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Kellie Bright strictly on Maddy Hill

Kellie Bright strictly on Maddy Hill

Kellie Bright was a soap actress on Eastenders. Her television daughter was played by Maddy Hill. The two were quite close, but had a relationship where they would tease one another quite a bit. There was a lot of banter between the two. They were both mouthy Eastender sort of actresses.
Kellie was selected to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. When Maddy heard about this she found it quite amusing. “You,” she quipped,” On Strictly. Give over. There is no way. You have two left feet. Those people are actually good at dancing. You will be out in the first week. You don’t have a hope in hell’s chance to win that. You are going to fall flat on your face and embarrass yourself,” she teased. 

Saying this, she had gone just a touch too far. Kellie looked slightly hurt and offended by Maddy’s lack of faith in her abilities. “You know what, I have just as much chance to win as anyone else on there does. I am actually not bad at dancing. I tell you what, you mouthy little madam, if you are so sure I won’t win, why don’t we make a bet. If I win, I get to gunge you. What do think about that?”

 “Yeah fine, there is no chance that you are winning. You should have said if you get past the first week. I am not sure you can even get that far. In fact I am so sure that if you manage to somehow to actually win, I’ll do it stark bullock naked as well. You can dream. I am pretty sure that you have no chance to win this.” They agreed that if Kellie one that this would happen on a closed set after hours.
Maddy thought she had nothing to worry about. There were loads of celebrities on the show. She was always expecting Kellie to be eliminated. Her chances of winning were very low just on percentages.

 However, the weeks passed and Kellie was still in it. Maddy started to become more and more nervous. When the final came around, she tried to get out of the bet. “Um, look, you aren’t going to hold me to that are you? I didn’t really mean it.” “You know what, you were so sure that I would lose. I worked so hard for this. If I win, I think I have earned the right to punish you.” Maddy sighed. “Hey, you still haven’t won yet. Don’t get too confident.” 

Of course, much to Maddy’s chagrin, Kellie did win. Maddy’s heart went into her throat as she watched on television. When Kellie was interviewed after her win she said,” Well, some people didn’t think I could do this. They thought I would never win. They know who they are, I can promise them, revenge is going to be so sweet.” Maddy gulped. 

She made her way to the closed set. She considered not turning up, but she knew that she worked with Kellie every day, so that was not really an option. She hoped that whatever Kellie had planned would not be too bad. Kellie was going to enjoy humiliating her younger co-star. She deserved this and Kellie was going to let her have it. 

She arrived at the empty set, Kellie was already there waiting for her. She smiled. “Glad you could make it,” she said. “Yeah well, can we talk about this?  I really don’t know..” “Oh, there is no getting out of this now. A bet is a bet. I worked long and hard for this and I deserve the chance to do this.” “Ok, ok, whatever,” Maddy said. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, looking like a stroppy teenager. A chair was set up in the centre of the empty room. Maddy attempted to sit down on it, knowing that it was just for her. “Nah ah,” Kellie said,” Get those clothes off first. I want to see some skin.” Maddy’s eyes pleaded, but she knew that she was stuck. She let out a protracted sigh. She then began to undress.

She wore old clothing, a sporty looking cut off sweater, over one shoulder which was red with white printing on it, a black sports bra, black tights and a black thing. She reached down and pulled her top off in one movement. She placed it on the ground. She then slid her tights down her legs to her feet. She pulled off her trainers and sporty white socks before removing the tights. She then pulled off her sports bra and lowered her thong. She put the clothes in a pile to the side of her. She placed her hands over her chest and private parts. Her blonde hair was pulled back. She then sat herself down onto the provided chair. She crossed her legs and arms. She frowned and pouted. Kellie then walked beside her. She took her arms and tied them behind her back with a rope. “Wouldn’t want you getting away,” she teased. Maddy rolled her eyes. She could not believe that this was actually happening to her. She was mortified. She really hoped that Kellie would be quick about this. She just wanted it over and done with.

Kellie produced a massive cream pie. She held it behind her back as she approached her television daughter. She grinned from ear to ear. She did not say a word. She quickly pulled the pie around and thrust it straight into Maddy’s face. It landed with a splat. She had dreamed about this moment for years. The moment the pie collided with the young woman’s face bordered on orgasmic in the level of excitement that it produced. Kellie rubbed the pie around in Maddy’s face, relishing the act intensely. She then pushed the pie casing up to the top of her head. She placed it on top of her head. She then laughed and walked away. She stood back and admired the view. Maddy frowned. She flickered her eyes and moved her lips slightly, but the pie on her face remained as it was. Underneath the pie, her face was beat red. She was fuming with undreamt of levels of embarrassment.

Kellie then produced a gigantic bucket of pink gunge. “Oh yeah, here comes the gunge,” she teased. Maddy just shook her head. She could not believe that this was really happening to her. “You are just loving this aren’t you? Laugh it up at my expense. Go on.” Kellie showed no hesitation whatsoever. She held the bucket over Maddy and began to slowly pour the gunge over body. She started by dumping some over her golden hair and face. She sputtered as the gunge poured down over her face. Her hair was soon completely covered and soaked in it. It poured over her slight chest and stomach and then all over her lap. It poured over her back and down her rear end. More poured on her legs. She could feel it pouring down her legs and between them. She opened her legs slightly to let the gunge flow more freely. The idea that her television mother was pouring gunge all over her naked body was a strange one. Kellie moved the bucket back and forth over her, making sure to not miss a spot on her body. It was everywhere. 

She then took a second bucket containing green gunge and used that as well. She forced her television daughter’s legs open and began to pour the gunge straight over her private parts. Maddy gasped, feeling the gunge on her naughty bits. “Are you seriously, pouring gunge on my minge?,” she said in her east end accent. “Go ahead, gunge my fanny then.” Kellie laughed as she dispatched the rest of the gunge all over Maddy’s body. 

She then grabbed another pie and thrust it between Maddy’s legs. Maddy let out a squeal as the pie was pushed into her exposed womanhood. Cream got all over her vagina and all the way up to her ass. Her bottom clenched and squished in the mess beneath it. Kellie roared with laughter. “Never mind, hey kid?,” she told her. She then took a few photos of the trashed young actress. 

She then untied her. Maddy threw her arms around Kellie, almost instantly. “Congratulations,” she told her,” You did amazing. We are all proud of you. I definitely deserved that. I’m sorry,” she said, hugging her television mother. She definitely learned her lesson.


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