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Maria Kanellis Bennet First Lady of mess

Maria Kanellis Bennet First Lady of mess

Maria Kanellis Bennett returned to wrestling, by coming to TNA. She instantly became the best thing about the failing company’s product. She had two separate storyline going at the same time. She appeared in two to three segments of every show. TNA was smart enough to know that the more screen time that she had, the better it was for them. Any feasible reason to have her on screen was taken. This was for good reason. She was just about the only thing on the show that attracted anyone to watch. She very well may have been the most attractive woman in the world at this point. She was beyond gorgeous. Every inch of her body was incredible. Even her hair was sexy. The way she dressed was amazing. The way she walked was amazing, The way she talked was amazing. She was way better than TNA and it showed. She even made the crap that they gave her to do seem passable, which was something very few people were able to pull off. Anyone who had Tivo or recorded the each week, would, basically, only watch the times when Maria was on screen. She had talent and looks to spare. 

In one of her storylines, she had taken over the Knockouts division and attempted to control all of the knockouts. Of course, there was only one way that this storyline could possibly end. That was, all of the knockouts getting revenge on Maria for all she had done. This could not really be done effectively with anything in the ring. The only good way for them to get their revenge on her was through messy humiliation. It took months to build to the incredible climax. 

Maria was in the ring complaining to some of the knockouts. As she was whining, more and more of the knockouts emerged from the back and began to circle the ring before entering. She continued to berate each and every one of them as they circled her like sharks. At some point, it began to dawn upon her,” Wait, I may be in charge, but there are like ten of them and only one of me. I could be in real trouble here if they decide to work together.” She began to look a bit worried. They circled ever closer around her. She said,” You know what, that is enough for one day. I am going to go back and let everyone cool down and we can talk about all of this later.” She tried to exit the ring. As she did, Jade grabbed her by the arm. She looked very worried. Jade smiled and began to speak to her. “You aren’t going anywhere,” she said,” We are all sick of your crap Maria and it is time we took revenge upon you.” “Oh never mind that, I am the first lady of professional wrestling.” She wore one of her sexy trademark outfits including a very short skirt that showed off the curves of her amazing body. 

Jade fired back,” You are not the first lady of professional wrestling, Maria. Today you will be the first lady of mess.” Her eyes widened as she began to beg and plead. “Everyone, you don’t want to do this. You know I hold all of the power. I can make or break any one of you, if I choose to.” “Well Maria, there  quite a few of us and only one of you. United we stand. From where I stand, it looks like we have all the power right now,” Gail Kim said. Maria realised that she was in trouble now. There was no way to escape. “You know what, I will just be going. We can revisit this some other time.” She tried to leave, but two of the knockouts blocked her path. “You ain’t going anywhere,” they told her.  She then tried to walk in the other direction, but was blocked again. She darted back and forth and then fell over onto her backside. 

“Maria, for all of your conniving and manipulation, for everything you have done to all of us, it is time we got revenge,” Jade said. She sat on the mat on her backside. Her legs were apart. From the right angle, people could see right up her skirt. She kept saying that they did not want to do this and that they would regret it. They didn’t listen to her threats. The crowd roared with excitement. They were dying to see what was about to happen. Gail and Jade brought a mop bucket into the ring. It was filled with sloppy brown mess. Maria waived her arms. They teased her. “Oh, Maria, this is all for you.” They laughed and the entire crowd erupted as they flung the brown mess all over Maria. Her eyes and mouth went comically wide as the mess flung through the air and landed all over her. She was instantly covered in brown mess. It splattered her face and dyed red hair. It was all over her dress and all over her body. Her legs were covered as well. She screamed no and kicked her legs as well as slammed her hands up and down in the sloppy mess. It was a moment of sheer humiliation for Maria in front of everyone. 

Each of the knockouts was then passed a container or bucket and got their turn to dump something over her. Everyone from Madison Rayne to Rebel to Brooke Tessmacher and so on. They each played to the ground as they dumped something onto Maria. It was mainly waste from the back. A lot of it was from concession stands and catering. It looked revolting with lumps all in it. The colours ranged from brown to redish to yellow. Her “husband” was nowhere to be seen. No one was about to come to her aide. One after another, they proceeded to dump their loads over her. The once pristine, first lady of professional wrestling was now covered in sloppy mess. It was all over her sexy body. She was covered from head to toe.

She continued to scream and shout about they could not do this to her and that she would get revenge on all of them for this. Right now, she was covered in mess from head to toe. She wallowed in a puddle of collected slop. She truly was the first lady of mess at this moment. The slop was revolting. It looked and smelled disgusting and it was all over Maria. 

The other knockouts all left, ignoring her as she screamed and complained. Later a backstage segment was shown of her throwing a tantrum, walking back to her dressing room dripping in mess. She said that the knockouts were ungrateful and would pay for what they had done. In between thoughts she shouted comments like ,” Just look at me” and “I’m covered in mess, all over my body. It is so gross.” The male wrestlers that she passed along the way laughed under their breath and stared at her. She screamed,” And what do you think you are looking at?,” at them. 

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