Sunday, 2 October 2016

Claire Cooper Filthy Bitch

***WARNING*** This story contains nudity and sexual situations****

Claire Cooper Filthy Bitch

I met Claire Cooper one day in a café. In real life she was a lot like the character that she played on Hollyoaks. She was very chavy and, as I would learn later, very naughty. She had not been on the show for a few years and she had not really been on television very much, if at all since that time. She had returned to her roots. She was back to her down to Earth sort of lifestyle. The café that I met her in was a bit of a greasy spoon. The place was a locally run sort of café. Claire spent a lot of time there, as she had mates who worked there. The place was very low end, but the food was pretty good.

When I saw her, apart from looking sexy, she looked very familiar. I didn’t realise that she was someone I had watched on Hollyoaks. She did look familiar. We instantly felt an attraction between the two of us. It was palpable. You could feel it in the air. She looked tastier than anything on the menu. It was clear from the start the attraction that we shared. I was very nervous. She was not though. She walked up to my table, put her hand on my knee and said,” Hey love, see anything you like?” I was very embarrassed. She must have realised. “Don’t be embarrassed. You look amazing yourself.” She sat down next to me. We introduced ourselves. She was constantly licking her lips. She then whispered in ear something that I would never forget. “Look love, I live just around the corner. I have a refrigerator full of leftovers and a drawer full of sex toys. What do you reckon?” We wasted no time getting back to hers. 

Her flat was small. It was not what you would have expected from a celebrity. It was basically a council flat. It was filthy as well. By the time the door shut we were all over each other. We began snogging. Our hands were all over each other already. We began to tear each other’s clothes off. Her clothes were soon off completely. “It’s all yours,” she purred. My hands were all over her sexy body. “I have a confession to make,” she said,” I am a filthy, filthy bitch.” She opened up a drawer in her dresser and revealed the largest collection of sex toys and vibrators I had ever seen in my life. It was extensive. I couldn’t even identify what some of the things in that drawer were. 

She then led me into the kitchen. “This is what leftovers were meant for,” she said. She opened up the refrigerator. The smell exploded from it of leftover, slightly gone off food. “It can go all over my body. I want to be as dirty as possible. You can get me good.” She sat on the counter top and we snogged again. It was now time to dump her leftovers upon her.

The first thing she pulled out was a small plate that had a lump of spam on it. She lifted the plastic wrap from it. She then took it in her hand and pushed it between her legs and then up her body, smushing the disgusting pseudo meat around on herself. It smelling nauseating and eroded on her body as she pushed it around. She then took the remainder of it and pushed it down onto the top of her head. As she was doing this, I reached into the refrigerator and pulled out bits and pieces to use upon her. They included scotch eggs, pork pies, quiche, sausage rolls and a half eaten Cornish pasty. One by one I pulled the items out of the refrigerator and smashed them onto her body. I smashed the quiche into her face and chest, rubbing it around. I smashed a Cornish pasty into her ass. I pushed pork pies and sausage rolls right into her vagina. As each item collided with her body, they broke apart and crumbled to bits, smearing all over her. I pushed the scotch eggs all over her body, into her vagina, onto her chest and legs. Her nipples were very hard and her vagina was dripping wet already. She ran her hands all over herself sensually and fingered herself as this was happening to her. 

I then tipped what appeared to have once been a chicken casserole over her head. It was a sickening brownish green colour. I tipped the whole thing over her head. Bits of chicken, onions, peppers and other bits rolled down her face. “This shit would have just gone in the bin otherwise,” she said. Next to come was a casserole dish filled with half eaten shepherd’s pie. It must have been six inches deep. I thrust my hands into it. It was thick with mash and mince. I pulled my hands out and pushed them into her face and then over her chest, massaging shepherd’s pie all over her face and body. I smeared the mash bit over her and then dumped the sloppy, wet mince bits over her heard. The brown lumpy muck rolled down her face and body. 

There were small bowls with cling film and baggies in the fridge. I began to grab these sand empty them onto Claire. There was baked beans, mushy peas and egg salad. I took each, opened them and dumped the contents all over the filthy former soap actress. All the time she was touching herself. We kissed and touched wildly as we dispersed of the filthy leftovers.

I then grabbed some containers filled with gone off deli items. Among them being coleslaw, coronation chicken and pasta salad. I popped these open and one by one dumped them over her. In the same area off her filthy refrigerator, was slices of bologna and salami. I pulled these out too and began to place them all over Claire’s naked body. The last item we used was leftover spaghetti. It was truly atrocious in how it looked and smelled. We both recoiled when the cling film was pulled. Claire smiled. “Dump it,” she said. I complied, dumping it over her head. She closed her eyes and it rolled down over her head. The cheese, pasta and sauce covered her.

We then hightailed it to the bedroom. We threw ourselves onto the bed and began to roll around and have sex. Her filthy body pressed against mine. She then fell to her knees and began to suck my cock. That was just the beginning. We spent the rest of the night carrying out every sex act known to man. Later on, we enjoyed cleaning one another. There was no doubt how dirty she really was.

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