildly over her. The machine was making funny noises and sounds, as if it was glitching out. Pies, cakes, cheesecakes and souffl├ęs fell over her, one after another after another, covering her from head to toe. Harley squealed in laughter. “Oh sweetie. How does that feel. It looks so sloppy for you there. You have been trashed.” She danced around in a silly way, celebrating. Margot’s chair was then pushed into a gunge tank.

The door slammed shut. “I am so very sorry there, but you have lost. That means you get the gunge. Gunge, gunge, gunge, gunge.” She smiled and waved at her. She triggered the release mechanism. Red and black gunge poured down onto Margot. Red from above and black from below. The tank filled from both directions. She screamed as she began to slowly disappear beneath the tank of filled gunge. “Oh no, where you going? Don’t leave. I can’t see you,” Harley teased. Margot thrashed about. She closed her eyes as she disappeared totally in the gunge. Harley threw the doors open and gunge poured out. Margot was still covered in sloppy gunge.  She gasped for air. “ You never looked better honey. It suits you. Definitely your colours. Mind you, you don’t look as good as me. You are a bit of a tramp, but hey that’s ok. We can’t all be gorgeous. Nice tits though.”

She then playfully decorated Margot in clown like accessories all over her body. This made her look very funny indeed. She then laughed at her. “You look fantastic young lady,” she then laughed evilly and loudly. She pushed her face into Margot’s face. “You are all mine missy,” she cackled. Margot did not know whether this was a good dream or a nightmare.  She did not seem to be waking up though. She was more than a little worried.


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