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Heather Graham role of a lifetime

Heather Graham role of a lifetime

Heather Graham was secretly a very kinky person. There were a few films that she was in where she ended up being topless or having sex scenes. She had a dirty mind and a high sex drive. She also was quite a funny person. She acted in a number of comedic films and held her own against some of the funniest actors in Hollywood. She was incredibly attractive and talented. She was always willing to take chances and to do things in films to get laughs. She was not afraid to look silly. 

She was chosen to act in a film where she was playing a comedic role as French maid. She wasn’t really meant to be French, but was doing a comedic French accent. The character was meant to be clumsy and ditsy. She was constantly falling over, tripping and falling etc. It was a very cute role. It was a children’s film with a lot of slapstick. Every scene that she was in seemed to end with Heather’s character falling into something or have something dropped or poured upon her head. The scenes got sillier and sillier. The longer the movie went on, the more the audience saw it coming. The writers tried to see how clever they could be with it. The character’s name was Monique Le Drop. 

The first scene she was in was a scene where she was getting ready for someone’s Birthday party. She was setting up the room before the party. She was seen carrying a large punch bowl filled with punch. It was very big and was difficult for her to hair. She walked in waddling back and forth with the bowl. She tried very hard not to spill it. It appeared to be quite the challenge. She was in high heels and a low cut maid’s outfit. The skirt was very short.  Her boss called out her name,” Monique.” When he yelled this, it startled her and she accidentally spilled the entire punch bowl over herself. She tripped and fell over onto her backside. She was soaked in the punch. It soaked her blonde hair and dripped down her face. The boss came in. He was a snooty rich man with a thin moustache and glasses. He wore a tuxedo. “Monique, what are you doing? You just wasted all that punch. What am I going to do with you? You really are a clumsy oaf. Well get up and get back to work will you?” He was quite a mean, demanding boss. Part of the joke was that he would always do things that would cause Monique to mess up and then tell her how clumsy and silly she was. Most of the time, it was not really her doing.

She got up and started to work again. The boss screamed her name again. This caused her to jump. When she jumped, she fell forward and landed on a buffet table full of food. She landed face first in a trifle like desert. The table then collapse of one end, which sent her flying backwards. She fell back into an ice sculpture, causing it to break to pieces all over her. This made the floor slippery which caused her to fall backwards into a water fountain. She fell to her knees, struggling in the fountain. Water dripped right onto her head from the mouth of a fish statue in the fountain. The boss then came back, shouting her name again. “Monique, what are you doing? Look at you. You are such a fool. Oh well, never mind, the party is in an hour. Chop, chop.” He walked away. She looked up looking overwhelmed and frustrated. The water still pouring on her head, she rolled her eyes. 

In the next scene, Heather’s character came wobbling in carrying a massive layer cake. It was the size of one that someone would have jumped out of. She came in carrying it. It was larger than she was. It looked as though she would trip and fall into it, splattering it everywhere. This did not happen though. The audience expected that it would. They held their breath, but she placed it down safely on the ground. She then turned around and the boss was right in front of her face. This shocked her. She then jumped as a result. When she jumped backwards, she fell over into the cake, doing a face plant into the mountain of cake. Her head disappearing into the cake. Her legs stuck out. She kicked them. She then looked up. The boss looked down at her. “Oh Monique, what are we going to do with you?,” he said. She looked up at him in a combination of exasperation and annoyance. Her face covered in cake and frosting.

The next scene, Heather and the boss were in the kitchen. There was a French chef in the scene as well. He wore an apron and chef hat. He had a huge curly moustache. He had a pear shaped body and was really large at the hips and waist. He was mixing up a big pot of vegetable soup with an oversized wooden spoon. The boss was berating about the fact that he was too slow with his cooking for the party. The chef fired back though. “You cannot rush an artist. My creations are masterpieces. You do not appreciate my brilliance, sir,” he said. “I pay you to cook not to create art. Get on with it.” the chef was looking back and forth from the pot to the boss. He looked for all the world as though he would throw what was in the pot at him. “I don’t know what the issue is with the help these days. It is so hard to get good help these days.” The chef was furious. He swung the pot towards the boss. At this moment Heather walked in behind the boss. In that split second he moved. The chef tossed the soup at him, but he moved and the whole thing splattered all over Heather. It splashed right into her face, dripping down her. The boss turned and looked. The chef looked embarrassed. “Will you two clean up and be serious. We have a party to throw here,” he said. Monique and the chef looked at each other in disbelief. 

In the next scene, the party was in full effect. There were lots of children, a pile of gifts and food everywhere. There was a buffet table covered in deserts, mainly pies and cakes to replace the birthday cake that had been squashed. Monique was carrying around a try on one hand, serving guests. They were sat around under umbrellas at tables. The children were playing pin the tail on the donkey. The table that Heather was serving was very close to both where the children were playing and where the desert table was. She bent over to put the tray down just as one of the children was about to place the tail on the donkey, or where they thought it was. Instead they pushed it onto her backside. She jumped in the air and screamed as it hit her behind. She leaped into the air and fell over into the table. Her whole body plopped down into the puddings on the table, covering her in them. She then was catapulted back up and over into the stack of gifts, causing them to fall over like a house of cards. She ended up buried under the pile. Her head peeped out from the pile. The boss’ would be girlfriend whom he was pursuing came over and looked down at her.

“Oh this is dreadful. The whole party is ruined. How could you?,” she then stormed off. The boss looked down at her. He looked very angry. He was as red as a beat. Steam seemed to shoot from his ears. “This is a disaster!,” she whined. 

The movie was not a huge hit, but it was very fun for Heather to make. She enjoyed the pratfalls that she took. She did it quite well. So well, that people wanted her to play similar roles many times in the future.

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