Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Adelaide Clemens and Michelle Williams

Adelaide Clemens and Michelle Williams

Adelaide Clemens and Michelle Williams looked a lot alike. They were always compared to one another. The two actresses found themselves cast in a film where they were playing sisters. On the set they seemed as though they really got on very well. The reality was however, that Adelaide really did not like the fact that the two were considered to be almost lookalikes. She hated that she was always compared to Michelle. She really felt as though she was the much better looking of the two. To everyone else, she was really sweet and kind. However, during the entire shooting, she constantly was doing things to embarrass Michelle and to make her look bad. She would do things like tripping her so that she would fall into mud and dropping breakfast all over her. She made these things look like accidents. Michelle realised what Adelaide was really up to. She knew that she was not so sweet underneath and was maliciously doing things to her. She felt very intimidated by Adelaide. Adelaide had warned her not to say anything to anyone or she would make it worse for her. Michelle endured this bullying for the entire length of the flim’s shooting. The truth was that Adelaide was very jealous of Michelle and felt that the comparison of the two had held her career back from what it could have been.

Things progressively got worse throughout the shooting. As the shooting of the film was finally wrapping up, Adelaide took the opportunity to have one last pop at Michelle. Adelaide thought that the two were alone and that no one else could hear what she was saying. “Well, see I came out on top. You have looked foolish in front of everyone for the entire time we have been shooting. You deserve it. I am the one who should be the star. I am so much better looking than you are and more talented. I can’t stand the fact that people think we are similar. I should be the one getting all the attention. I hope you enjoyed working together. I sure did. It was quite a pleasure getting to constantly embarrass you and make it look like it was all your fault. No one suspects a thing either. They are all so stupid. It was so much fun embarrassing you and no one will ever know.” She then walked off. Unbeknownst to her, someone the director had happened to stumble in at the same time that she was saying this and heard the entire thing. Michelle ended up confiding everything in him. He was very angry. When the rest of the cast and crew heard about this, they were very angry as well. The wrap party that was happening later that evening, however, would provide the perfect platform for Adelaide to get her just desserts. 

Every single member of the cast and crew heard about what happened. Each and every one of them sided with Michelle. Adelaide was told that the cast party would be in her honour. In a way, that was true, but in a way that she could never have expected. She was the last one to arrive at the party and everyone was waiting for her. When she entered, everyone fell silent. It was deathly quiet.

She approached Michelle. The director intercepted her. “We know,” he said. “Know what? I have no idea what you are talking about.” “We heard everything earlier. We know what you have been doing to Michelle.” “I don’t know what you are talking about. I haven’t been doing anything at all. I love Michelle. We look like sisters after all,” she said in a fake sweet voice. “There is no use. I heard it all and it we all think that it is only fair that you get exactly what you deserve.” Her tone instantly switched at this point into her true self. “You wouldn’t dare. You are a bunch of idiots. Why do people always side with her. Little miss perfect over there always gets her own way. She thinks that she is so perfect and wonderful. I am the one. I am much better than her. I should be the star. I should be the one in the spotlight,” she screamed and shouted and kicked her feet. She was dragged away by two of the actors from the film. They tied her down to a chair with ropes around her wrists. 

Michelle was then given the chance to get her revenge. She was given a huge creamy pie. She smirked. It was her time to get her own back. “You bitch. You would not dare to do this. You are so jealous. I will get you back for this.  You biiiiitch!.” Michelle pushed the pie as hard as she could straight into her face. Everyone cheered as they witnessed the pie creaming Adelaide. Michelle laughed as she relished pieing the woman who had repeatedly embarrassed her. Adelaide a creamed and pouted. “This is ridiculous!,” she yelled as pie spirted from her nose and mouth. Everyone else mocked her. They told her that she looked great and that she never looked better.

She was then handed a black forest cake. Michelle pushed this cake straight down onto Adelaide’s head. It stuck in place on top of her head. Cream and cherry pie filling plopped down her blonde hair and face. She then poured fruit cocktail down the front of her dress. Adelaide’s eyes were like saucers and her mouth was like a giant O. She panted and shook in anger. “This is disgusting. You are all just so jealous. This is my film. You bunch of losers.”

Michelle then proceeded to spray her rival with ketchup and mustard, all over her body. She wore a soft, lacy, taffeta, peached coloured dress. It was soon splattered up and down with red and yellow. It covered her arms and legs. Michelle then dumped the rest over her head. She finished her off with another creamy pie for good measure, leaving her covered in mess as she kicked and screamed.

She was then hauled out the front door untied and left out in the cold as she pouted and complained. She swore her revenge. She was very angry indeed.


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