Sunday, 9 October 2016

Helen Hunt plays the teacher

Helen Hunt plays the teacher

Helen Hunt had proven that she would do just about anything in the name of a film role. She had appeared one hundred percent fully naked on film at an advanced age and had sex. She had managed to get an Oscar nomination out of it. It did not make the process and the result any less embarrassing, however. The fact was that anyone who wanted to could see every inch of her naked body in a public forum. She was also at a bit of an advanced age at the time. She was not a 20 year old in her prime doing this, she was much older. It was very brave of her to do this. She made out that it she did this for altruistic reasons, but the truth was that her career had been flagging because of her age and there was an absolute economic necessity for her to take this role. She could try to make it out like it was an artistic decision, but the truth is, when she was a big star in her heyday, there was no way in hell that she would have considered showing even her ass on screen let alone her entire naked body. 

After being fully naked on screen for the whole world to see, getting messy on screen was no big deal for her. She was given a script for a film that saw her take a messing. She was playing a teacher that the students fancied. It was in a college environment, so the students were all adults. There was one particular student who fancied her character. The set up was that there was a student event on campus. The student who fancied Helen’s character was pitted against a female student in a campus gameshow. The winner would get to mess a teacher of their choosing. Helen’s character had no idea that if he won that he would definitely be choosing her as the one he wanted to get messy. She was largely unaware that he was attracted to her. He probably was not the only one, as she did represent the hot teacher. The female student also had her choice of what teacher that she would have wanted to get messy. It was a small school, so nearly the entire student body and all of the teachers were there watching this. It was a special on campus version of a messy gameshow. 

The game was a drinking contest. It involved huge amounts of alcohol in massive oversized mugs. The female was a slim blonde. The guy was a rather chubby sort of guy who liked to drink and party. The girl was at a distinct disadvantage. The two began the drinking contest. Everyone was cheering. The guys and girls cheering for the respective sides. It was immediately evident that the male contestant was winning straight away. He drank and drank and drank. The girl struggled mightily. She had to keep stopping and swallowing. By the time that the male was finished, the female had only gotten halfway through hers. The guy had one. 

The male students all cheered. The host congratulated the winner and said that as the winner, he had the choice to mess the teacher of his choice. He was asked who it was going to be. He did not hesitate, he picked Helen’s character. Everyone cheered. She looked shocked. She walked up onto the stage, at everyone’s urging. She wore a beige skirt and a cream coloured shirt. She joined them on stage. She looked very uncomfortable indeed. It was explained that as the winner, he was going to get to administer sloppy mess all over his favourite teacher. Helen looked very uncomfortable. 

The device that was going to be used was the bucket dump. It was the device that was used famously on the show Wild Animal Games. The teacher was lead to the stool underneath the bucket dump. She took her seat, lowering her bottom onto the seat and crossing her legs. She looked up. The only question now as what was it that was lurking above her. She, and everyone else were about to find out. The student was shown the release lever and told that when he was ready, he could let her have it. The entire campus was watching this happen. She looked over at him and frowned. There were a lot of students on campus who were going to love to see this happen. 

She grimaced as he pulled the release leaver. She closed her eyes as chocolate sauce rained down over her. The device was perfectly calibrated to ensure that the person sat below it would be covered perfectly in whatever the tray above was loaded with. The brown mess poured down in spirts right down the centre of Helen’s face and then down the sides of her face and down her hair. More then poured down her nose and cheeks. It then dispersed down the front of her shirt and then down over her skirt and the top of her legs. Chocolate mess now soaked her hair and threatened to engulf her head. It rolled down her calves to her ankles. She shit her eyes and grimaced as the mess rained down over her. It covered her entire body, covering her clothing. 

Everyone roared in laughter and applause at what they were witnessing. The chocolate seemed to pour for ages. When it stopped, Helen was left covered in it. She licked her lips and rolled her eyes. She looked over at her student. “That was amazing,” he said,” It looks great on her.” “You’re getting an F,” she threatened. She stood up and let the mess roll over her. The next scene was her in the shower, cleaning her messy body off.

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