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Jessica Chastain Huntswoman

Jessica Chastain Huntswoman

Jessica Chastain played the huntsman’s wife in the film, the Huntsman, Winter’s War. She played a very sexy, powerful woman in the film. She was ginger and spoke with a Scottish accent in the film, which was also incredibly sexy. This story is about her character in the film, as she is not really Scottish in real life. 

In this scene, the evil ice queen, Freya, played by Emily Blunt has captured Jessica’s character, Sara. She has realised that she is going to side with her estranged husband, so Freya decides to punish her. She decided to place Sara in a pillory outside of the palace.  She was going to punish her for the crime of falling in love. She was dragged out to the stocks by her fellow huntsmen and locked inside of them. 

She was looking very good, as she had for the entire film. She had her ginger hair in braids and plats and wore tight fitting black, upvc clothing. The queen had killed and deceived before. She did not want to permanently harm Sara this time, as she wanted to keep her onside. She was good warrior and could be used against her estranged husband as she saw fit. She just wanted to break her spirit this time. She had her put in the stocks. She was bent over and stretched out. The ice queen stood in front of her. “Well, you dare to fall in love. I should have your head for this. Instead I am going to teach you some humility. You should know where your place is, you ungrateful wench.” Sara gritted her teeth and tried her best not to respond, knowing if she talked back it would only result in further punishment. 

“Let’s start with a whipping a think. Get out the whip please. Twenty lashes for Sara,” Emily Blunt’s queen ordered. One of the hunstmen came forward with the whip. She began to count. He leaned back and cracked the whip across her back, ass and legs. She tried to bite her lip as it happened and to not show any signs of weakness or pain, but by the time her got to five, there was no way to control it. She yelped in embarrassment and pain as the sting of whip cracked against her body. Luckily for her she was fully dressed so her thick clothing absorbed some of the whipping. Each lash was counted until twenty was reached. 

Freya then pronounced the next punishment. “You have no idea how much waste and rubbish a castle like this produces. Rubbish like yourself Sara. That is what you are and where you belong. Empty the garbage shoots, troughs and latrines on her men,” she ordered. The men did as they were told. They brought forward containers of the waste from the castle to dump over the young lady whom they felt had betrayed the queen. “Men, you may commence dumping,” she ordered. Sara was trapped in the stocks. The most she could do was close her eyes. The people that she had grown up with her about to let her have it with the rubbish leftover by the kingdom.

They began by pelting her with a barrage of rotten fruit and vegetables. They took the rotten large bits and tossed them at her first. This included tomatoes and cabbages along with eggplants and other fleshly vegetables. Seeds and pulp exploded all over her as the fruit and vegetables collided with her head, body and the stocks which confined her. It ran down her face, over her red hair and down her chin. Even some rotten eggs and bits of rotten meat were flung at her. 

They then began to dump the troughs over her. Most of them were filled with animal feed and slop, mainly made up of no longer edible food stuffs. One after another the troughs were brought over and dumped over her person. The messes plummeting all over her body. Some were filled with dirty water and grime as well. This splashed all over her. 

The food waste containers were then dumped over. They were filled with month’s worth of discarded and rotting food. Vegetables and meat made up a lot of it, but there was also portions of gruel, oatmeal and gravy that also were in the mix. One after another they were carried over to her, held above her head and then dumped over her. The queen watched in delight, laughing at Sara’s humiliation. The grimy, sloppy food waste poured down her pale, freckles, yet taught body. Her arms and legs dripped with mess. Her entire body was strewn with stinking, rotting mess. She was completely helpless on display in the bright sunlight glistening with slop. 

The queen then ordered for the rest of the waste to be dispatched of. It was medieval times and there was no such things as garbage trucks or waste disposal sites in this era. The collected waste of the kingdom was now to be dumped onto Sara. Each of the queen’s guards formed a line and one after another, they dumped portions of the garbage over trapped woman. They made sure to get it all over her body and all over her face. Her ginger braided hair was soon strewn with bits of waste and rubbish from all ends of the castle. The smelly, grimy slop rolling down her face, dripping from her chin and nose. It seemed to go one for hours. 

She was left covered in mess. Her whole body was left stinking as well from the rubbish that she was covered in. “ I hope you have learned your lesson. Next time I will not be so kind. Dump her in the pond to clean off,” she ordered. The men set her free from the pillory and dragged her to the warm pond. They tossed her in and left her there. She was left to clean the mess from her filthy body. She slipped out of her filthy clothing and scrubbed her naked, pale body clean. She spent ages, cleaning herself and then, still naked, cleaned her filthy clothes on some nearby rocks. Strangely, she was furious, at this point, at her estranged husband more than anything. She was going to get her own back on him one day if she could.

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